Sea of Thieves Update Patch Notes (Official) – May 26, 2022

A new Sea of Thieves update is now available to download on Xbox One and PC players. According to the official Sea Of Thieves patch notes, the latest update comes with a time-limited Adventure along with additional fixes.

Previously, a big update added Season 5 update added Bury Treasure, Share Map, Cannon Rowboats, Fireworks, and Flares. Unfortunately, since the last major patch, players are experiencing a number of issues with the game. Today’s SOT game update will address a few of these issues.

Read full details below.

Sea Of Thieves Release Notes – May 26, 2022


‘Lost Sands’ (May 26th – June 9th)

  • Merrick has returned to Golden Sands to lead the rebuilding effort, recruiting its former inhabitants along with any other pirates willing to help. Meanwhile, sinister figures have been spotted lurking in the shadows of the Outpost’s surrounding islands…
  • Speak to Larinna to begin this Adventure and join in the global community effort, as the fate of Golden Sands Outpost is left in players’ hands! Will you follow the Hunter’s Path or the Servant’s Path? Are you team #SaveGoldenSands or #RuinGoldenSands?
  • Choose to either help Merrick track down precious supplies to restore Golden Sands to its former Outpost glory, or side with the Servant of the Flame and use Relic Caches to keep this once thriving island enshrouded by the fog.
  • Even when not directly taking part in the Adventure, players can tip the balance by delivering useful supplies to Merrick or diverting them to the Servant of the Flame. All viable actions can influence the outcome until the Adventure ends on June 9th.
  • Separate cosmetic rewards are available for completing the Hunter’s Path and the Servant’s Path, serving as Mementos of the time players helped decide the fate of Golden Sands. An exclusive Title can also be earned for completing all Deeds in this Adventure.

Soulflame Rowboats

  • During this Adventure, pirates can discover Soulflame Rowboats emergently across the seas, crafted by The Reaper’s Bones for the purposes of causing mayhem.
  • Soulflame Rowboats come with a reinforced explosive keg strapped to the rear, allowing pirates to light the fuse before reaching their target and detonating. The keg is resistant to small arms fire, but repeated attacks will eventually cause it to explode.

Fixed Issues


  • Improved the experience when bailing a full bucket of water, reducing scenarios where water would still be left in the bucket after bailing.
  • Players lighting the Flames of Fate and placing a Ritual Skull within the Fort of the Damned will now consistently begin the encounter.
  • Players should now encounter a more consistent rotation of World Events across the seas.

Pirate Emporium

  • While wearing the Lionfish Costume, attempting to perform the emote from the radial menu will now display the correct iconography.

Performance and Stability

  • Optimised retrieval of player models for players joining a server to improve server performance and reduce black screen load times.

Download free Sea of Thieves update 2.5.2 on Xbox One and PC.

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