Ruinarch Update 9 Patch Notes (Official) – November 24, 2021

Ruinarch update 9 (Nov 24, 2021) is now available to download on PC (Steam). According to the official Ruinarch patch notes, the latest update added a bunch of small changes and additions to many aspects of the game. Apart from this, today’s Ruinarch patch 9 also includes various stability and performance improvements.

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Ruinarch Patch Notes (November 24, 2021)

Resonance Power

Each Villager has a Resonance Power that refers to a random player power. This is randomly determined at the start.

A new Absorb Cultist ability has been added to the Target Menu. This will add a high priority job to the Cultist that will cause it to sacrifice itself to give the player charges of its Resonance Power.


This is a Human Empire special structure that is a counterpart of the Elven Kingdom’s Magic Academy. It may be built by a Villager with at least Level 4 Martial Arts talent level. Physical combatants training at the Barracks may learn any of the following Combat Skills:

  • Battle Cry – Increase damage of all members of the party by 20% for 1 hour
  • Endure – Reduce all damage taken for the next 30 minutes.
  • Blitz – Double attack speed of entire party for 30 minutes.
  • Cleanse – Remove Poisoned, Zapped, Freezing, Burning or Frozen from all party members.
  • Pierce – All attacks for the next 30 minutes will neglect resistance.
  • Shield – Increase Physical Resistance of all party members by 25 for 30 minutes.
  • Wind Slice – Attack with 1.5x of base damage with Wind element.
  • Siege Arrows – 5×5 AOE attack that deals damage to structures and objects only.

A wanted Murderer, Thief, Assaulter or Arsonist may eventually form a new Bandit Faction and create a Bandit Camp. Other criminals may eventually transfer over to the Bandit Camp. With the exception of having one Crafter, most Bandits will be combatants. Unlike other normal factions, they do not build or expand their Bandit Camp, but they may build another Camp if there are already too many Bandits. Bandits typically raid other Villages for resources and may kidnap other characters to recruit. This does mean that not all members of the Bandit Faction may necessarily be criminals.

Strong Retaliation

We added a new Strong option for Retaliation. This is introduced for players that want a more difficult experience. In this setting:

  • Directly killing a non-cultist Villager will always increase retaliation by 1
  • Directly destroying any village structure will always increase retaliation by 1
  • If a non-Demon Cult village discovers trespassers belonging to the player, it will always increase retaliation by 1
  • Number of retaliators is increased by 1
Message Board

We’ve added a Message Board to Village Centers. Players can view this to see available Quests and a list of Wanted Criminals.

The player may spend Chaotic Energy to remove Quests and Wanted Criminals.

Various Relationship Changes

We’ve introduced some improvements to how characters interact based on their relationships to improve AI realism a little bit.
– Most Villager relationships will be positive at the start of a game. This is so that the player has to work to ruin Villager relationships.
– Characters that have been accused of a Heinous or Serious crime will cause all Villagers to have a persistent negative relationship modifier towards them. This slowly degrades each day. This will cause more Villagers to shun or avoid criminals even after they have been imprisoned and judged.
– Party members evaluate their relationship with other members, particularly the party leader. The more they dislike other members, the more likely it is for them to leave the party. On the reverse side, if most of the party dislike one member, they may kick them out of the party.
– If the target of a rescue party is an Enemy or Rival of a party member, they will refuse to join the rescue.
– Healers may kick out a rival or enemy inside the hospice instead of curing them.
– All Migrants start with 4 stacks of Newcomer status that adds a negative relationship modifier to existing Villagers. One stack is removed at the start of each day.
– Pyromaniacs may now sometimes visit a rival’s home and set it on fire while no one is inside.

Distinct Classes

We’re continually trying to make each individual Villager class more distinct so that the player has to deal with different Village compositions differently. Today, we’ve added some new abilities for a few classes.


Shamans learn helpful rituals.

  • Reconciliations – Learned at Combat Magic 1. Improves two random enemy or rival Villager relationships.
  • Guardians – Learned at Combat Magic 3. Spawns 4 guardians that will patrol the Village for 24 hours. The type of Guardian that will be spawned depends on the Shaman’s religion.
  • Day of the Gods – Learned at Combat Magic 5. Temporarily adds 25 to all Villagers resistances for 12 hours.

Knights provide various buffs to other party members.

