Skullgirls 2nd Encore Update Patch Notes – October 22, 2021

    Skullgirls 2nd Encore update (October 22, 2021) released on PC (Steam). According to the official Skullgirls 2nd Encore patch notes, the latest update added 2 new moves for Umbrella, and includes all of her remaining sound effects!

    Previously, a big update was released with various bug fixes and changes.

    Read more details below.

    Skullgirls 2nd Encore Patch Notes – October 22, 2021


    • Fixed an issue where Peacock’s frame data on Lonesome Lenny was not consistent between P1 and P2 side. In order to adjust this as safely as possible, the recovery of Lonesome Lenny has increased by 2 frames, but hitstop has been adjusted accordingly to keep things as close as possible to the previous version. This is live immediately for PC tournaments.
    • Added Umbrella’s Level 3 Blockbuster, “FEEDING TIME”.
      • A fast long range command grab that deals more damage the hungrier Hungern is.
      • If it kills an opponent, they will be swallowed*. Each swallowed opponent expands the threshold for activating Ravenous mode by 1 pip.
      • Swallowed opponents are spit up when Umbrella dies, or when she performs her taunt. (Her taunt is now her default win pose if Hungern has eaten someone.)
      • * I am required by the narrative team to mention that Hungern does not digest people and kill them. Hungern is MERELY PRETENDING to eat you alive – don’t worry about it.
    • Added another Special Move, “Hungern Rush”. You can pick this one as an assist!
    • Added unique frames for when Hungern is Overstuffed.
    • Added new food items for Hungern to eat during his feeding intro animation.
    • All of Umbrella’s sounds have been added, hurray! (Voice acting is in the recording and integration phase. Thank you for your patience.)
    • Fixed a bug where Umbrella could block hits without reacting to them during the recovery of her back dash, and the recovery of Slurp ‘n’ Slide when Overstuffed.
    • Fixed Slurp ‘n’ Slide adding incorrect Drama (Undizzy) values.
    • s.F+HP now has a max charge time before it is forced to release.
    • Fixed the ground slam hit on sHK interacting with assists.
    • Hungern no longer makes idle sounds when dead, or when the round is over.
    • Most of Umbrella’s throws involving Hungern apply wet dripping effects to the opponent now.
    • Assists can no longer set off Projection Lens to fire the eyeballs forward.
    • Added new effects (and sounds) for when Umbrella changes between various hunger states, for clarity.
    • Slurp ‘n’ Slide and Bobblin Bubble can now be used as assists. (Hungern Rush too!)
    • Bonus damage from sHP when Overstuffed now only activates once per combo.
    • Crouching height reduced. (… She can now duck H Beam, avoid Robo-Fortune / Squigly rising jLP, etc.)
    • sMK puddle splash hitstop increased by 1F to combo into s.F+HP again.
    • Bobblin’ Bubble adjusted to always be in front of the point character, even when Umbrella is no longer point.
    • Fixed a bug where the newly adjusted “Bang Bang Bang!” (QCF HP) projectiles would still keep their hitbox when destroyed in some circumstances.
    • Fixed an issue where under the RAREST of circumstances, Cerebella’s Grab Bag could fail to kill the opponent by releasing them early.
    • Fixed an issue where performing a whiffed air normal into a double jump could cause instant jMP to knock an airborne opponent down as if it was chained into. (… Cerebella’s double jump now restarts a chain correctly. Cerebella players, feel free to make sure this didn’t adjust any of your tech)
    • Fixed a bug where the Wall Splat sound could be cut off by other sounds.
    • Added a proper banner for Umbrella in NMO Arena. The old temp art (pictured below) has been retired:

    Download free Skullgirls 2nd Encore patch for PC (Steam).

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