Rust Update 1.40 Patch Notes for PS4 & Xbox


Rust update 1.40 patch notes released for PS4 and Xbox One players. According to the official Rust Console 1.40 patch notes, the latest update added new monument, new transport, a new weapon, and much more. Apart from this, Rust patch 1.40 also includes a long list of bug fixes and changes.

Previously, a big update added new changes, fixes, and quality of life improvements. Unfortunately, since the last patch, players are experiencing several issues while playing the game. Today’s Rust PS4 update 1.40 will fix a few of these issues.

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Rust Console Update 1.40 Patch Notes – May 26, 2022


  • New monument: Fishing Village
  • New transport: Kayak
  • New weapon: Paddle
  • New look for the motor rowboat
  • New item: Handmade Fishing Rod
  • Added catchable fish to the ocean, rivers, and swamps


  • Made it easier for players to jump out of deep water
  • Damage taken from wooden floor spikes now matches screen shake and controller vibration
  • Addressed players taking damage when falling onto climbing nets
  • Addressed the quick drop setting not working with the building plan
  • Addressed player shadow always showing an M39 rifle equipped if there is one in their inventory
  • Addressed controller vibration sometimes being triggered even if turned off in the settings menu
  • Addressed being unable to loot another player’s inventory one item at a time
  • Addressed swimming effect being displayed when players are not fully underwater
  • Addressed rubberbanding caused by standing up underneath low ceilings


  • Kayak and Paddle added to Workbench Level 1 Tech Tree
  • Made it easier to access boat storage after the boat has sunk
  • Stopped water clipping through boats
  • Addressed being able to flip boats upside down by throwing melee weapons at them
  • Addressed rubberbanding when driving rowboats


  • Players inside safe zones no longer take damage from other players who are either inside or outside the safe zone
  • Updated the hostile indicator and timer that appears after equipping a weapon inside a safezone
  • Removed duplicated blue container box at the Oil Rig
  • Added some boxes so that players can reach a platform above the red keycard room at the Large Oil Rig
  • Addressed Heavy Scientists sometimes spawning in without holding a weapon
  • Addressed missing vent doors on the Large Oil Rig
  • Addressed lights flashing on and off at the Oil Rig
  • Made it easier to climb through pipes at the Launch Site
  • Addressed being able to place items inside the Launch Site
  • Addressed fuse box at the Train Yard lighting up when there is no fuse equipped
  • Addressed light from the searchlights at the Sewer being visible through walls
  • Addressed texture issues on ladders at the Harbor
  • Addressed texture issues at the Bandit Camp
  • Addressed spots where players could get stuck at several monuments
  • Restored missing barricades at the Sewer Branch
  • Addressed missing shadows at the Harbor
  • Addressed collision issues on the sunken tugboats near the Harbor
  • Addressed Harbor lamps not giving light when looked at from a distance
  • Addressed level of detail issues on wooden boards at several monuments
  • Addressed collision on top of metal beams at the Water Treatment Plant
  • Addressed texture issues at the Airfield and the Water Treatment Plant
  • Addressed invisible generator at the Water Treatment Plant


  • Addressed broken reload animation on the Pump Shotgun, Spas-12 Shotgun, and Bolt Action Rifle
  • Addressed an issue that could cause the Custom SMG become invisible
  • Addressed some weapons not having a glowing outline when dropped on the ground
  • Addressed being unable to use the Hunting Bow immediately after crafting
  • Addressed being able to fire weapons before the equip animation finishes
  • Addressed fire arrows not being extinguished when switching weapons
  • Addressed repeating reload animation on the crossbow
  • Addressed missing reload animation on the pump shotgun
  • Addressed Multiple Grenade Launcher and ammo missing from the vending machine UI
  • Addressed white smoke coming out of Flame Turrets, Flamethrowers, and Fire Arrows
  • Addressed texture issues on the Assault Rifle when viewed from a distance
  • Addressed thrown melee weapons falling through the map when they destroy a building block
  • Addressed being unable to pick up thrown melee weapons from the sides of doors
  • Addressed arrows disappearing if they hit a thrown melee weapon


