Rogue Legacy 2 Update 0.8.0 Patch Notes (The Winter Gifts Update) – Dec 20, 2021

    A new Rogue Legacy 2 update version 0.8.0 released on PC. According to the official Rogue Legacy 2 patch notes, the latest update added a new event, changes, addresses some bugs and crashes.

    Since the last patch, players are experiencing problems with the game. Today’s Rogue Legacy 2 patch 0.8.0 will fix a few of these issues.

    Check out more details below.

    Rogue Legacy 2 Patch Notes – December 20, 2021

    • Deck the Halls!: Even with their lives thrown into chaos, the people in the world of Rogue Legacy 2 take the time to celebrate. The Docks are now full of festive cheer, with gifts strewn about and holiday lights adorning the shops. The monsters are also taking part in the season, wearing joyful costumes and offering milk and cookies in a vain attempt to get themselves off the naughty list.
    • It’s Raining Relics: It looks like there’s a hole in Santa’s gift bag and a bunch of Relics slipped out! True to the name of “Winter Gifts”, we’re introducing 14 brand new Relics (along with some redesigns) to this update that add a ton of diversity to a player’s run.
    • A Monster Awaits: Not all is cheerful and bright in the world of RL2. Unearth the motivations of the top commanding Estuary, Irad, with the latest Prime Burden. Not only is the lore behind Irad so immense that it spans the entirety of the game, but we’ve made this our most unique confrontation yet!
    • A Retro Challenge: We’re also introducing a new Scar Challenge that will be sure to drum up nostalgia from fans of the original RL. But don’t lower your guard just because things seem familiar, as this Challenge is formidable and will test more than your memory.
    • Economy Clean Up: As we approach v1.0, we’ve been able to get a much better view of how the economy has been shaping up, and we’ll be using this patch as an opportunity to do one final major revision to it. This adjustment touches everything, from gold/Ore/Aether drop rates, to Burden costs, and even drop rates of Gear.
    • A new Prime Boss Burden has been added.
    • A new Scar Challenge has been added.

    Our original design philosophy for Burdens was to give players a wide variety of ways they could make their playthroughs more interesting in NG+. Along with choosing different Burdens, players could also stack the same Burden several times if they wanted a real challenge. The spot where a single Burden remained hard but fair was setting it to around 3 to 4 levels, and anything beyond that was masochistic. We were hoping this would encourage players to diversify. What we found though is that players would still max out the level of a single Burden, thinking this level was the hardest curated difficulty. That was not the case, and players were not having a good time. So we’ve tweaked a bunch of Burdens to fix this. Now players that stick with familiarity and raise single Burdens to high levels should still have a fair, if not extremely difficult, experience.

    • Damage Burden reduced from 15% to 10% per level (max level reduced from 75% to 50%).
    • Health Burden reduced from 15% to 10% per level (max level reduced from 75% to 50%).
    • Enemy Lifesteal Burden reduced from 125% to 120% per level (max level reduced from 625% to 600%).
    • Enemy Aggression Burden reduced from 15% to 10% per level (max level reduced from 75% to 50%).
    • Enemy Projectile Speed Burden reduced from 10% to 7% per level (max level reduced from 50% to 35%).
    • Hazard Damage Burden raised from 25% to 30% per level (max level reduced from 125% to 150%).
    • Enemy Movespeed Burden reduced from +0.75 to +0.7 per level (max level reduced from 3.75 to 3.5).
    • Larger Biome Burden max level reduced from 50% to 30%.

      *Lowering this below 10% per level meant rounding issues could result in no change in biome size, but +50% makes traversal too brutal.


    A massive update to Relics has arrived! There are some buffs, some nerfs, some remakes, and a WHOLE LOTTA new ones to discover! We want to give a special shout-out to our Discord member, Rhadamante, for his in-depth feedback for this update. He built a calculator to examine the Critical Chance/Damage for Relics in the game and showed us that, mathematically, they were slightly underpowered (popularity-wise though they were fine!) So we’ve gone and lowered their rarity to make them a better purchase.

