Rust Patch Notes (Wounding Update & Voice Props DLC) – July 2, 2021


Rust update is now available for PC (Steam) players. According to the official Rust 1.03 patch notes, the latest update Wounding update and Voice Props DLC.

Players now go to a crawling state when wounded in most cases, instead of being fully incapacitated. They can move around slowly and use doors. They also get a bit more health than they used to in the old incapacitated state. This might allow you to move to relative safety.

The older incapacitated wounded state still occurs in the following situations:

  • If you get looted while in crawling wounded state.
  • If you die from fall damage.
  • If you crawl too deep into water.

Previously, a big update balancing, gameplay changes, and a long list of bug fixes. Unfortunately, some players are still experiencing a number of issues while playing the game.

Today’s Rust PC patch 1.03 will fix a few of these issues. Check out more details below.

Rust PC patch notes – July 2, 2021

New Added

  • Voice Props DLC Pack

  • circular train tunnel stairwell piece
  • crawling state when wounded
  • Countryside Tunnel Entrances
  • Tree Birds
  • Cassette Recorder (DLC)
  • 3 lengths of cassette (DLC)
  • Boom Box (DLC)
  • Portable Boom Box (DLC)
  • 3 dance gestures (DLC)
  • Megaphone (DLC)
  • Microphone Stand (DLC)
  • Music Light (DLC)
  • Music Lasers (DLC)
  • Disco Floor (Multiple variants)(DLC)
  • Connected speaker (DLC)
  • Mobile Phone (DLC)
  • 7 achievements (DLC)
  • Added DLSS
  • Added render scale options
  • Added some requested cubes for map makers /modding/cubes

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug where damage sometimes not applying to elevator passengers, stating “player_distance” in combat log
  • Fixed a bug where If players recover from being wounded, they can’t get wounded again within one minute
  • Fixed a bug where invisible nametags at certain angles
  • Fixed a bug where Huge wooden sign no longer breaks after upgrading and rotating wall
  • Fixed a bug where fireworks not firing due to server side budget issues
  • Fixed a bug where compound missing catcher catcher
  • Fixed a bug where unable to click drink icon when overlapping with the box
  • Fixed a bug where Lost Soul AR 42106 / 2426264628 Chocolate Egg 42200 / 2439077520 skins
  • Fixed a bug where admins getting kicked when logging out under terrain
  • Fixed a bug where invalid shots while players were using lifts
  • Fixed a bug where Minicopter “push” appearing whilst mounted
  • Fixed a bug where bear LODs
  • Fixed a bug where tabbing F1 menu cycling
  • Fixed a bug where ‘nowgao’ in contacts UI
  • Fixed a bug where players mouths not moving when voice chatting
  • Fixed a bug where players sometimes glitching into the WorkCart cabin
  • Addressed an issue where train tunnel stairwells and elevator shafts are much shorter
  • Addressed an issue where train tunnel entrances no longer have to rotate after placement
  • Addressed an issue where rowboats are now easier to flip back over by pushing
  • Updated Primitive Lootbox Sound
  • Airfield Monument AI improvements.
  • Train yard Monument AI improvements.
  • Addressed an issue where binoculars only show nametag pips during the day.
  • Reduced nametag pop-in delay
  • Enable kicks for inside terrain antihack
  • Stricter inside terrain antihack
  • Hitch & trough can now be placed down narrow triangle passages
  • Disable alt cursor outside of demos (spectate)
  • Improved AI Responsiveness when the server is under heavy load
  • Improved Rowboat flip
  • Addressed shore flickering

Download free Rust PC patch on Steam.

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