Sea of Thieves Update Patch Notes – Oct 13, 2022

A new Sea of Thieves update is rolling out on Xbox One and PC. According to the official Sea Of Thieves patch notes, the latest SOT update added various bug fixes and gameplay changes.

Previously, a big update added Season 6 update added Bury Treasure, Share Map, Cannon Rowboats, Fireworks, and Flares. Unfortunately, players are still experiencing a number of issues with the game. Today’s SOT game update will address a few of these issues.

Read the full details below.

Sea Of Thieves Release Notes – October 13, 2022

‘The Herald of the Flame’ (October 13th – October 27th)

  • Belle has returned to Stitcher Jim’s old hideout to consult various manuscripts and parchments concerning the prophecy. The silencing of seismic activity in The Devil’s Roar is a worrying omen.
  • Speak to Larinna to begin this new Adventure, then head out to liaise with Belle at Liar’s Backbone.
  • Time is short, and you’ll need to seek proof of the truth behind the prophecy. An ally will lend a hand as you locate the trail of an old enemy, expose his deeds and dealings since your last encounter and put together the pieces of this puzzle before it’s too late…
  • Pirates who fully complete the Adventure will earn an exclusive Title and a cosmetic reward to serve as a Memento of their quest.

Fixed Issues

Visual and Audio

  • ‘Lords of the Sea’ – Pirates reaching the top of the Siren Spire will once again find Cutler Beckett guarding the Dead Man’s Chest.
  • Crews uncovering the Mystery of DeMarco’s death and descending to the Shrine will now find all characters are present during the final cutscene.
  • Crews cashing in Athena’s Fortune treasure or Emissary Flags should no longer see a placeholder Commendation unlocked.

SOT Update 2.6.2 Download Size

Download size:

Xbox Series X: 5.11 GB
Xbox Series S: 3.28 GB
Xbox One X: 5.11 GB
Xbox One: 3.28 GB
Microsoft Store: 4.66 GB
Steam: 4.98 GB

Download free Sea of Thieves update on Xbox One and PC.

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