Rocket League Known Issues, Bugs, and Fixes (Updated)

    Rocket League is now available to download on PS4, PS5, Xbox, and PC. Unfortunately, some players are experiencing issues, error codes, lag, crashes, and various bugs with the game. Today, we have compiled a list of Rocket League known issues, bugs, and how you can fix them.

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    Rocket League Bugs and known Issues

    • Controller suffers temporary loss of focus during the post-match celebration screen

    The “Allow All” in-game text chat option does not appear in the gameplay settings even if the User has the correct settings and requirements

    • The Distortion decal for Takumi takes on the secondary paint color
    • The SMAA anti-aliasing option does not function as intended, and players may not notice any anti-aliasing effects while it’s enabled
    • After a Competitive match and during the Celebration screen, controllers are unable to interact with the UI
    • The SMAA anti-aliasing option does not function as intended, and players may not notice any anti-aliasing effects while it’s enabled
    • The ‘Goop XS’ and ‘Goop SE’ Decals appear as placeholder textures
    • While viewing a Replay, the “Change Game Mode” menu cannot be navigated when using a controller
    • [PC] Focus on the game client is occasionally lost
    • Tumbling Blocks Decal is missing some icons
    • [Xbox One] Flashing lights on the ball may be too intense for some players
    • [PC] controller may randomly disconnect during gameplay
    • Some Wheels (Apex, Bionic, Patriarch, and ARMR) can not be equipped on some licensed cars like the Nissan Skyline
    • Entering text into the Support A Creator text box make cause Rocket League to soft lock for some players
    • Rarely, players may see Error 58 when trying to join an Auto Tournament match
    • The SARPBC Theme Player Anthem is muted when streamer safe is enabled
    • The grill on Painted Tygris cars may show as unpainted when some non-animated Decals are equipped

    [PC] When a party member leaves a tournament joined by the party leader, the party leader is rank disparity locked from the recently joined tournament while the remaining party members are closely ranked.

      • This can be fixed if the party leader leaves the party, and reforms
    • [PlayStation, Xbox] May fail to reconnect to PsyNet if launching Rocket League while offline
      • If this occurs, reboot your game or console after online connection has been established
    • [PlayStation 4] While playing with a full Splitscreen team in Chaos mode, Rocket League may crash at the end of the match
    • [Nintendo Switch] