SCUM Update 0.7 Patch Notes – March 14, 2022

A new SCUM update 0.7 details released for PC players. According to the official SCUM patch notes, the latest added gameplay changes and various bug fixes.

Since the last patch, players are experiencing problems with the game. Today’s SCUM patch 0.7 will fix a few of these issues.

Check out more details below.

What is new in SCUM Update today?

Airplanes are now controlling the sky over the SCUM island!

This new vehicle type is one of 2 features that will completely switch up the meta on the island as you know it. Not only will it be a new transportation method but also a useful tool for scouting, chasing and maneuvering around the island. We have 2 versions of airplanes currently, both 2 seaters and both biplanes. The Red Kinglet Scout and the Blue Kinglet Duster.


  • Fixing the development crashes.
  • Created support for new materials.
  • Resolving bugs related to rain and new outposts.
  • Implemented the new animations to the trader NPC faces.
  • Tweaking the trader pricing system.
  • Investigating the trader loading issues.
  • Optimization of vehicle physics replication system (will result in less vehicle rubberbanding).
  • Creating new replication system.
  • Creating the new server prices caching system.
  • Implemented new UI for parachutes.
  • Created the buy panel UI.
  • Further work on the sell panel UI.
  • Implemented new validation system on character creation,
  • Fixing bugs related to the killbox.
  • Working on a new save state system when relogging into vehicles after sever crash.
  • Optimization of the master server.
  • Testing out the new substeping changes.
  • Fixing the build machine.
  • Merging development builds from different branches.
  • Finishing touches on the Phoenix tears effect.
  • Implemented particle effects support for bicycles.
  • Tweaking the first person view in planes.
  • Created support for locking the camera in first person while operating vehicles.
  • Implemented mouse control support for operating planes.
  • Implemented support for switching seats while in airplanes.
  • Fixing issues with the parachutes.
  • Working on a system where the player can remain in the vehicle in case of a server crash.
  • Investigating the desync issue.
  • Support for caching data on server restart.
  • Resolving issues with animals and vehicles.
  • Resolving placement issues.
  • Testing and improving the vehicle desync issues.

Level Design

  • Optimizing terrain shaders.
  • Reworking material textures.
  • Further work on ruined houses.
  • Reworking ruined houses.
  • Further work on stone houses.
  • Optimization of furniture.
  • Creation of ruined coastal dry walls.
  • Level bugfixing.
  • Blending the roads with terrain.
  • Created new particles for 2 wheeled vehicles.
  • Fixing the issues with the foliage.
  • Reworked the improvised rope.
  • Retexturing boxes.
  • Further work on ruined houses.
  • Further work on sea drywalls.
  • Layering shaders.
  • Retexturing houses.
  • Fixing the leftover bugs from the merge.
  • Implementing photo scanned assets.
  • Further work on the furniture optimizations.

Art Team

  • Implemented the metahuman heads into the UE engine.
  • Tweaking the vendor animations.
  • Further work on the new car.
  • Concept art for the new environment.
  • Reworking wooden sticks models.
  • Reworking the improvised hammer model.
  • tweaked the UV map for blood.
  • Polishing the textures for the new bike model.
  • Working on the new parachute model.
  • Finished the tuxedo suits.
  • Exporting head models for the NPCs.
  • Reworking the Block handgun.
  • Creating new clothing options.
  • Resolving animation bugs.
  • Working on the 0.7 trailer.
  • Finishing the new car model.
  • Texturing the new Grenade Launcher.
  • Retexturing the wooden bats.
  • Creating new female clothing options.
  • Making the destroyed airplane mesh.
  • Finishing the new bike.


  • Working on the trader NPC audio.
  • Working on the parachute sounds.


  • Catching and banning cheaters.
  • Reporting feedback from the community.
  • Reporting the bugs.
  • Reporting the 0.7 build bugs and issues.
  • Started working on 2 mystery events.
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