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Smite update 12.08 (Smite 9.3 Update) released on PS4, PC, and Xbox One. According to the official Smite 12.08 patch notes, the latest update added new changes, fixes, improvements, adjustments and more. Apart from this, Smite version 12.08 also includes stability fixes.

Previously, a big season update added Shiva – The Destroyer to the game. Unfortunately, since the last major patch, players are experiencing several issues with the game. Today’s Smite patch 12.08 will fix a few of these issues.

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Smite PS4 Update 12.08 Patch Notes

Quality of life Changes

  • All items in the Viewer Store will now rotate every 2 weeks
    • Once at Main Update Release time
    • Once at Bonus Update Release time
    • One more time on any 6 Week Updates

Custom Matches

  • Creating Custom Games
    • Pre-Saved Defaults
      • Players can now choose these options as a starting point to more quickly create custom games in common configurations:
        • Competitive Conquest (SPL and Scrim format)
          • Play Conquest with drafting to practice, coordinate, and compete in competitive games!
        • Ranked (All-Ban draft format)
          • Play Conquest with bans to mimic a true ranked experience!
        • Infinite Assault
          • Cast abilities to your heart’s content in Asgard as all of the costs have been removed!
        • Omnipotence
          • Sling spells freely and frequently in this battle for ultimate control over Olympus!
        • Grab Bag
          • Spend your way to victory in this fast-paced Conquest match before the enemy can adapt!
        • Cup Runneth Over
          • Wealth and resources abound in an endgame battle in the Arena!
        • Joust the Two of Us
          • Join up with a friend and defend the Joust lane in this close-quarter combat!
    • Player Pick Setting has new options
      • All-Pick
        • Players on the same team can lock in duplicate gods
      • Enemy Pick
        • Players pick the team that their opponents will play
    • New Advanced Options that players can now modify
      • Mana Costs
      • Base Cooldown Reduction
      • Max Cooldown Reduction
      • Gold Spooling
      • XP Spooling
      • Starting Arena Ticket Count
  • Browsing Custom Matches
    • You will now be able to see Map and pick/ban type on the list while browsing to join custom games


  • Home Screen
    • The background environment art has been updated for Season 9
  • Order and Chaos Lobbies
    • The background environment art has been updated for Season 9
  • Item Shop
    • Selecting a bought relic in your inventory will now route you to that Relic’s tree, as opposed to the all Relic view

New Tier 5 Skin – Queen of Cards Izanami

  • General
    • This tier 5 skin has 4 forms – Hearts, Spades, Diamonds, Clubs
    • Izanami changes forms when she uses her “Fade Away” ability, it always cycles in the order described above
    • This skin has a special emote or VXG – it does not cause her to change forms
    • This skins special emote has a built in quest system and upgrade system
  • Emote Upgrade Quest
    • Every time Izanami gets a kill or assist she will draw 4 cards.
    • These will appear behind her god model facing the player camera
    • If the cards are a 4 of a kind match, she will unlock an upgraded special emote for the form she is currently in
    • The upgraded special emote will be an entirely different animation
    • The upgrades special emote will also toggle on or off additional material and particle FX on that form each time that it is used
    • Players will need to complete this quest 4 times, one for each form
    • All progress is permanent and tracked across any number of normal or ranked matches, once you unlock a form’s special emote, you will have access to it forever.
    • If you toggle on a form’s special FX, it will remain on that form forever across multiple matches until toggled off by using that emote again.

Bug Fixes


  • Fixed an issue where players could get stuck in the end of match lobby new acquisitions screen  (fix already live)
  • Fixed an issue where PC version of the new end of match lobby acquisition screen would sometimes show controller button prompts  (fix already live)
  • Fixed an issue where Ranked leaderboards would display the wrong player at the number one spot (fix already live)
  • Fixed an issue where players names in Streamer Mode would be shown in the system text and notifications when getting kills or being killed.

General Gameplay

  • Fixed an issue when picking up an Offering in Conquest would grant enemies mana regeneration
  • Jungle Camp Vision Rules
    • These are being restated to clarify the intended mechanics and how they relate to bug fixes in this update
    • A player should gain complete timer information of the Jungle Camps when:
      • For enemy-side camps on the map:
        • the player, one of their teammates, or a friendly ward gained vision of the camp location at the exact moment the camp dies (the last remaining monster is killed)
      • For neutral camps and friendly-side camps:
        • the player, one of their teammates, or a friendly ward gained vision of the camp location anytime after the camp was completely cleared (all monsters are dead and preparing to respawn)
          • This is includes Boss camps (Gold Furies, Pyromancer, Fire Giant)
    • A player will gain partial information where they see no timer but will see the icon appear on the map at the time it respawns when:
      • For enemy-side camps
        • the player, one of their teammates, or a friendly ward gained vision of the camp location anytime after the camp was completely cleared.
  • Jungle Buff Vision Bug Fixes
    • Fixed an issue where players could get full timers for camps even though they didn’t see them cleared (fix in hotfix already live)
    • Fixed an issue where players would not get full timers on jungle bosses even though their allies could (fixed in 9.3 main)


  • Mulan
    • Fixed an issue where her Grapple targeter would indicate it could pull to walls but would not hit. This targeter should be much more accurate now.
  • Terra
    • Fixed an issue where some invisible collision could linger after collapsing her Crushing Earth
  • Eset
    • Fixed an issue where her Ultimate would auto detonate on death. This ability won’t refire until the end of the duration or re-activate manually, which can be done even while dead
  • Charybdis
    • Fixed an issue where Magi’s Cloak would not trigger or immune the knockback from her ultimate
  • Tiamat Issues
    • Updated text on her Passive and Ruination Ability to match actual in game values
  • Cliodhna
    • Fixed the text on Flickering Visions to describe the right mana costs
    • Updated text on her Ultimate, Tear the Veil, to make the various damage amounts dealt by the ability more clearly described
  • Shiva
    • Hotfixed Friday 2/25:
      • Emblazoned Sweep
        • Fixed an issue with fire ring dealing persistent damage
        • Fixed Shiva sometimes becoming invisible
      • Damaru’s Tempo
        • Fixed double damage issue from knocked up targets
      • Pillar of Dawn
        • Fixed instance crash related to Shiva dying at a particular time.
    • Will be fixed in main 9.3 patch:
      • Pillar of Dawn
        • Fixed an issue where this ability could sometimes not allow Shiva to use the 2nd dash of this ability
        • Fixed an issue where Shiva could get into a bad state if interrupted out of the 2nd dash of this ability


  • Calamitous Rod of Tahuti
    • Fixed an issue where the text of this item still stated 1.5s delay on the meteor even though it was buffed to be 1s
  • Magic Shell Relic (All forms)
    • Fixed an issue where both Shell icons would appear on the buff bar even though the 2nd one used would have no effect. Multiple Shells cannot stack and are not intended to stack
  • Meditation Cloak Relic (All forms)
    • Fixed an issue where this item would appear to be activating but not actually apply its healing effects until it was reactivated at a later time
  • Nimble Rod of Tahuti
    • Fixed an issue where this item would not provide the correct attack speed conversion if bought while dead
  • Seer of the jungle
    • Fixed an issue where this item’s passive was not triggering on camps marked by the obelisk to provide offerings

Download and play free Smite patch 12.08 on PlayStation 4, PC, and Xbox One.

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