    • Community RELIC BUFF – Clotho’s Spindle: Rarity lowered from Rare to Common (Resolve cost down from 35 to 25).
    • Community RELIC BUFF – Atropos’ Scissors: Rarity lowered from Rare to Common (Resolve cost down from 35 to 25).
    • Community RELIC BUFF – Obelisk: Rarity lowered from Rare to Common (Resolve cost down from 35 to 25).
    • Community RELIC NERF – Dreamcatcher: Multiple stacks of this Relic now only increase the max cap, not how much Mana you get per enemy kill.
    • RELIC REDESIGN – Icarus Wings: Changed to Icarus’ Wings Bargain. Now grants FLIGHT, but you take bonus damage.
    • RELIC REDESIGN – Incandescent Telescope: Changed to Incandescent Telescope’s Bargain. You deal bonus damage to enemies that are far away, but less to enemies nearby.
    • RELIC REDESIGN – Vanguard’s Banner: Damage Increased from 100% to 125% INT. Dash wave now spawns at the START of your Dash. Wave now destroys regular sized projectiles. Stacking this Relic now doubles the length of the wave. Rarity changed from Common to Epic.
    • NEW RELIC: Raven’s Ring.
    • NEW RELIC: Heron’s Ring.
    • NEW RELIC: Soul Tether.
    • NEW RELIC: Ivy Roots.
    • NEW RELIC: Corrupting Reagent.
    • NEW RELIC: Lamech’s Whetstone.
    • NEW RELIC: Caltrops.
    • NEW RELIC: Voltaic Circlet.
    • NEW RELIC: Marble Statue.
    • NEW RELIC: Demeter’s Trial/Reward.
    • NEW RELIC: Arcane Necklace.
    • NEW RELIC: Red Sand Hourglass.
    • NEW RELIC: Aite’s Sword/Broken Sword.
    • NEW RELIC: Weighted Anklet.

    The game has gone through a lot of changes, and as more content gets added the economy becomes a little more unstable. We’ve taken a look at the resources again to address the dearth of new Runes and Gear people can find, and how they scale with the amount of Ore and Aether collected.

    *Some of these changes came in with the Hallow’s Eve Update but will still be listed here (because that’s when this revamp was supposed to be completed).

    • Disabled the Ore and Aether bonus drop values. This was turned on during the Arcane Hallows Update as a temporary bonus to help people catch up (when these resources were too rare). It was supposed to stay on for only 3 weeks… and now it’s almost been a whole year. Whoops! :X
    • Purchasing new Gear and Runes now cost their corresponding resource (Ore/Aether) on top of gold, even at their starting level. This will help explain to players what these resources do right away, rather than only when they obtain the +1 blueprints. This has become necessary due to the changes throughout Early Access that made the +1 drops for equipment constantly get pushed later into the game. Some players did not discover what Ore and Aether did until NG+1!
    • Buyer’s Start: New players will now have 1500 Ore and Aether at the start of profile creation.
    • Red Portal Chests (we call them Gold Chests) will now ALWAYS drop an Empathy (if available) and Ore.
    • Re-tuned Ore and Aether costs for Blueprints and Runes. As you reach +4 and up, their costs will begin to rise.
    • Gear and Relic drop rates adjusted. Previously, if a player went straight to a +9 Gear drop unlock, the system would begin to fall apart. We changed the backend to ensure a better flow of items if this does happen. Generally, obtaining new Gear should be more evenly spread throughout the game.
    • The Silver Chest requirement for all Gear pieces (excluding Trinkets) has been removed. Previously, every Gear set was composed of 2 Bronze Chest + 3 Silver Chest requirements.
    • Silver Chests will ALWAYS drop Gear if they can (*already added in Hallow’s Eve).
    • Repurposed Mining Shaft: Gold Gain bonus lowered from 20% to 15% per level. This ability was severely over-tuned and broke the game scaling. We’re considering nerfing this Skill even more, but will keep it as-is for now to see how it pans out.
    • Reorganized the bottom portion of the Skill Tree to get the Shy Geologist out of hiding. A lot of people missed the joke (or those who caught it weren’t sure), so we’re removing it.
    • Changed Min level caps to certain Skills for better pacing.
    • Kin Unity Lvl. 1 and Unity Lvl. 2 Bonus changed. The original lifesteal one was temporary (and ultimately overpowered). These new changes are much closer to what we wanted the Kin set to offer.
    • Blightborn Furcas: Given a new move and modified aggression values to make for a more interesting encounter.
    • Blightborn Astarte: Given a new move and a new base projectile attack to make this encounter a little more interesting (and easier).
    • Axe Knight: These dudes were too easy. A new chasing spin attack and a new throwing axe attack has been added to make them more deadly.
    • Community: Axe Knight name changed to Axe Forgers, Axe Solders, and Axe Welders.
    • Added audio for the Shock Edge / Thunder Poniard dagger attack.
    • Bosses are now frozen for only a fraction of the time regular enemies are.
    • ABILITY BUFF – Handheld Ballista: Mana regen per shot raised from 20 to 25.
    • ABILITY NERF – Pizza: Damage reduced slightly.
    • ABILITY NERF – Sporeburst Spell: Mana cost raised from 50 to 75.
    • Updated the Electric Lute’s audio.
    • Player flight is now restricted to the same movement constraints as non-flight (e.g. abilities that lock your movement while jumping in the air now lock your movement while flying).