  • Lightened the texture on fire barrels
  • Stone pickaxe can now be used to harvest flesh
  • Reduced the cooldown time after using a large medkit
  • Made it easier to see out of heavy plate helmets
  • Reduced health points of the watchtower
  • Increased capacity of water jug
  • The torch will go out more quickly if submerged in water
  • Increased the range of light produced from the torch
  • Softened the light produced from tuna can lamps and miners hats
  • Addressed water bucket losing texture when dropped from inventory
  • Addressed flickering texture on bucket helmet
  • Addressed being able to hang shotgun traps off the edge of foundations
  • Addressed the diving mask screen effect still being displayed when viewing the map
  • Addressed display of the oxygen timer when using the diving tank
  • Addressed the barbed wire on High External Wooden Gates dealing no damage
  • Addressed graphical issues when using the 4x zoom weapon attachment
  • Addressed being unable to use CCTV cameras as cost items on vending machines
  • Addressed being unable to place a bear skin rug on walls
  • Addressed being able to cancel the torch extinguish animation
  • Addressed idle autoturret audio missing when players wake up next to them
  • Addressed planting spots in planters being blocked by big pumpkins
  • Addressed being unable to destroy foundations that are placed underwater
  • Addressed collision on the small water catcher
  • Addressed the sandbag barricade having no animation when destroyed
  • Addressed being able to place plant clones on turrets
  • Plant seeds and clones can now only be planted in the ground or in planter boxes
  • Addressed players getting kicked after building or upgrading windows
  • Addressed building blocks getting destroyed immediately after being placed
  • Addressed shadows of the roadsign, tactical, and burlap gloves floating away from the player shadow
  • Addressed texture issues on the High External Wooden Gate
  • Addressed being unable to place items on floors above open garage doors
  • Addressed the Add Fuel button not working on the lantern
  • Addressed level of detail issues on concrete and sandbag barricades
  • Addressed missing texture on plastic blue barrels
  • Addressed missing item stats for several items in the inventory
  • Addressed the Candle Hat making player feet shadows look weird
  • Addressed incorrect time display when using the Diving Tank


  • Restored missing crates and sunken ships on the ocean floor
  • Reduced the amount of pistol ammo that can be found in tool boxes
  • Addressed items zooming away when dropped on a slope
  • Addressed the helicopter killing players and then spawn killing them again
  • Addressed light sources passing through walls outside of player line of sight
  • Addressed texture issues on power generators
  • Addressed the colour of powerlines
  • Addressed some areas where players could get stuck
  • Junkpile scientists are a bit less aggressive and won’t chase players as far as they used to


  • Addressed the attack helicopter not appearing on the map
  • Addressed missing textures on debris made from destroying campfires
  • Resized icons on the map
  • Using a hammer to upgrade building blocks will now give a visual indicator when you don’t have enough resources to upgrade to each material
  • Addressed stack splitting UI not closing if the inventory is updated
  • Addressed being able to research broken items
  • Addressed losing water when swapping fresh water and salt water between containers of different sizes
  • Addressed flickering icons in the inventory
  • Addressed position of the water bucket UI
  • Addressed 0 not being displayed on the UI when opening a code locked door
  • Addressed code lock UI not always closing after four numbers have been entered
  • Addressed being unable to stack scrap when moving it from a container to the inventory
  • Addressed swapped clothing being dropped instead of being added to empty space on the hotbar when the inventory is full
  • Addressed being unable to reset some options to their default values
  • Addressed inconsistent word spacing in some areas
  • Addressed Auto Turret loot panel
  • Accelerated turn speed of the Head Look control option by 50%


  • New Oil Rig music
  • Reduced the delay of echoing sound effects in the Abandoned Supermarket monument
  • Addressed audio delay when cycling through items on the player hotbar
  • Addressed loading screen music not fading out properly


  • Addressed a rare audio crash when driving a boat
  • Addressed a crash caused by the contents of a note
  • Addressed a crash caused by autoturret lasers
  • Addressed a crash that could occur when approaching the Oil Rig
  • Addressed a crash that could occur when entering the Tech Tree
  • Addressed a crash caused by moving items up the crafting queue
  • Addressed a crash seen when using the vending machine UI
  • Addressed a crash that could occur on Xbox after signing out of a profile while in-game
  • Addressed a crash that could occur after equipping a weapon attachment


  • Updated credits
  • Updated skins
  • Updated localization files

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