Patch Notes

Smite Update 11.35 Patch Notes for PS4 and Xbox One


Smite update 11.35 patch notes is now available for PS4 and Xbox One players. According to the official Smite 11.35 patch notes, the latest update added various tweaks, gameplay changes and bug fixes. Apart from this, Smite version 11.35 also includes stability and performance improvements.

Previously, a big Season 7 update was released with new features and changes. Unfortunately, since the last patch, many players were experiencing a number of issues when trying to play the game. Today’s Smite 11.35 is expected to fix all these issues.

Smite Update 11.35 Patch Notes


  • Lightbringers Battle Pass
  • Bone Chiller Skadi
  • Brood Mother Medusa
  • Demon’s Bane Merlin
  • Primal Vengeance Nemesis
  • Totem Caller Hou Yi
A new event begins in SMITE that will follow the story of the next two god releases. Dark times are approaching in the SMITE universe as Yggdrasil withers away from Persephone’s failed plan. Mulan is determined to help humanity in any way she can. She will encounter friends and enemies as she uncovered the truth about the signs that signal the terrifying events that will soon unfold. Can Mulan persevere through the Grim Omens?
  • The “Buy All” option will be available in the Grim Omens event for 7680 gems
    • Players will automatically receive Grim Omens items as they are released if they choose to Buy All.
  • There will be 4 chapters in the Grim Omens event, and each chapter will have an event chest associated with it
    • There will be 6 items (5 skins and 1 Cosmetic Bundle) in  each chapter’s Chest
    • The base price to roll a chapter’s Chest is 400 Gems
  • There will be an initial discount of 20% for each Grim Omens Release for each chapter.
    • This discount will be 320 gems per roll instead of 400.
  • All Grim Omens event skins will also have a direct purchase option available for 750 gems. Event skins are Standard
    • Grim Omens event skins will remain available at 750 gems after the event concludes
    • Cosmetic Bundles do not have a Direct Purchase option
  • Unlocking all 6 items from a chapter will unlock that chapter’s reward skin
    • Each of the 4 chapter reward skins are Unlimited
    • Each unlimited chapter skin will be available for 1920 gems when the event is over.
  • Receive the final event reward, Unlimited Totem Caller Hou Yi, by unlocking  all 24 items from the event
  • Grim Omens Quests
    • There will be 8 Grim Omens Quests total, 2 Quests per chapter.
    • A Chapter’s Quests are unlocked after a purchase from an item in that chapter.
    • Quests reward 50 Gems each, for a total of 400 gems.
Live with the launch of 7.3
  • Increased the Duration of Assault Lobby by 10s, and set MOTD to match Assault, to ensure players have enough time for rerolls and trading
  • Esports and Live Streams
    • Added SPL rosters to the “Info” tab
  • Fixed an issue where Speed Buff on certain maps would display the bonus as 15%
Jungle Practice
  • Towers on this map will now reveal stealthed Units like they do in other maps
User Interface
  • Fixed an issue where players would be unable to invite party members because of an error about them “being invited recently” also reduced party invite lockout time for when this is working in intended scenarios
  • Fixed an issue in the party menu where the “Kick” option would appear on players who weren’t in your party
  • Fixed an issue with invalid account links between Twitch and SMITE
  • Data Driven Auto-Buy and Recommended Items – addressed an issue that was causing some gods to be recommended builds without boots.
Gods and Items
  • Vision Shard
    • Fixed an issue where Auto-Buy and AI Bots were not upgrading Vision Shard to another relic
  • Mulan
    • Fixed an issue where Mulan’s sword could disappear when using emotes in a certain order
  • Isis
    • Fixed an issue where the particle FX on the 3rd hit of her basic attack chain were not the correct size
  • Charm Caster The Morrigan
    • Adjusted audio on multiple abilities for better gameplay clarity
  • Gravehound Anubis
    • Fixed an issue where audio on his Ability 3 had stopped playing
  • Announcer Packs
    • Weak3n Announce Pack Volumes have been increased
With 7.3 comes a new Split! Following our new approach for Ranked in Season 7 we are adjusting players variance rating and not their direct MMR. Preserving MMR allows for strong matches at the start of the split.
Variance resetting will allow for players to move more quickly. This results in similarly intense matches while letting players MMR value more more rapidly. Feel you belong in Gold but are stuck in Silver? Here is your chance to prove it! But be careful, this works in the reverse as well! Focus up and try your best to earn your MMR!
This new approach allowed the start of Season 7 to establish a healthy Matchmaking Curve quickly using previous data as a strong starting point. Players quickly found their MMR values and had healthier matches along the way.
Continue to expect the Matchmaker to really refine its understanding of each players skill level over the coming splits! We do however strive to find improvements to address concerns that arise. Variance reset has shown many positives, but the initial strength of the reset felt too swingy.
Lowering the Variance reset amount will help with this. We also saw player concerns about players obtaining Masters and then not trying as much due to demotion not being a penalty. Masters players can now demote out of Masters. If you want to keep the illustrious title reserved for only the top players, you have to work to keep it! Good Luck!
  • This split will feature a soft variance reset.
    • For players below 37% Variance will be reset to 37% Variance. (Was previously 53%.)
    • God Leaderboards are not reset this split, rather will be reset at Mid Season. Earn some Diamond Boarders and show off your stuff with your favorite gods!
    • MMR is not reset this split.
  • Masters Division players can now demote out of Masters Division following the standard demotion rules.

Other fixes

  • Addressed UI related issues.
  • Addressed framerate drop and freezing issues.
  • Performance and stability improvements added to the game.
  • Addressed stuttering/lag issues.
  • Other under the hood fixes.

Smite version 11.35 for PS4 is now available for download.