Sea Of Thieves Update Brings New Gilded Gifts and More

Sea Of Thieves update 1.4.1 for Xbox One and PCs is now available for download. According to the official Sea Of Thieves 1.4.1 patch notes, the new update brings Gilded Gifts. You can visit any Tavern to collect one of these special Gilded Voyages from Duke. Apart from this, the new patch has fixed the Loading times into the game. The pirate selection carousel also loads in more quickly. The update size is around 1GB Xbox One and Xbox One X. For Windows 10 users, the patch size is around 2GB. Check out more details below.


Sea Of Thieves Update 1.4.1 (December 12th) Patch Notes

New – Glided Gifts

Gilded Gifts – The new update will reward the sheer volume gift for every pirate who sails the seas during December. Visit Duke at any Outpost tavern this month and purchase a Gilded Voyage for the fine sum of 0 Doubloons. This special voyage type with its high-value rewards will add some real holiday joy to your inventory. But choose carefully: you can only buy one!



  • Loading Times – Loading times into the game have been reduced, so pirates now load in to the front end more quickly than before. The pirate selection carousel also loads in more quickly.
  • Commendation Progress – Improved UI layout of Commendation details for Bilge Rat Adventures.
  • Bone Crusher Cannons – Modified the Bone Crusher Cannons following feedback to improve visibility when aiming.
  • Banana Key Binding – The key binding for quick cycling to your bananas has been reset. If you’ve assigned or customised the button/key that quick cycles to bananas, please reassign this to restore it.
  • Commendation Audio – New music and SFX when receiving Commendations.
  • Fog Audio – Music and SFX for fog are now triggered earlier.

Performance Improvements

  • Multiple server and client crashes have been resolved.

Fixed Issues

  • Dropping a Gunpowder Barrel on a Rowboat attached to the rear of a Sloop will no longer cause it to explode.
  • The ‘Take All’ function now correctly takes Tattered Parchments found in Barrels.
  • Players who migrate and subsequently die whilst a voyage is active will no longer lose progress for voyage Commendations.
  • The Legendary Lantern now emits a correctly coloured glow.
  • Lanterns will no longer refresh the Flame of Fate colour when stowing and unstowing.
  • Resolved an issue that prevented Skeleton Forts from despawning when players were engaging with a Skeleton Ship.
  • Treasure dropped on the headboard of the Galleon will no longer become stuck in the ship structure and become irretrievable.
  • Floating Mermaid Gems will now sink slowly before disappearing rather than disappearing on the surface.
  • Mouse button prompts now correctly display the correct buttons to press.
  • Resolved nameplate error where lines could be seen above nameplates.
  • Resolved erroneous SFX on capstan.
  • The intro animation is no longer silent when switching to another full-screen app on Xbox One. The sequence is now skipped when the title loses full-screen visibility.
  • “Waiting to set sail” now correctly displays in the lobby when joining a crew.
  • Fog is now included in reflections.
  • Hunter of Cursed Captains achievement description corrected to require 1000 Skulls to be handed in.


  • Fixed a visible gap in the archway of the underground cave at Sailor’s Bounty.
  • Players no longer get stuck between rocks on the east part of Kraken’s Fall.
  • Resolved area of mismatched collision on the ground outside the weapon shop at Ancient Spire Outpost.
  • Player no longer fall through the ground on the west side of Smuggler’s Bay.

Beard Errors

  • Resolved a chance for players to receive a Lazybeard error when being invited by a player who is in the game.
  • Resolved a chance for players to receive Pythonbeard error when getting drunk and wielding items.

Known Issues

  • If you are standing on a Rowboat during a migration you will be teleported to the middle of the world.
  • At Kraken Watchtower it can be difficult to grab loot from the shelves inside the vault.
  • If you are on the Ferry of the Damned when the Kraken is defeated you will not receive the Commendation progress.