    Adding more diversity to Red Portal Challenges. We plan to add even more later on, but this is a good start.

    • 2 new arena types: Big Battle and Mob Boss.
    • 4 new base arena room layouts added.
    • The Solstice Festival begins!
    • Tier 2 Flying Skeletons removed from Pishon Dry Lake.
    • Tier 2 Flying Fireballs added to Pishon Dry Lake.
    • The “Requires Aether’s Wings” and “Requires Echo’s Heirloom” tutorial textboxes no longer appear if you already have the respective Heirloom.
    • Changed the visual design of Axis Mundi tunnel rooms to better match the rest of the biome’s aesthetic.
    • New Bell art has been added to the Sun Tower.
    • New art has been added for the mannequin.
    • Community – New Aim Fidelity Setting: If you have trouble with steady hands, you can reduce aiming sensitivity by modifying the minimum angles the joystick will snap to.
    • Community – Mouse Position Attack Flip Setting: Gamers on mouse and keyboard can now turn on attack flipping, so that the player will flip and face the direction the mouse is in when attacking.
    • New Time Slow When Aiming House Rule: Trouble with the dexterity required by the Archer and other classes like them? You can now slow down time while aiming to help line up your shots.
    • The Drift House is now completely absent from the Docks if the criteria to unlock it is unfulfilled.
    • Added some icons to Glossary.
    • Touching water or a cloud hazard will now reset your Dashes and Air Jumps so you can recover more easily.
    • New music now plays as you reach the end of Enoch Prime’s memories.
    • Quitting out of the Threads of Fate while there are active changes to the Burdens now displays a warning message.
    • Added Equipment set Unity to Gear card.
    • Added a new ability queuing system. Casting an ability (including attacks) while the player is at the tail-end of their current ability will queue the next one.
    • Changing the volume setting sliders via the keyboard, gamepad, or clicking on the UI arrows will now change the volume in increments of 5 units instead of 1.
    • Being awarded a gold trophy in a Challenge now displays text stating that all Empathies are now unlocked.
    • Added new icon to map, Unique Room, that represent mandatory unique rooms (like the Tower of Lights) that are separate from Bonus Rooms, because Bonus Rooms are considered beatable.
    • Converting between Ore and Aether in the Soul Shop no longer resets your conversion amount to 0.
    • Converting between Ore and Aether in the Soul Shop now displays a descriptive loss/gain text popup above the player’s head.
    • Water in heirlooms no longer deals damage.
    • Targets now have 1 HP, regardless of their level.
    • Targets can now be destroyed with the Pacifist weapon.
    • Entering a Boss door now resets all ability ammo and cooldowns.

    Implemented a higher fidelity for gamepad deadzone logic to allow for more extreme movement of the joystick before input is detected. To compensate, anyone that had their deadzone set to 0 will automatically have it set to 0.25, as 0 is now too sensitive for most (if not all) gamepads.


