Patch Notes

Rust Console Update 1.09 Patch Notes (Halloween Hotfix) – Oct 21, 2021


Rust console update 1.09 is now available to download on PS4 and Xbox One. According to the official Rust 1.09 patch notes, the latest update added a new Skin rotation to the store. This includes the first set of Halloween skins. Apart from this, Rust patch 1.09 also includes some minor bug fixes and changes.

Previously, a big update added new store and quality of life improvements. Unfortunately, many players are still experiencing several issues while playing the game.

Today’s Rust version 1.09 will fix a few of these issues.


Rust patch 1.09 notes – October 21, 2021


  • Found reproduction steps for the “Invisible walls” bug. When testing in isolation it was discovered they were actually ghost trees, but this has now been fixed!
  • Addressed a bug with Voicechat causing thousands and thousands of requests to be sent in a short period of time. This was leading to slow internal operations.
  • Added more error checking into Voicechat with the aim of catching some of the remaining (rare) crashes.

UI for Halloween

  • Added a “quick open” feature to the main menu. This will take players directly to the new added skin bundles.
  • Added a new video and ambience to the main menu to celebrate Halloween.

Download links for Rust update 1.09 will be available soon on PS4 and Xbox One.