Sifu Update 1.20 Patch Notes (Arenas Update)

Sifu update 1.20 is rolling out on PS4, PS5(Version 1.020.000), and PC. According to the official Sifu 1.20 patch notes, the latest Arenas expansion update adds 9 new locations and 45 challenges spread over 5 game modes. The Sifu Arenas Expansion comes with 10 extra hours of gameplay. Apart from this, today’s Sifu version 1.20 also includes performance improvements.

Previously, a major Sifu update 1.09 added new difficulty options, a new outfit feature, dark mode and Dark Mode as well as added support of 5.1 sound systems as well as the 21:9 format resolutions. Unfortunately, some players are reporting issues with the game. Today’s Sifu patch 1.20 will resolve a few of these issues.

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Sifu 1.20 Patch Notes (1.020) – March 28, 2023

New Arenas


Arenas: Nine brand new closed maps with five challenges each, for a whopping forty-five challenges across the board! We’ve also added a few new trophies related to the Arenas.

Cheats/Modifiers: New Cheats & Modifiers have been added. Alongside a slew of new ways to play the game, you can finally customize your moveset with new moves!

Outfits: Added 3 new outfits (including 1 Deluxe-exclusive) with unlock conditions tied to the newly added Arenas mode.

Cantonese Voiceover: (available in the 1.20 patch) The Cantonese voiceover is now available!


  • 9 new maps.
  • 45 challenges/5 challenges per Arena.
  • 5 game modes: Capture, Performance, Survival, Time Attack, and Manhunt.

Cheats, Modifiers and Goals

  • 9 new Modifiers.
  • 28 Cheats added (including 16 moveset-related cheats, each replacing specific attacks with alternate moves).
  • Changed the “Double Damage” Modifier to “Damage Multiplier”: you can now set the damage taken from enemy attacks with a multiplier ranging from 0.5x to 4x.
  • Reworked the “Chanbara” Goal: you now need the newly-added (and more thematically accurate) Golden Kodachi (previously required the Golden Machete).
  • Reworked the “Fast Recovery” Goal: has been changed to accommodate for the latest scoring system changes (time limit increased from 2 seconds to 10 seconds).
  • [Nintendo Switch] A Nintendo Switch-specific Goal has been added to replace 2 goals that required the Replay Editor, unavailable on the platform.

New Sifu Trophies

  • Tweaked the score-related Trophies’ requirements in accordance with the scoring system changes introduced after the game’s launch.
  • 8 new Arenas-related Trophies have been added (4 of which have hidden requirements).

Design Fixes

  • Master Difficulty: Fajar’s elbow combo now has a hitbox on every attack.
  • Fajar should no longer get stuck in a specific attack loop when the player flees.
  • The Disciple enemies can now use a wall jump attack from their left side.
  • The remapping option “Press Type: Toggle” is now properly taken into account in the training room.
  • Sparing bosses now rewards experience points.
  • The player character should no longer drop from ledges when avoiding near one.
  • Enemies should no longer drop from ledges when avoiding or blocking near one.
  • The Cheat “Health Management: Structure Only” should no longer alter bosses’ behavior.
  • The scoring now freezes when finishing the last enemy of a wave/area, and resumes only when engaging new enemies.
  • Enemies should now be more reactive to the player character using traversal actions (such as hopping over an obstacle).


  • New tutorials have been added! They are accessible from the main menu, or by interacting with the training dummy in the Wuguan.


  • Added more enemy variety (appearance only).
  • 9 new maps (Arenas), with dynamic transitions for 5 of them.
  • 3D Arenas menu.
  • New Golden Weapons.
  • Various minor art fixes.

UI/UX – Arenas

  • Added a “Traversal/Jump” hint.
  • The Arenas can be accessed from the game’s Main menu.

UI/UX – Replay Editor

  • Can now delete keys directly from the Timeline.
  • Undo/Redo available on more screens.
  • [Steam/EGS] Replay size limitation removed.
  • Replays now display their “Last Modified” date in the Replay Manager.
  • Some options now have more detailed tooltips.
  • Improved Key Templates for Time Dilation and Fade keys.


  • Sifu update 1.20 adds various fixes regarding the translation of Attacks/Skills names in Brazilian Portuguese.
  • Added the missing mention in most languages regarding a Shrine bonus affecting Focus gain on both avoids and parries.
  • Sifu 1.20 replaced all instances of the word “Temple” by “Sanctuaire” in French.

Sound Design

  • An attack of which special properties are absorbed or nullified by an enemy will now use a regular “impact” SFX.
  • Added an SFX when enemies are knocked out when Gameplay Sound Effects are turned off.
  • Improved the audio sync from takedowns during Time Dilation effects from the Replay Editor.


Design Changes – Attacks/Moves

Duck Strike
  • Damage increased
  • Startup reduced
  • Follow-ups changed
Chasing Strikes
  • Enemies will not block the rest of the attack after being struck by the initial hit
  • Sifu version 1.20 increased hitstun on the final hit
  • Recovery time reduced
Invert Throw
  • Player character is now invincible during the throw animation
  • Recovery time reduced (on successful throw AND on whiff)
  • Follow-ups changed
Hook Intercept
  • Structure damage increased
  • Player character takes reduced damage during the animation
Turnaround Duck Strike/Hook Intercept
  • Sifu update 1.020 added resilience during the animation
  • Main character takes damage during the animation
Push Kick Combo
  • Added Chasing Strikes and Chasing Trip Kick as follow-ups‍

Design Changes – Focus

All weapon Focus attacks
  • Cost reduced to 1 Focus bar
Double Palm Focus
  • Damage on wall splash increased
  • Damage on collateral targets increased
Strong Sweep Focus
  • Knockdown duration increased
Vertical Strikes Focus
  • Damage on the second hit increased

Design Changes – Bladed weapons

  • Chip damage increased on enemy block or deflect
Post-parry attack
  • Damage increased
Light Attack Chain’s last hit
  • Structure damage increased
  • Recovery time reduced

Weapon Bugfixes

Charged Backfist (Bat)
  • Can now hit downed enemies
Snap Kick (bladed weapon)
  • Added an up-avoid window

Sound Design

  • The Cantonese voiceover has been added to the game!
  • Cutscene voiceover volume should not be affected by the Sound Effects volume slider


  • Sifu version 1.20 fixed some translation issues in Simplified Chinese


  • Sifu patch 1.20 fixed various bugs regarding UI/UX, Art, and Sound Design.

Download free Sifu update 1.20 on PlayStation 4, PC, and PS5.

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