Settlement Survival Update Patch Notes – February 18, 2022

A new Settlement Survival update released on PC(Steam) players. According to the official Settlement Survival patch notes, the latest update added new changes, fixes and improvements.


Previously, a major update added 5 new Factions, adjustments, optimizations, and fixes.

Unfortunately, players are still experiencing several issues since the release. Today’s Settlement Survival version will fix a few of these issues. Check out more details below.


What is new in Settlement Survival February 18 Update?

  • Close the recipes for rice cakes, dumplings, glutinous rice balls, Tusu wine and firework
  • Closed the building fireworks and the auspicious animal square
  • Removed holiday related events.
  • The new game will no longer give rice seeds, and the rice production will be restored
  • Removed gifts from holiday events.
  • Close the decoration of the main menu
  • Civic clothing color returned to normal