    99% of the bugs listed were brought up by the community, so we won’t bother tagging them as such.

    • “Philosopher” Journal entry in the Study’s library should now spawn properly under the right circumstances.
    • Fixed bug where one of Geras’ dialogue sequences in Sisyphus was blank if you spoke to him as a female character.
    • Attempted fix of rare bug where an exception could occur if the player clicked through very, very short dialogue text.
    • Fixed bug where throwing a Spoon against a wall at low FPS would alter its trajectory.
    • Fixed bug where throwing a Spoon against a wall would immediately destroy it at low FPS by adding a single frame delay to its terrain collision when it spawns.
    • Fixed bug where applying multiple stacks of Poison in a single attack results in it immediately causing Skill Crit damage.
    • Coeus’ Shell now prevents enemies from shredding Armor when active.
    • Fixed bug where Axe Knights could perform their Axe jump spin attack while in the air.
    • Fixed bug where interrupting an Axe Knight’s spin attack would keep the spin projectile active.
    • Fixed bug where a Class ability would sometimes be displayed as on cooldown (even though it wasn’t) when entering the Docks after choosing a new heir.
    • Fixed bug where some effects on certain Elementalists were not attached to the enemy, resulting in them not moving with the enemy when it is knocked away.
    • Fixed a bunch of minor graphical issues with rooms.
    • Fixed bug where Void Bouncy Spikes would lose their trail renderer or it would update at weird times when they went offscreen.
    • Flying Shields now destroy breakable platforms in the Cave when performing a spin attack.
    • Fixed bug where exiting a room in the Study while a proximity hazard was refreshing its cooldowns would make its animations get stuck when re-entering the room.
    • Fixed bug where special icons would not appear correctly in Mundi or the Sun Tower if you had the Spelunker trait.
    • Fixed bug where bonus rooms in Axis Mundi or the Sun Tower would always be marked as unbeaten on the map, regardless of whether you completed them or not.
    • Fixed exception bug when exiting a Fairy challenge that summoned invuln enemies to an adjacent room that also had invuln enemies.

    Fixed issue where dashing onto a platform would not register the player as grounded until the dash was complete. This addresses scenarios where player could dash onto a Crumble platform and jump before the platform recognized the player as grounded.

    • Fixed regression bug where player could jump off Crumble or Magic platforms without triggering their logic due to jump leeway.
    • Status Effects are now hidden from enemy Paintings and Mimic Chests until they are activated.
    • Fixed bug where the clickable portion of entries in the Threads of Fate was not set correctly, making them difficult to select.
    • Fixed bug where the player could not disable the Flame Barrier Spell while they were stunned.
    • Fixed bug where the Flying Shield would continue to spawn new projectiles if the player hit it with the Knockout ability while it was performing its ram attack.
    • Fixed bug where if the player had leveled up the Skill that reduces damage while Dashing, and they Dashed into a Healing Room, the damage display for getting Max Health would incorrectly take the Dash damage reduction into account.
    • Fixed bug where switching to the Mage via the Skill Tree would not mark the Spells you obtained from switching classes as “Seen” on your profile.
    • Fixed Rocket Box effect not following the Rocket Box if you knocked it away.
    • Fixed issue with Skeleton Mages shooting through thin walls if pressed against them.
    • The Map now displays the name of the Docks while in the hub.
    • Fixed issue where ArmorMinBlock was still increasing by 5% instead of 4% per Rune.
    • Rocket Boxes that are knocked away cannot be stood on to address continued issues with them launching the player through walls if the player was standing on them.
    • Fixed bug where Contrarian Mages would have their Talent displayed as unseen in the Ability description of the Lineage screen.
    • Fixed bug where any overcharged Mana on the player would not be saved when reloading a file.
    • Fixed bug where collecting crystal drops and diamond drops was not playing the collect effect.
    • Fixed bug where the Mine Cart prop in the Cave was spawning on top of other props in certain scenarios.
    • Fixed bug where the Mysterious Figure could fall through platforms in certain places.
    • Fixed bug where exiting a room while an enemy was being summoned would result in that enemy immediately aggroing to the player if they appeared in the next room (most noticeable with Mimics and Paintings).
    • Knuts now match the rotation of the ceiling they spawn off of.
    • If, for whatever reason, a Zombie is no longer touching the ground while they are hidden, they will now instantly pop out.
    • Fixed bug where triggering a persistent Status Effect at the Docks would have the effects play even while the player was in a different screen (at the Skill Tree or for a brief period while on Charon’s boat).
    • Fixed exploit where if the player triggered a Death Defy and closed the game without exiting the room, they would get their HP and Death Defy back.
    • Updated the Gear menu to better handle text entries that go on three lines.
    • Updated the PlayerCard menu to better handle text entries that go on three lines.
    • Fixed bug where the Immortal Kotetsu’s slice effect would hook to the player’s position when the player teleported into a cloud or water.
    • Rewrote the last safe position logic to hopefully better handle where to position the player when they land in water or in a cloud.