  • +20 Physical Resistance – Learned at Martial Arts 1.
  • 3HP Regen per tick – Learned at Martial Arts 2.
  • +10 Mood bonus – Learned at Martial Arts 3.
  • 30% reduced Crit Chance received – Learned at Martial Arts 4.
  • Slower Needs reduction – Learned at Martial Arts 5.

Barbarians are now immune to Zap. Whenever they take combat damage, their Piercing and Crit Rate increases by gaining a new Enraged status. They can escape from being Restrained or Ensnared and can destroy the player’s Prison from the inside.


A Druid can now tame Beast-type monsters and turn them into pets. The number of pets that a Druid can have depends on the Druid’s Combat and Healing Magic total talent levels:

1 – 3: 1 pet
4 – 6: 2 pets
7 – 9: 3 pets
10: 4 pets


Hunters may specialize in one of the four monster categories. After its first kill of a monster, a Hunter will specialize on that monster’s category. This may be either beast, demonic, humanoid or undead.

When a Hunter specializes, they always deal critical damage to that category. The damage they receive from that category is also halved.


Archers can remove traps and are immune to them. Archers have a chance to trigger Siege Arrows when attacking structures, dealing higher damage.

Quicker Share Intel

You can now simply right click on an Intel row to share it to a list of stored Villager targets.

Updated Save UI

Players can now more easily rename and delete Saved Games. A screenshot and other game details are also easily visible per save data.

Updated Snatch

In addition to snatching Villagers and monsters and incarcerating them on your Prisons and Kennels, you can now also snatch objects and order the snatching party to drop them at a target location. Even objects in a character’s inventory can be a snatch target.


– Nameplates have been updated to show important character stats.
– Players can now drop seized objects directly to a character’s Inventory.
– Factions must first be aware of your territory’s location before they can launch Rescue Quests for Villagers you have imprisoned. They will be aware once one of their Villagers discover a corrupted tile and successfully returns back to their Village to report it.
– A skull icon has been added to all instances of dead character nameplates.
– A new Quest to hunt for Wanted Criminals has been introduced.
– Excalibur has now been changed from an item to an equippable Sword.
– Combatants belonging to a Party may now craft Lunch Pack that they can eat while travelling to recover Fullness.
– Cultist trait is now removed once a character dies. This should prevent Zombies from joining a Demon Cult Faction.
– Cultists will no longer drop their Cultist Kits at home to reduce chance of others discovering them.
– When changing into a combatant class, Villagers will now prioritize the best tier classes based on their Talent levels.
– When a Villager needs to use a Magic Circle or visit a Tavern, they should now exclude those that are within hostile villages.
– Characters from Factions that are friendly to the player should now attack retaliating Angels and Nature Spirits on sight.
– Resource Piles picked up for repair should not have ownership so that others can reuse them if they get dropped.
– Combat Skills unlocked from Talent level up should not replace currently Combat Skill if it is of a higher tier. If tier level is equal, there is a 50% chance that it will be replaced.
– Retaliating Angels and Nature Spirits should not get improvements from Primordial Pool upgrades. However, those that remained after retaliation will get the improvements.
– Animals and pets will no longer be “witnesses” so characters should now be able to perform stealthy actions even if there are animals nearby.
– Villagers will now try to avoid villages owned by factions that consider them a wanted criminal.
– Parties now have Party Leaders. A Party Leader takes Quests for the Party.
– When a Cannibal becomes a Faction Leader, Cannibalism will be legalized.
– There is a new monster that can only spawn through a special condition.
– Villages will no longer recruit captured Serious or Heinous criminal characters.
– Tavern owners can now also craft and sell Healing Potions.
– Viewing Demon Cult faction tab should no longer require Chaotic Energy to unlock.
– Necromancer will now be able to reanimate Zombies into skeletons but cannot absorb their life for energy.
– Villager Raid Parties may now sometimes set objects on fire.
– When you’re sharing Intel to a Cultist, instead of them saying “What do you want from me?” they will instead say “I am at your service, Master.”
– Golems are now Fire Resistant and Robust.
– When Intel about an imprisoned Villager is shared to a friendly faction-mate, a Rescue Quest may be posted on the Message Board.
– Night Patrol Quests have been removed. Instead, combatant Villagers may individually patrol during night times.
– Instead of putting out fires, poisoned Water Flasks will cause an explosion.
– Pyromaniac trait has been added. This will cause the character to sometimes set Fire on objects if they are on Bad or Critical Mood. Arson has also been added as a crime.
– Beast or Undead type monsters have zero chance of being Faction successor unless there are no other Villagers available.
– Cowards (Level 4) should no longer flee from passive Animals.
– Cowards will no longer take on Restrain Jobs.
– Nobles should no longer be accused of trespassing when visiting other Faction’s Villages.
– Divine and Nature Worshippers will also now no longer report each other if their religion is considered a crime in their Faction.
– The following objects can no longer be Ignited: Water Flasks, Water Basins, Well, Magic Circles, Rocks, Ore, Anvils, Snow Trees, Blood Pools, Demon Circles, Sigils, Stone Piles
– Wall Spell can no longer be casted on a tile with a character on it.
– Lesser Demon stats have been updated.
– Added new icons for Coins, Int, Fullness, Energy and Entertainment.
– An Arachnophobia toggle has been added to Settings. When turned on, Small Spiders, Giant Spiders, Broodmothers and Tarantulas will be represented by green Wisp sprites instead.
– You can now also create a Prisoner Blackmail for your Blessed prisoners.
– Ents should no longer react to events around it while it is disguised as a tree.
– Cultists will no longer rescue friends imprisoned by the player.
– Plague symptoms will no longer trigger on Undead-type monsters.
– Angry and Enraged status are removed when a character dies.
– Paralyzed villagers can no longer perform Heal Self, Eat and Strangle.
– Criminals will no longer lose their Criminal status when they successfully flee their crime.
– Non-damaging player Powers should no longer be resisted by Cultists.
– Unhappy or vagrant Vampire Lord has a chance to abandon its current Faction and create a new Vampire Clan.
– Vampire Clans have unique Quests related to creating new vampires or drinking blood from other Factions.
– Vampires from a Vampire Clan can tempt Hemophiliacs from other factions to transfer to their Clan and become source of Drink Blood target.
– Ratmen Cultists should no longer attempt to abduct Cultists from other factions.
– Beast and Undead type monsters can no longer become Cultists.
– Characters can no longer extract Water Flasks from other Wet characters. They can still extract Water Flasks from Wet objects.
– Increased Trigger Flaw cooldown to 3 hours.

