Smite 11.65 Patch Notes (Smite Season 8 for PS4)


Smite patch 11.65 is now available to download on PS4 and Xbox One. According to the official Smite 11.65 patch notes, the latest season 8 update added new DLC, various balancing, and other changes. Apart from this, Smite update 11.65 also includes stability improvements.

Previously, a big update added Tsukuyomi, mew Moon Bundle 3, cosprey chest, Rav3n chest, and other fixes. Recently, a minor hotfix was also released.

Unfortunately, players are still facing several issues when trying to play the game. Today’s Smite version 11.65 will fix a few of these issues.


What is new in Smite Patch 11.65?


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January 26
  • Most Wanted Battle Pass
  • Season Pass 2021
  • Dawn of Babylon Event
  • Valentine Chest
  • Season 7 & 8 Ranked Rewards
  • Season 7 Commendation Reward
  • Gifting
    • Fixed an issue where the menu would sometimes close when attempting to search for “Other Players” to send a gift to
  • Fixed an issue where buying a skin in lobby would appear to make that the selected skin – but loading into the match would equip the previous selected skin before the purchase
General Gameplay
  • Implemented a Hotfix (Live Already) – that attempts to fix the issues where certain gods would appear to be stuck in certain animation states – for example: Serqet would appear to be repeatedly leaping. These gods were not actually firing these abilities repeatedly, it just looked like they were. This issue should be fixed already or greatly reduced in its chance of occurring.
  • Fixed an issue where almost any god/skin had a chance for its voice pack to become silent for a single match
  • Fixed an issue where it appeared to players who purchased a skin in the god lobby as though the skin was selected, until the loading screen where it would be reverted to their previously selected skin.
  • Clash Map
    • Removed an unintended fog volume that was visible in the jungle areas of this mode
  • Danzaburou
    • Fixed an issue where his Ability 02 – Alluring Spirits – could be canceled mid-fire without being put on cooldown
    • Fixed an issue where level-up effects would play on Danzaburou when he is in leaf form – these will no longer play on him at that time
    • Fixed an issue where the buff icons from his passive would sometimes not appear as intended
    • Fixed an issue where his ult could be interrupted while CC immune and already firing
  • Hel
    • Fixed an issue where Hel had unintended reduced healing while in her dark stance
    • Fixed an issue where Decay hit FX were playing in incorrect ways on enemy gods/minions hit by the effect
  • Set
    • Fixed an issue where Set’s sand clones would sometimes deal no damage when passing through enemies.
  • Ymir
    • Fixed an issue where it was possible to stack 2 copies of Frostbite in some scenarios.
  • Awilix
    • Fixed an issue where if Awilix was interrupted during the casting time on Suku’s Leap – she would be removed from Suku.If she did not leap, she should get another chance to leap. If she is interrupted while leaping – this ability will go on cooldown.
  • Aphrodite
    • Fixed an issue where Love Birds would sometimes not hit enemies clearly in the hit area
  • Hera
    • Fixed a typo in her achievement text
  • The Morrigan
    • Fixed an issue where her victory/defeat animations could get out of sync
  • Poseidon
    • Fixed an issue where Tidal Surge’s collision was different on the Dreadbead skin.
  • Nu Wa
    • Fixed an issue where the Caustic Skies Skin would T-pose in the game client and lobby
  • Vulcan
    • Fixed an issue where the Space Cadet Skin could become stuck in a specific animations
  • Nemesis
    • Fixed visual issues on the targeters for the Primal Vengeance and World Tour skins
  • Zeus
    • Fixed an issue where the Eternal Tormenter skin would sometimes not display the orange runic circle visual element of the skin
  • Xing Tian
    • Fixed an issue on the Gecko Gladiator skin where the Gecko heads could get into unintended positions
  • Ares
    • Fixed an issue where the Oni skin was using the ability 1 chains sound on death – it will now play a different chains sound on death
  • T5 Skins
    • Fixed an issue where these skins would have silent VGS when using “god” VGS instead of “skin” VGS
  • Chibi Skins
    • Fixed an issue where these skins would not display Nike’s Laurel effects properly
New Tutorial System – Role Guides
As part of this year’s commitment to Conquest, we are expanding the Conquest tutorial in big ways. This system is a new type of dynamic tutorial and works along with actual SMITE gameplay instead of forcing you through a step by step process. We will work throughout the year to continually update the starts and routes this system shows players.
  • Detects your role from lobby to provide a unique guided experience for each role
  • Shows you waypoints throughout the match
    • Guides you through your starting jungle camp and to your lane
    • Draws attention to respawning camps
    • Highlights jungle bosses and towers as the game progresses