    Fixed bug where entering a room and hitting a cloud or water without touching land would result in the player going back to the previous room, and having their input locked.

    • The Resolve icon is now displayed when showing Relics in the Player Card menu, the Gear menu, and when choosing a Relic in the world.
    • Fixed bug where Burden stats were not showing decimal numbers.
    • Fixed issue where the Player Card was showing yellow text, making it hard to read.
    • Fixed bug where the Cartographer Trait was causing the House Rules and NG+ display text to disappear as well.
    • The PlayerCard stats now display numbers to 1 decimal place of accuracy to address rounding issues.
    • Fixed bug where the player weapon was not dimming properly in the Profile Select screen when deleting a profile.
    • Fixed bug where entering a room large enough to trigger a transition animation would cause the Synethesia effect to disappear from the player.
    • Fixed bug where the Pizza weapon was only interacting with props when returning to the player.
    • Dying now saves the state of the room the player is in to address issues with rooms not being considered seen if you die in them.
    • Successful Aerodynamic downstrikes now puts the player’s Y position at the point of contact, to reduce odds of player getting hit while downstriking at very low FPS.
    • Fixed bug where if the game was started with a character with Dwarfism, the player’s status bar would remain permanently larger for all other characters (and vice versa for characters with Gigantism).
    • Fixed bug where Enoch’s void circle attack was locking his flip animation until his next attack was performed, resulting in him occasionally attacking backwards.
    • Picking up Health drops with Hero Complex no longer pops up text showing HP being recovered.
    • Fixed bug where switching an ability via the Curio Shoppe while another ability was on cooldown would reset the cooldown display.
    • Fixed bug where the Flamer enemy would slide on the ground if you knocked them back before an attack.
    • Fixed bug where SFX were triggering when the player HUD collided with chains and other props.
    • Attempted fix of resource HUD sometimes getting its visibility stuck.
    • Fixed bug where Enoch’s rapid fire attack would keep playing its SFX if he was defeated or switched modes during the attack.
    • Fixed bug where some Soul Shop entries were still displaying costs even after you purchased them to Max.
    • Fixed bug where it was sometimes difficult to select Pause menu options items with the mouse.
    • Fixed bug where rain splashes in Axis Mundi were anchored to the camera so that if the camera moved they would no longer be playing in the correct position.
    • You can no longer destroy Crass Bough’s (and its variants) arrow projectile simply by attacking it.
    • Fixed bug where the Relic purify effect would be mis-positioned on the Relic HUD if the camera was not at zoom level 1.
    • Fixed bug where defying death while the player HUD was transparent would mark it as non-transparent after the death defied animation ended.
    • The Void Dash extension period is now cancelled the moment the button that triggered the dash is released. This fixes issues with players unintentionally extending their dash by quickly releasing and pressing the button down again, or by pressing the alternate dash button.
    • Fixed bug where attacking with the Axe the moment you land on the ground results in an extremely quick ground attack.
    • Fixed bug where Traits and Relics that increased magic damage were not applying those mods to Status Effects that scaled with Magic.
    • Clamped the size of the snow effect when running through snow mounds so that they didn’t grow unreasonably large while running through them with Gigantism.
    • Fixed bug where NPCs could still be hidden behind the player UI.
    • Fixed bug where Unity set bonuses were sometimes not displaying correctly on the player HUD.
    • Fixed bug where the Unity Level Down text was not being wrapped, and appeared behind the Blacksmith UI.
    • Fixed bug where Glossary text would sometimes appear behind the Glossary scroll bar.
    • Fixed bug where the Ancestral Soul Relic icon would still appear on the Death screen.
    • Fixed bug where certain attacks on the Axe Knight would not stop when they were frozen.

