Settlement Survival Update Patch Notes (New) – Dec 10, 2021

    Settlement Survival update released for PC(Steam) players. According to the official Settlement Survival patch notes, the latest update added models of kids, grid display effect, Construction Duplication function, and optimized the AI logic.

    Previously, a major update added new changes, fixes, and gameplay improvements.

    Unfortunately, players are still experiencing several issues since the release. Today’s Settlement Survival version will fix a few of these issues.

    Check out more details below.

    Settlement Survival Patch Notes – December 10, 2021

    Major Update:

    • Optimized the AI logic of citizens’ carrying items (refined management achieved).
    • Added models of kids (different from adults).
    • Added grid display effect that needed to be built upon water or mountain.
    • Added Construction Duplication function in game (Click on the building you want to duplicate while holding Left Shift).

    Added Transfer function for school. Students now can be automatically transferred to another school for study if the school they are studying in is damaged or closed.

    Feature Adjustment:

    • Added construction size in Help.
    • Added Production History in Production Overview.
    • Optimized the display of months in some languages.
    • Optimized the display of status icon for large buildings.
    • Optimized the path-finding logic for immigrants to the settlements.
    • Optimized the Blue Reminder Icon in the bottom left screen when immigrants arrive (now by clicking the icon, you can jump to the immigrants acceptance window).

    Optimized the category displaying order in the statistics panel (now the order there is consistent with that in resource monitor located in upper left corner).

    Optimized the display of the resource monitor interface, where number now shows in different colors according to the output and consumption of the previous year. (If the output of the previous year is greater than the consumption, the number will show in green; if less, shown in red; If same, the color will not change).

    Optimization of event module (some events cannot be triggered in old saves):

    1. Optimized the trees clearing range when bear and giant tree spawn.
    2. Optimized the trigger range for giant tree event.
    3. Optimized pathfinding logic for traveling merchants.
    4. Fixed the issue that drift box will float in the air during drought.
    5. Adjusted the overall triggering interval and probability of the event.

    Bug Fixed:

    • Fixed the error of construction that produce water in Help.
    • Fixed the issue that the edge of land is considered to be water after river is dug next to the land.
    • Fixed the issue that in some cases a small amount of medicines, clothes or tools in the warehouse cannot be used.
    • Fixed the issue that in some cases builders number in Statistics -> Citizen Details is incorrect.
    • Fixed the issue that in some cases bridges are impassable.
    • Fixed the issue of character model in Easter Island (now it will randomize the model style).

    MOD update:

    • Adjusted the configuration structure in hardmode file and ActiveRandomEvent file, events can only be triggered after modification.
    • Adjusted the files order in itemtype(only item type order would be affected).
    • Added configuration for item carrying range in CitizenFunction file (can only optimize citizens carrying logic after modification).
    • Added configuration for children model in story file, manual correction needed to change their model.
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