Ruinarch Update 8.5 Patch Notes (Official) – Oct 1, 2021


Ruinarch update 8 (Oct 1, 2021) is now available to download on PC (Steam). According to the official Ruinarch patch notes, the latest update addressed some recently reported bugs.

Ruinarch Patch Notes (Oct 1, 2021)


This should make map navigation much easier now.

Magic Academy

High level Magic Users may eventually build their own Magic Academy. This allows other Magic Users to train their talents faster and to learn new combat skills. I won’t give too much detail about this one as it’s better for players to experience it randomly in-game.

Devastation Ritual

Vengeful Mages may trigger a new interesting event if the conditions are right! That’s all the hint we’re going to give for now regarding this one. Like the Ankh of Anubis, this is an example of how we want to introduce more challenges to the game. On its own this wouldn’t exactly make the Villagers too powerful, and you won’t encounter this very often either. However, we will introduce many more player detrimental events like this to make sure that there will be interesting and varied hurdles across different sessions.


– Elven village assets have been updated.
– Butcher Shop is now more likely to be built over Fishery when appropriate.

Each Food Producing Structure (Farm, Fishery, Butcher Shop) will only be claimed by one Villager. This would now mean that multiple Food Producing Structures will be built by a Village.
– Additional Workshops will only be created when a Village has over 16 residents.
– Increased Food produced from Butchering, Harvesting and Fishing. Also increased the number of crops that ripen each day.
– Tavern owners can now also craft and sell Healing Potions.

Characters only need Level 1 Social Talent to become a Merchant. Social Talent isn’t expanded yet so this is a temporary tweak to ensure Taverns will usually have workers.

We’ve re-enabled weak monsters to sometimes spawn spontaneously on empty landmarks. This should give Villagers a way to get some combat experience in case the player does not use Monster Spawners.

If a Villager intends to eat another sapient character, they will stop performing Butcher and Assault actions if there are witnesses that consider Cannibalism a crime.
– Tweaked the formula that determines how likely a target gets knocked-out by a non-lethal attack. It should no longer consider the attacker’s HP in the equation.
– When a Bed is seized, Villagers already on the way to it should drop their current action.
– Vagrants should now consider Cannibalism and Demon Worship as Heinous Crimes.
– If there are no more Major Factions in the map, there will now be a huge chance that new migrants will arrive at the start of each day. The number of migrants will depend on the player’s Portal Level.
– Some unnecessary Skeleton logs have been removed.
– A new Necromancer’s Lair has been introduced. The mechanism for the Necromancer’s Lair creation has also been tweaked to prevent it from creating multiple ones when there are already available Necromancer’s Lair in the map.
– Necromancer’s bonus gains from Absorb Vitality has been capped. It also goes down whenever it spends some of it to spawn Skeletons without corpses.
– Necromancer should now be able to raise dead Zombies into Skeletons.
– Monster Spawners will still take damage even if currently seized by the player.
– The damage that a Monster Spawner takes when spawning monsters now depends on the monster type. Spawning a Dragon will immediately destroy a Monster Spawner.
– Characters that are let go from the player’s Prison will now be Dazed and won’t be attacked by the player’s Defenders.
– A Plagued Rat will transform into a Ratman if it eats anything with Abomination Germ.
– Increased Power Crystal drop rate from monsters if the character that killed it is an Elf.
– Ents killed inside a Kennel should no longer drop Wood Piles.
– Increased HP regen of Villagers from eating and sleeping.
– Slightly increased the rate that Vampires perform Vampiric Embrace on their own. Please note that Sulking is still a prerequisite for Vampiric Embrace to trigger.
– Updated various Power cooldown and costs.

Various tweaks have been applied to the way Villagers change their Classes to make it more likely that characters stay with Classes that they have high Talent for.

Bug Fixes

– [FIXED] All characters can no longer be knocked out if Agitate has been upgraded to max level.
– [FIXED] Characters can still pass through walls even if their Flying trait has been stolen.
– [FIXED] Ball Lightning and Fire Ball direction cursor work erratically.
– [FIXED] Skinners do not do any work.
– [FIXED] Plague Reservoir trait disappears when a Ratman changes its class.
– [FIXED] Player may sometimes be unable to expand corruption on some spots when loading a game.
– [FIXED] Burnt resource piles within Mines may cause Miners to stop working.
– [FIXED] Hovering over some Villager name sometimes reveals a different character’s nameplate.
– [FIXED] Player can gain Chaos Orbs by dealing damage to their own defenders.
– [FIXED] Corpses placed in Caves and other monster homes still take up one of the structure’s resident capacity.
– [FIXED] Dropped equipment still disappear after 2 days even if a character already picked it up.
– [FIXED] Player’s defenders may sometimes chase enemies even when they are already out of the player’s territory.
– [FIXED] A Villager may still report Demon Worship even if Preach successfully converted them.
– [FIXED] Retaliating Angels may sometimes stop attacking.
– [FIXED] Flying monsters an be Sacrificed or Let Go if they fly over Kennels
– [FIXED] Sloth demons are categorized as Beast.
– [FIXED] If a Malnourished Villager becomes a Necromancer, the status is retained and cannot be removed, causing the Necromancer to eventually die.
– [FIXED] Trolls stop whatever they are doing after it becomes night.
– [FIXED] Villagers still attempt to sleep on their personal Bed even if it has been moved away by the player.
– [FIXED] Villagers may douse a burning enemy if the enemy started burning inside their Village.
– [FIXED] Human Villagers still gain experience and level up Talents even when the Talent is already maxed.
– [FIXED] Enslaved cultists may still sometimes join another Faction.
– [FIXED] Enslaved characters no longer gather Food.
– [FIXED] If a Ratman lives in a Village, it may keep carrying prisoners to its home.
– [FIXED] Demons may get stuck after getting zapped.
– [FIXED] Kleptomaniac trigger flaw actions disregard its current level.
– [FIXED] There is an exploit to Drain Spirit on Night Zombies multiple times. Note: bodies will now be removed from the game after Drain Spirit.
– [FIXED] There is an exploit that allows player to spawn infinite Eyes.
– [FIXED] Portal Upgrade to Level 8 takes too long.
– [FIXED] Some chaos orbs cannot be hovered over.
– [FIXED] Defending dragons are immune to all damage.
– [FIXED] Pathfinding issues in Cultist Hospice structure.
– [FIXED] Inconsistent Petrasol outline when moving a restrained Troll from inside a structure to outside.
– [FIXED] Basic Dagger does not provide any stat increase.
– [FIXED] In-game discord link is no longer working.
– [FIXED] Updated tooltip related to Cold Blooded to better state that it does not provide full immunity.
– [FIXED] Various issues related to characters getting stuck while moving towards their target.
– [FIXED] Various “no translation” texts.
– [FIXED] Various typo errors.

Download free Ruinarch patch on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.