    Fixed bug where spin attacking as the Barbarian and dashing on sloped ground would result in the player performing a landing attack while continuing to dash. The landing attack now only triggers once the dash is complete.

    • Special KO kills now only trigger on biome bosses.
    • Fixed bug where one of Enoch’s warning projectiles would not disappear if the attack was cancelled.
    • Fixed bug where player could hit enemies with the charged Lance but deal no damage if they were close enough.
    • Aligned the Burden column header in the Threads of Fate.
    • Optimized the letterbox / pillarbox system used for non-16:9 aspect ratios.
    • Mimics now properly aggro immediately if you touch them.
    • Fixed potential bug where if multiple enemies of a certain type were in a room together, they could make each other’s projectiles suddenly disappear.
    • Fixed bug where Skeleton rib projectiles would cause a Skill Crit popup to appear if they hit the player on their return trip.
    • Fixed bug where exiting a tunnel would cause the player to briefly play their falling animation and landing dust particle effects.
    • Fixed bug where the Max Mana Unity set bonus was a mod, not an add.
    • Fixed bug where Mimics protected by Shield Banner would only play their invincibility effect if you touched them.
    • Fixed bug where the Shield Banner invincibility effect would stop playing after 99 seconds (most noticeable in large areas like Axis Mundi).
    • Fixed bug where the Fairy Rules HUD was not anchored to the bottom right of the screen, causing it to float in the middle of the screen on ultrawide aspect ratios.
    • Fixed bug where certain foreground props were sometimes drawing behind the player.
    • Fixed bug where Lamech’s staff blast attack sound effect was not playing correctly.
    • Fixed bug where Murmur had no hit sound effects.
    • Fixed bug where Namaah was not playing one of her wave attack sound effects.
    • Fixed bug where Namaah’s looping sound effects could keep playing forever if she was killed at certain points in her attack cycle.
    • Fixed bug where enemies would not display Commander Buffs if they were in a room with hidden Fairy Chests.
    • Fixed bug where enemies would not take hazard damage if the player had the Pacifist trait.
    • Fixed bug where the +1 Soup and +X HP text popups would overlap when picking up a Health drop with the Stew ability.
    • Fixed bug where the Mana text in the HUD would wrap around vertically if you had a lot of Mana.
    • Fixed bug where chests in certain rooms were never appearing on the map screen.
    • Fixed bug where chest icons would appear in certain rooms on the map with the Spelunker trait, but upon entering the room, the chest icons would disappear.
    • Fixed bug where Relics that reset counters if you take damage were not applying those effects if you took damage, and then defied death.
    • Fixed text overrun in Challenge menu.
    • Fixed bug where Amaterasu’s Sun was applying an extra 3 secs of burn rather than 2.
    • Fixed bug where damage retaliation on enemies was triggering Mana Regen.

    Fixed bug where switching from Boxing Gloves to a different weapon while you had the Boxing Bell Relic resulted in you permanently retaining the ability to gain stacks from the Boxing Gloves (even if the Boxing Bell was removed).

    • Fixed bug where reflecting projectiles with the Frying Pan would sometimes not trigger the Charged Status Effect.
    • Fixed bug where using the mouse to change some slider-based options settings was not working properly.
    • Attempted fix for rare instance of the status bar appearing rotated.
    • Fixed bug where the Mage would start with a Charged status effect upon entering the castle if they had less than max Mana.

    Casting the Valkyrie’s Reflect talent on the same frame as getting hit by a reflectable projectile now registers as a successful reflect rather than taking damage.

    • Fixed bug where applying Status Effects to Mimics and Enemy Paintings would not display the Status Effect on them until it dealt damage.
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