Bug Fixes

– [FIXED] Starving character may decide to butcher another villager even if there is an available food pile nearby.
– [FIXED] Some characters may not pick up monster-dropped equipment even if they could equip it.
– [FIXED] After character turns into necromancer in the village, restrain jobs are created for him.
– [FIXED] Demon Cult hospice has problems with pathfinding.
– [FIXED] When a character performs First Aid on self and you shared that Intel to them, they will feel grateful toward their own self.
– [FIXED] A combatant was accused of assault while carrying a villager from the raided village.
– [FIXED] Griefstricken does not disappear even though they engage in a chat with the source of grief.
– [FIXED] Cult leader can’t preach because they attack hostiles on sight.
– [FIXED] Even Vampires that enjoy being one may still consider other’s Vampirism a crime.
– [FIXED] Skinners don’t skin dead skinnable animals if they consider Animal Killing a crime.
– [FIXED] When a Malnourished villager becomes a Necromancer, the Malnourished status stays and will eventually kill the Necromancer.
– [FIXED] Player’s Raid Leader may sometimes get stuck or endlessly roam around.
– [FIXED] Villagers may log “failed to do Train Healing Magic” because target is unavailable.
– [FIXED] Enslaved cultists can join another faction.
– [FIXED] Some corrupted tiles become unbuildable.
– [FIXED] Dead Ghosts have blood when loading.
– [FIXED] Characters with 100% Electricity Resistance could still be zapped.
– [FIXED] Necromancers do not replenish their Undead ranks.
– [FIXED] Recruited zombie becomes a Vagrant after leaving its current faction.
– [FIXED] Supposed-to-be-normal Villagers may flirt with Beast and Undead type monsters.
– [FIXED] If a Villager dies and gets resurrected as a Skeleton, its equipment does not get retained.
– [FIXED] If you send out a Demon to Snatch a target, then Seize the target after the Demon attacks it, then the Demon will follow the cursor.
– [FIXED] Terrifying Howl can still spook hibernating Golems and Ents.
– [FIXED] Retaliating Angels are affected by Monster Scent.
– [FIXED] Villagers with 0% Fire Resistance still glow yellow as if resisting Heat Wave.
– [FIXED] A Villager may join a Rescue Quest for themselves.
– [FIXED] Necromancer may still pick up Mushrooms even though they don’t have any use for it.
– [FIXED] Level 4 Music Haters do not kill Villagers when receiving Music related Intel.

Download free Ruinarch patch 9 on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

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