SCUM Update 0.7.8 Patch Notes – June 2, 2022

A new SCUM update 0.7.8 is now available to download for PC players. According to the official SCUM patch notes, the latest update added some major changes to the game.

Since the last patch, players are experiencing problems with the game. Today’s SCUM patch 0.7.8 will fix a few of these issues.

Check out more details below.

SCUM Patch 0.7.8 Notes – Official

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed the bug where you couldn’t refuel the boats at certain gas stations.
  • Fixed the bug where you wouldn’t get foot abrasions and shoes wouldn’t lose durability while mounted on a wheelbarrow.
  • Fixed the bug where rabbits and chickens would react to drones.
  • Fixed the bug where you would have ammo stack 0/20, 0/30.
  • Fixed the bug where you could choose head option number 7 in character creation menu.
  • Fixed the bug where swapping back seats while the vehicle is moving would cause the player that is swapping seats to move outside the vehicle.
  • Fixed the bug where base building doors would be visible from a large distance.
  • Fixed the bug where the killbox host wasn’t saying quotes.
  • Fixed the bug where players wouldn’t get unsilenced after their silence duration has expired.
  • Fixed the bug where using the “#listsilencedplayers true” command with no silenced players would cause a fatal error.
  • Fixed the bug where re-equippig one of the dirty items would cause all of the clothes to look clean.
  • Fixed the bug where items would sometimes disappear upon holstering them.
  • Fixed the bug where items would sometimes go in the wrong holster.
  • Fixed the bug where the prisoner would respawn inside the upgraded bed.
  • Fixed the bug that would show the player interactions with explosive traps which are not implemented yet.
  • Fixed the bug where the wheelbarrow would launch into the air on low FPS.
  • Fixed the bug where the prisoner would get stuck doing an animation while uncrafting bundles.
  • Fixed the bug where the prisoner could respawn on destroyed shelter.
  • Fixed the bug where double-clicking ammunition from the vicinity into your inventory wouldn’t stack ammo correctly and would sometimes consume extra ammo.
  • Fixed the bug that would cause the number of remaining uses of an item in a chest to be displayed incorrectly in the treatment panel.
  • Level design fixes.


  • Increased fillable radius for replenish able resources.
  • Adjusted buying and selling prices depending on the number of online players.
  • Tab panels will now stay open if you jump in place or fall for a short time.
  • Temporarily removed birds from the game (pending rework).
  • Only owners and squadmates can now push vehicles.
  • Urination will make your lower body clothes 50% dirtier now.
  • Adjusted sardine meat vitamin B6 amount.
  • Added “Vehicle parking” option to custom zone settings.
  • Soap now has 10 uses instead of 30.
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