Sea Of Thieves Update 1.2.3 Patch Notes (August 22) for Xbox One & PC


Sea Of Thieves update 1.2.3 (August 22) for Xbox One and PCs is now available for download. According to the official Sea Of Thieves 1.2.3 patch notes, the new update addressed several issues like framerate drop, stuttering/lag, client bugs, game crashing, and UI bugs. In addition, Sea Of Thieves patch 1.2.3 also awarded the Commendation to all players who unlocked the Commendation before the fix was implemented last week.

A previous update was released with various gameplay changes. Unfortunately, many players were experiencing a number of issues when trying to play. Today’s Sea Of Thieves patch 1.2.3 is expected to fix all these issues.

Sea Of Thieves Update 1.2.3 Patch Notes (August 22)

  • Cursed Sails Battle Times – Battle times have been rotated to give players who can only play during fixed times the opportunity to battle for a different region each week.

Fixed Issues

  • Fleet Protectors of the Ancient Isles Commendation now unlocks correctly.

Known Issues

  • The Kraken has been temporarily disabled due to performance issues.
  • Merchant Alliance crates on board a ship which sinks will not float to the surface and cannot be picked up.
  • When a player receives multiple alliance offers within close proximity, accepting one alliance will form an alliance with all crews offering an alliance.

Sea Of Thieves Update 1.2.3 Patch Notes (August 8) is now available on Xbox One and Windows 10.