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Ruinarch Update 8 (Anniversary Update) Patch Notes – August 31, 2021


Ruinarch update 8 (Anniversary Update) is now available on PC (Steam). According to the official Ruinarch patch notes, the latest update added new monsters, new landmarks, updated Water and Forest visuals, and more.

Previously, a big update added a long list of quality of life improvements and fixes. Unfortunately, since the release, players are facing several issues.

Ruinarch patch 8 will fix a few of these issues. Read more details below.


Ruinarch Patch Notes (August 31, 2021)

New Monsters

We’ve added a few new monster types to the game:
– Ghoul
– Whisperer
– Broodmother
– Centaur
– Orc
– Mothman
– Tarantula

We’ll just let you encounter them in the game to discover how they behave!

New Landmarks
These are the new landmarks that may spawn in the world:
– Fiery Cave
– Frozen Shrine
– Dead Grounds
– Bandit Camp
– Noxious Cave
– Jungle Rampart
– Dragon Lair
– Beast LairDifferent landmarks are home to a small and specific subset of monster types only. For example, Tarantulas may only spawn from the already existing Abandoned Mines and the newly added Noxious Cave. This will make the available monster types per playthrough dependent on what landmarks have spawned.
Monster Spawner

Aside from the monsters spawned on initial world generation, new monsters will no longer spawn randomly afterwards. Instead, we’ve introduced a new Monster Spawner spell that allows the player to place a spawner inside a landmark of their choice. This Monster Spawner will then periodically spawn new monsters. The type will be determined once the Monster Spawner is created based on the monster types linked to the landmark.

The Monster Spawner slowly degrades every hour until it eventually disappears after several days. Protect it as long as possible as it also occasionally produces Chaos Orbs while it has active spawned monsters defending it.

Monster Categories

Monsters are now categorized into 4 groups: Humanoid, Demonic, Undead and Beast. Humanoid, Demonic and Undead can pick up and use equipment. Humanoid and Demonic monsters can also take some Villager jobs like Farming, Crafting, etc. The categories are also important as upgrades from the newly introduced Primordial Pool are grouped by these four.

Updated Agitate

Previously, Agitate just forces a monster to go berserk and attack Villagers. It was not very interesting. The reworked Agitate ability will now affect monsters in different ways depending on their monster type. Some monsters are still just going attack Villagers when Agitated because that’s still a useful tool for players but others will now instead be forced to trigger some of their unique behavior. For example, you can immediately trigger a Giant Spider’s abduct behavior, or trigger a Kobold to place a Freezing Trap.

Primordial Pool

The Primordial Pool is a new structure that is available for all archetypes at Portal Level 3. In this structure, you can spend Chaotic Energy to upgrade various stats of monsters. All monsters from the wild and those you summon will be affected. The upgrades are divided per monster category.

Weapon Prefixes

Monsters will now have a small chance to drop Weapons when they die. A Weapon dropped this way may have a random unique prefix that adds a bonus effect. Some examples are:


Deadly – has a small chance to insta-kill per hit
Festering – has a small chance to apply Plagued to target
Demon Slayer – bonus damage to demonic characters
Sharp – increased crit rate
Mentor – faster talent experience

Keep an eye out on powerful weapon drops since some monster categories should now be able to equip these. Your lesser demons can also pick these up now and they will be able to retain it after despawn.

Game Alerts

This will be our replacement for our previous Tutorial Scenario that will also be available in Custom Games. These are non-intrusive tutorials that are triggered by certain game events. These Alerts will show up in the Bookmark Menu and will explain different aspects of the game as they become relevant to the player. We’ll continue to add more Alerts to help beginners learn all aspects of the game.

Updated Water and Forest Visuals

Just some simple visual improvements to forests and water tiles to make the world a bit more appealing to look at:

In future updates we plan to continue tweaking and improving other graphical aspects of the game including updates for Elven Villages and introduction of roads and rivers.


– Prism has been removed and defenders can now simply be summoned anywhere within the player’s corrupted territory. These defenders will only roam on your territory. They cannot be seized by the player to prevent exploits.
– Maximum active defenders starts at 3 and increases by 2 every Portal level up.
– Ravagers gain Chaos Orbs from spell and raid damage at a much faster rate compared to other Archetypes.
– Warmonger Factions are more likely to raid other Villages whenever their Villages run out of basic resources.
– Villagers may sometimes decide to visit other Villages on their free time.
– Added Keybind Q to open up Snatch Villager UI without having to navigate to a Prison first.
– Prison summon slot upgrades are now shared across all Prisons.
– Charges of Prison actions like Brainwash and Torture increases by 1 per active Prison.
– Added Keybind E to open up Snatch Monster UI without having to navigate to a Kennel first.
– Kennel summon slot upgrades are now shared across all Kennels.
– Added Keybind R to open up Raid UI without having to navigate to a Maraud first.
– Added Keybind C to loop through all the player’s Watcher Eyes.
– Villager Needs meter reduction are significantly slowed down while they are travelling outside the Village.
– Villagers death from Malnourished has been lengthened to 3 days.
– Kleptomaniacs may now also steal Furniture.
– Spells that previously can only be cast on fixed square areas can now be more flexibly cast in any spot.
– Success rate of applying various element-related Status Effects like Burning, Poisoned, Freezing and Zapped are now affected by relevant Resistances.
– Significantly reduced cooldown of most player abilities.
– Some of the least useful abilities no longer show up in the Portal’s Unleash list.
– Players can now control the direction of Fireball and Ball Lightning spells.
– Increased movement speed of Fireball and Ball Lightning.
– Fireball now explodes when it hits a structure and deals major Fire damage upon exploding.
– Ball Lightning now explodes when it hits a character and deals major Electric damage upon exploding.
– Ball Lightning has a small chance of adding Paralysis to characters it hits. The Paralysis effect is affected by the player’s Paralysis affliction level.
– Equipment on grounds outside Village Structures will automatically despawn after 2 days.
– A character that cannot damage a target (often due to Resistances) should eventually stop attacking it, then flee and will disregard it for a few hours.
– Treasure Chests have been temporarily removed. They will be re-added later and connected to a future mechanic.
– A Villager will no longer visit a Village where they are considered a wanted criminal.
– Soil paths are created on Village tiles that are frequently passed by Villagers.
– Monster Info now shows their Type, and other important stats like Piercing and Resistances.
– Added Eliminate All Villagers as a Victory Condition in World Settings.
– Added short description to most objects.
– Players can now filter Notifications per Village.
– Players can now adjust Camera Pan Speed in the Settings Menu.
– Players can now view Keybinds in the Settings Menu. We didn’t have time to make this editable yet but that will be available next update.
– Updated Demons and Monsters UI so that they occupy a smaller space by turning Reserves and Active column into tabs.

Download free Ruinarch patch 8 on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.