Settlement Survival Update Patch Notes – January 27, 2022

Settlement Survival update released on PC(Steam) players. According to the official Settlement Survival patch notes, the latest update added various issues and gameplay adjustments.

Previously, a major update added 5 new Factions, adjustments, optimizations, and fixes.

Unfortunately, players are still experiencing several issues since the release. Today’s Settlement Survival version will fix a few of these issues.

Check out more details below.

What is new in Settlement Survival January 27 Update?

Feature Adjustments:

  • Added Barter function in Dock.
  • Traders and kids won’t commit crimes even with low happiness. And kids won’t get murdered.
  • Adjusted the formula for calculating the price on caravans. (Now the fluctuations in prices depend on the amount of items and times of trade.)
  • Adjusted the number and lasting time of bubbles when Red Packets are gifted during Spring Festival.

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed missing items in dismissed caravans.
  • Fixed misplacement of plants on Water Nursery.
  • Fixed UI display error of Bank.

Please note that the following content needed to be updated by Modders:

  • Add new professions – Criminals and Victim in CitizenFunction.xml
  • Add a Coefficient for calculating the prices in Dock in Building.xml. Selling and purchase price would be zero without correct configuration.
Jack Johnson
Jack Johnson
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