Settlement Survival Update Patch Notes – Nov 21, 2022

    A new Settlement Survival update is now available to download on PC(Steam) players. According to the official Settlement Survival patch notes, the latest update added various adjustments to the happiness, health value, and much more.

    Previously, a major update added 5 new Factions, adjustments, optimizations, and fixes. Unfortunately, players are still experiencing several issues since the release. Today’s Settlement Survival patch will fix a few of these issues.

    Check out more details below.

    What is new in Settlement Survival Update? – November 21, 2022

    Happiness and Health Adjustments:

    • Adjusted the happiness and health value of items and building bonuses
    • Adjusted the price and formula of some items
    • Improve the thirst value of some drinks
    • The happiness and health Tips in the top bar no longer display the maximum value, only the current value
    • The happiness and health tips of the citizen panel are adjusted to display the current bonus value

    Feature adjustment:

    • Optimized the performance when expelling citizens
    • Optimized the pause effect under the ultra-wide screen and the display effect of the top bar set to height adaptation
    • When the order price exceeds the currency limit, it will be displayed as the upper limit value and prompt that the currency is insufficient
    • Optimized the common tab of the trade station, which will display the purchased and sold goods of the last transaction, and the data of each trade station is not interoperable
    • Seed commodities have been added to the trade post, and the Carlos force technology “Seed Trade” has been modified to reduce the price of Carlos force seed commodities
    • Adjusted the initial number of people and initial materials for each difficulty
    • The function of right-clicking the icon to locate the building has been added to the bottom building bar. Right-clicking on the unbuilt building is invalid.
    • The size of the reed field is changed to 5*7
    • The upper limit and recommended number of people in mountain quarries and open pit mines have been changed to 4
    • Optimized the effect of “Luxury Furniture Renovation” and “Furniture Renovation”, the maximum number of occupants will increase according to the number of households
    • Optimized the operation of power trade
    • Optimized the judgment of power trade distress
    • The number of students in the private school is increased to 30 (it needs to be rebuilt to take effect)
    • Optimized some interface and event prompts
    • In the description of the citizen’s perspective in the help log, add a citizen’s perspective icon
    • Adjusted the birth interval of citizens
    • The icon of missing clothes will be displayed on the top of the citizen’s head
    • Removed the renovation of the big castle
    • Optimized the effect of Mayor Eve, which will increase the number of residents according to the number of households, but will not take effect on the big castle and nursing home

    Bug fixes:

    • Fixed the problem that the output quantity of the fishing port recipe selection interface did not change with the difficulty
    • Fixed the problem that the archive could not be read in some cases
    • Fixed the problem that the death prompt of the same person would appear repeatedly in some cases
    • Fixed the issue that an employee would not work after the renovation of the open-air kitchen and vegetable workshop to increase the number of jobs
    • Fixed the problem that only one animal can be transferred when the number of slaughtered is set to 0.
    • Fixed the problem that the entry position of the vegetable workshop was incorrect
    • Fixed some text errors
    • Fixed the problem that the display format would also change when the number of silver coins was less than 1,000,000
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