Ruinarch Update 8 Patch Notes – Sep 3, 2021


Ruinarch update 8 (Sep 3, 2021) is now available to download on PC (Steam). According to the official Ruinarch patch notes, the latest update added various tweaks, fixes, and changes.

Ruinarch Patch Notes (Sep 3, 2021)


For a Monster Spawner’s Capacity, we changed it so that it should no longer count any other residents of its current location and just count monsters it spawned. We did it that way before to prevent some exploits but it is confusing players. Please note that spawned monsters that have been recruited by other factions or captured by the player will not be counted.

For clarity, “Active Capacity” in Monster Spawner’s tooltip has been renamed to “Maximum Spawners”. This refers to the number of active Monster Spawners that can be active at any one time.


Retaliating Angels no longer gain humanoid upgrades from the Primordial Pool. Angels spawned by player should still gain the upgrades though.


[FIXED] When mothman gifts Flying to another character, the character still can’t move through walls.


[FIXED] Various issues related to some Villagers unable to eat in some instances.

[FIXED] Drain Spirit can produce infinite Chaos Orbs if the Villager has 100% Physical Resistance.

[FIXED] Defending Wurms continuously blinking in place.

[FIXED] Sometimes there are multiple entires of Plagued Rats in the Spells list.

[FIXED] When removing flaw, sometimes the flaw is not removed from the Target’s list even when the action was successful.

[FIXED] Primordial Pool costs are not free even when the No Cost setting is turned on.

[FIXED] Primordial Pool upgrades are sometimes applied incorrectly.

[FIXED] There are still some instances when a Cultist will attack demonic structures.

[FIXED] Snatch party members may get stuck pathfinding in Mage Towers.

[FIXED] Chaotic Energy is already consumed before confirming Raid or Snatch party spawn.

Download free Ruinarch patch on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.