Sands of Salzaar Update Patch Notes – Official

Sands of Salzaar update (Dec 22, 2021) will soon roll out on PC(Steam). According to the official Sands of Salzaar patch notes, the latest update reduced the damage and HP of the BOSS Ifrit Lord for better gameplay balance in terms of difficulty.

Since the last patch, players are experiencing problems with the game. Today’s Timberborn patch will fix a few of these issues.

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Sands of Salzaar Patch Notes – December 22, 2021

  • Fix UI issues of English texts;
  • Keep troubleshooting and fixing major bugs reported by players;
  • Keep fixing missing saves and save loading issues;
  • Sustainly fix crashing and lagging issues;
  • Add more guidance info at the early stage of the game;
  • develop options to adjust combat speed;
  • Combat optimization such as on difficulty balance, equipment entries, resource acquisition;
  • Improve the early-stage game experience by adjusting legacy skills, sorting combat items and more;
English Localization and Text UI

Localization is one of the most discussed topics to be improved among players’ feedback, especially regarding UI issues of English texts (including incomplete display of dialogs, text truncation and overflow…) and some misleading translation of quests.

To better locate these issues, we will run a thorough localization QA test after launch to find and fix them. This might not be a short-term project considering the huge amount of in-game texts but we will keep optimizing it step-by-step in the following weeks.

In-Game Tutorials and Guides

As for an open world RPG, our initial aim is to encourage players to freely explore the desert, shaping adventure differently and becoming stronger in every playthrough based on the Legacy system as well as experience and discoveries borrowed from previous runs. However, we are also aware that such an idea of a highly open-ended design might lead to unclearness of directions for many players especially at the early stage – such as about how to use skills or follow certain quests.

Therefore, in future updates, we are planning to optimize those in-game systems to be more comprehensible to use as well as adding some tutorials and guides to assist new travelers in order to provide a better gameplay experience.

Fix Crashing, Blackscreen, Missing Saves

Those basic functionality bugs like game crash, freezing, blackscreen as well as lost save files and save loading issues will be continuously addressed in the upcoming patches.

Talking of old save loading, though we would encourage players to try the new game and embark on a brand-new journey in V1.0, we also designed an old save conversion tool to help those Early Access players convert their old saves to be compatible with the new version in terms of skills and arms units porting. However, it is worth noting that some custom buildings and old equipment entries cannot be fully ported to the new saves due to version differences, while saves with mods installed will also require updates of specific mods for 1.0 compatibility.

Download free Sands of Salzaar patch on PC (Steam).

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