  • Can be manually toggled on or off at any time
  • Works within Co-Op or PvP matches
  • Never stops or slows down the gameplay
    • Adjusts automatically if you miss spawns, get invaded, or otherwise
  • This will default to ON for players under level 15, and OFF for those 16+
    • Turn this on by pressing escape to bring up the escape menu and selecting the GUIDES option to bring up setting toggles for Role Guides. This can be done at any time.
    • Or click the GUIDES button in match lobby
  • New Escape Menu Option: Guides
    • New Escape Menu option called GUIDES which allows players to toggle the following settings at any time.
      • Auto Purchase Items
      • Auto Skill Level Up
      • Auto Filter by Class
      • Show Role Guides
      • Show Help Tips
      • Show Recommended Items for My Role
  • Help Tips Changes
In addition to the new Conquest Role Guides, we want to make our current new player features better, and draw more attention to the optional ones. Help Tips are on by default for new players, but they were outdated and far too large. They’ll be more sleek now with more relevant information. A group of other UI changes have been made to make our current new player features more discoverable.
  • Help tips pop up boxes have had their size adjusted to be less intrusive.
  • Help tips have been updated to display updated buff, camp, and objective  information.
  • Large art was removed from the help tips in order to make the tips less intrusive during gameplay.
  • Game Modes Page
    • Players will now be able to access tutorial videos for each game mode via a new button within the list of game modes.
  • Match Lobby
    • Role Trading
      • Added a new button that works like Ranked God Trading, but instead allowed players to trade role assignments
      • Players will only be able to trade with one player at a time.
      • The player receiving a trade request must accept the role trade request.
      • There is a 10 second cooldown before the player can receive another role trade request if they decline a role trade request.
    • God selection screen now displays the recommended role for each god
    • Added a new button to the match lobby: Guides – displays the following match settings:
      • Auto Skill Level up toggle
      • Auto Purchase Items
      • Auto Filter by Class
      • Show Role Guides (Conquest Only)
      • Show Help Tips (all modes)
    • Recommended Item Updates
      • Builds will be recommended by Role in Conquest, with separate recommendations for Arena and other non-Conquest modes.
      • If a build is available, players will automatically be shown a build for the role they selected in the match lobby, but will have an option to select a different role in-game.
      • Recommended items will once again show items that are popular among high-elo players, instead of being based on team composition.
      • Players will be able to freely disable / re-enable auto-purchase in the match, even after purchasing an item outside the recommended list.
  • All of these changes apply to all Ranked Modes – and only Ranked Modes
  • All Players Ranked MMR will be Hard Reset 8.1
  • MMR system
    • Removal of Variance System
      • Players will experience a more consistent MMR gain and loss from the first game they play to their 100th. MMR gain and loss can still change based on how even both teams appear to the Matchmaker.
    • Maximum MMR Adjustment
      • Players can no longer gain or lose more than 100 MMR in a single match.
  • Split System
    • TP/MMR resets will only apply to players above diamond who become inactive for 2 weeks
    • Ranked Quests and Rewards will continue to reset every 2 updates
    • Ranked Rewards usually given out at the of the year will be available to be unlocked immediately in 8.1
Item Bug Fixes
  • General
    • Updated text on many starter items for clarity and consistency
  • Bumbas Hammer
    • Fixed an issue where toggle or multi-fire abilities could trigger this item. This item should behave similarly to Hydra’s Lament and Polynomicon when it comes to what abilities can proc this effect.
      • NOTE: There are two issues we are aware of that will be fixed in 8.2. Some abilities such as Nemesis Shield and Hera’s Shield will trigger this item after the shield fades. This does not match Hydra’s Lament or Polynomicon which procs immediately. Additionally, Zhong Kui’s ultimate and Ah Puch’s Undead Surge will not proc this item. We are working on a fix to allow this item to proc in this situation.
  • Starter Items
    • Fixed an issue where players could buy additional starter items.
  • Manikin Mace
    • Fixed an issue where Jungle Bosses could immune a portion of this items damage.
  • Manikin Scepter
    • Fixed an issue where this item did higher damage to Jungle Monsters than listed.
  • Diamond Arrow
    • Fixed an issue where this item wasn’t stacking
  • Hunter’s Cowl
    • Fixed an issue where this items aura could stack multiple times.
  • Leather Cowl
    • Fixed an issue where this items aura could stack multiple times.
