Rogue Genesia Update Patch Notes – Dec 2, 2022

    Rogue Genesia update is available on PC(Steam). According to the official Rogue Genesia patch notes, the latest update added various tweaks and changes.

    Since the last Rogue Genesia patch, players are experiencing problems with the game. Today’s Rogue Genesia patch will fix a few of these issues.

    Check out more details below.

    Rogue Genesia Patch Notes – December 2, 2022

    Major Changes

    • Walk upon a shrine to benefit a powerful buff for 30 sec, they are rare structure generated over the world
      They will refill after 5 minutes
      There is 4 shrine at the moment:
    • Silph – Increase Movespeed by 40%, reduce dash cooldown by 50%
    • Jaäld- Increase Damage multiplier by 50%, Increase attack speed by 10%
    • Sola – Increase Experience gain by 100%
    • Luna – Increase Defence by 50% and damage mitigation by 20%
    Buff UI
    • A very requested feature, UI to track current buffs
      The UI display the buff duration, the number of stack as well as if it’s a buff or a debugg, there is no tooltip yet, but it planned for later on
    Specialised crate
    • different type of crate will spawn, each having guaranteed drops, Some will only appear in higher difficulties


    • Added some variant for object that spawn like tree and cactus
    • Chest indicator is now always drawn on top
    • Completing a time requirement in higher rank also unlock time requirement for lower rank (only for ENTIRE run completed, not just the zone)
    • Added precision that the teleported cactus is a plant in the achievement (so stop trying to teleport the cactus enemies for the achievement!)


    • Gold cactus?
    • Capped Swordrang and death scythe projectile lifetime to 30sec (especially for fractal)
    • Plexus’ Sadism nerfed: Reduced Corruption by per stage from 2 to 1.5, also reduced elite health by 25%, Increased bonus stat to 10%, added phoenix totem as starting artifact

    New Weapon Evolution

    • Fuuma Shuriken – Evolution of Kunai and Shuriken, Bounce off enemies

    New Soul-Card

    • Trigger Amulet – All weapons attack when you dash

    New Elite Ability

    • Rifted – When taking damage, have 25% chance to teleport in a random position around the player
    Reworked Character movements and collision

    Shouldn’t affect game-play much, I changed how the character movement is handled to avoid having the player going through objects simply by walking


    • Added back localised font (without major issues this time (I hope)) (and no I won’t add comic sans (maybe for first april?))


    • many card’s buff not being applied correctly
    • You can no longer load and save at 30 minute and 1 second to load back at 25minutes in survivors mode
    • removed “multiplier” to dash charges stats in card’s descriptions
    • F-rank survivors unlocking E-rank survivors achievement
    • Damage summary for Rift
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