Siralim Ultimate Update 1.0.3 Patch Notes (Official) – December 13, 2021

    Siralim Ultimate update 1.0.3 released on PC (Steam). According to the official Propnight patch notes, the latest update added 1 new creature, new changes, fixes, and gameplay improvements.

    Unfortunately, since the last patch, players are still experiencing several issues. Today’s Siralim Ultimate patch 1.0.3 will address a few of these errors.

    Read full details below.

    Siralim Ultimate Patch Notes – December 13, 2021

    – ADD: 1 new creature.
    – ADD: Creatures that are obtained from realm objects (Satyrs from flutes, etc) are now listed on the teleportation shrine interface along with the other creatures that naturally spawn in the selected realm.
    – ADD: You can now sort the Fusion interface by “In Party”, meaning creatures that are in your party will appear at the top of the list.
    – CHANGE: Unsocketing a Nether Stone no longer destroys it, and instead places the stone back into your inventory. This change has been reflected in the Blacksmith’s option dialog as well as in the Codex.
    – CHANGE: Increased the base amount of resources gained from breakable objects by 40%.
    – CHANGE: Increased the base amount of resources gained from resource nodes by 30%.
    – CHANGE: “Glucose” trait now activates before the start of battle. This prevents each creature in your party from overriding each other on the Timeline when the trait activates.
    – CHANGE: “Sunny Disposition” trait now only activates when an enemy manually casts a spell.
    – CHANGE: Resistant Snared/Frozen debuff descriptions are now more detailed in the Inspection interface.
    – CHANGE: Keyboard splash screen’s “Press E to continue” text looks better now.
    – CHANGE: “Master of Beacons” trait has been revamped since it didn’t really do anything before: At the start of battle, your Beacons’ stats are averaged and then increased by 25%. This trait does not stack.
    – CHANGE: “Master of Animations” trait has been changed slightly. It now grants your Animation creatures a 50% chance to receive all effects that require them to be adjacent to your other creatures. Functionally, this is how it always worked but the description was misleading. The major change to this trait is that it now works even if your entire party isn’t composed of Animations, but now at a 50% activation rate instead of 100%. The reasons for this change are that the original effect was confusing to understand, and that its original version caused some performance issues that could sometimes even lead to crashes.
    – FIX: Trait/spell searching now correctly ignores icons in text so you can search for text such as “When this creature attacks” without needing to worry about the attack/sword icon being in the way.
    – FIX: “Ritual of Summoning” spell description was incorrect.
    – FIX: “Brethren” spell didn’t work correctly.
    – FIX: “Aftermath” spell had the wrong description. It should attack random enemies, and there’s a maximum of 10 attacks per cast. This was always the case but wasn’t documented in the spell’s description.
    – FIX: “Balance In All Things” spell didn’t correctly resurrect allies.
    – FIX: “Quietus” spell didn’t activate on-minion effects.
    – FIX: “Grandiose” trait counted the additional buffs/debuffs/minions incorrectly.
    – FIX: “Molecular Betrayal” perk didn’t increase Current/Maximum Health. This was originally intended, but was missing from the perk description so I decided to buff this perk a little rather than changing the description.
    – FIX: Freeze some people were experiencing when fighting the 2nd or 3rd tier of Giran (Nether Boss).
    – FIX: Spell Gems could be incorrectly unequipped under certain circumstances.
    – FIX: “Formation” trait only gave stats to the damaged creature, not to all your Uraloses.
    – FIX: “Dispossession” trait worked at the wrong time.
    – FIX: “Charge” trait description incorrectly stated that it only activated at the start of your creatures’ turns – should have been any creature’s turn.
    – FIX: Vertraag’s level 35 blessing granted only +50% favor from orbs, not 100% as intended.
    – FIX: “Ruby Attunement” trait granted 100% health instead of 75% when it was used by an enemy.
    – FIX: Crash when pressing the confirm button on an empty Projects UI.
    – FIX: “Eye of the Thylacine” trait caused the original caster to cast all the additional spells instead of your Godspawn.
    – FIX: “Rise to Fall” trait’s increased healing could incorrectly result in less healing.
    – FIX: “Hearts and Minds” trait gave stats to the wrong creature(s).
    – FIX: Enabling/disabling anointments didn’t update the counter on the UI until the next time you opened it.
    – FIX: Several typos.

    Download free Siralim Ultimate update 1.0.3 for PC (Steam).

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