  • Death’s Toll
    • Fixed an issue where Basic Attacks that should not trigger item effects were triggering this item. This was most notable on Jormungandr.
  • Aura Starter Items
    • Fixed an issue where the auras could remain when these types of items were sold.
Map Bug Fixes
    • Fixed an issues where minions were not providing any gold when damaged by towers
    • Fixed multiple issues with towers visual FX
    • Missing Invade Debuff on enemy doors and enemy jungles
      • Jungle invader curse
        • Persistent area active until 1m on game clock in the enemies entire jungle
        • Debuff lasts 5s
      • Doors Invader curse
        • Persistent area active whole game, but only on door open pads
        • Debuff lasts 5s
    • Fixed  Base Door Audio
      • Allied doors open instantly
      • Enemy doors take 3s to open, and now audio cues will play to show that this is ticking up
    • Fixed an issue with fire giant where some unintended collision would remain while fighting it
    • Fixed an issue where sometimes fire minions would not have the proper visual FX or minimap icons
    • Fixed a large amount of collision issues
      • Fixed issues where god could clip into environment,
      • Fixed issues where areas had invisible walls
      • Fixed issues where some areas the fog didn’t match jungle edges
      • Fixed issues with wall-interacting abilities (Janus)
  • Pets that can travel far from their god (Chang’e and Baba Yaga) can now open doors
  • Other god pets with more combat focused and max distances will not be able to open doors, and will continue to try to go through the doors if its the shortest path, even if doors are closed
UI Bug Fixes
  • Smite patch 11.65 fixed a variety of issues with Role Trading
  • Added Jungle Guides Art to the map
  • Fixed an issue where new Guides could not be toggled from the in game “guides” menu
  • Added a cooldown to the audio on help tip popups
  • Smite 11.65 fixed an issue where towers were using temp icon art >:0
  • Updated Mini Map Icons for:
    • Lesser Scorpions
    • Greater Scorpions
    • Role Guide Waypoint
Conquest Environment Art
  • Lots of additional Environment Art decoration and props have been added throughout the map
  • Totem of Ku and tower radius should no longer be visible on the back sides of walls
  • Adjusted the floor brightness and height of FG and Pyromancer areas
  • Decreased the density of jungle fog as well as adjusted the distance effect
  • Made artistic changes to better highlight the Titan leash radius of the Chaos base
Additional Clarity and Messaging
  • Item Attack Speed Slows & Item Slows
    • Item Attack Speed Slows and Item Slows are strongest wins, meaning the strongest possible effect from 1 item will take priority over other item effects. This means they cannot stack. This already exists with Frostbound Hammer and Witchblade for example, but will now also extend to the new starters where applicable.
  • The Alternate Timeline
    • We are aware of selling/rebuying as an exploit case to reset its cooldown. This is technically consistent with an item like Magi’s Blessing; but given its extreme cooldown and effect it likely needs different rules. We do plan on a fix for this issue going into 8.2.
  • Known issues / upcoming fixes
    • We have a long list of smaller issues also fixed for 8.1 that were left out here, as well as many smaller ones planned for fixes ASAP like 8.2. So if you don’t see something on this list, please try to report it after 8.1 goes live.
    • Custom Builds/Auto Build will not upgrade new starters for you automatically
    • Season 8 Map
      • Adding the Spectator version of the map with reduced trees and lowered heights of certain objects
      • Doing a pass on height of trees and collision on higher objects for in-game version of the map, for gods with aerial/global abilities
      • Adjustments to rules and visual elements of new objectives
      • Additional balance on starter items
      • Scorpions are scaling health properly

Viewer Pass

    • We are actively working to get VP back up before 8.1 and through 8.1, hopefully this will be active again next week.
    • It will be using the new Twitch drop system and be a little unique to this strange intermediate time, before things get set up more permanently in 8.2
    • The Viewer point 75k reset will not happen until 8.2
    • All of 8.1 will have faster 75k skin rotations (weekly)
    • At 8.2 launch
      • Agni Skin Bundle will leave the store – new bundle will be introduced that  you’ll need to buy for the S8 point boosts
      • Valkyries Bride Thor will leave the store, and be replaced with a new skin
      • The Dunk Father Odin will leave the store and be replaced by a new 200k skin,
      • We will return to the normal pace on 75k skin rotations (but new skins will be featured)
      • Other new shop changes to be shown on 8.2 update notes
    • Throughout Season 8
      • Artemis and Raijin will remain and eventually be replaced by new 200k skins

Download free Smite update 11.65 on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.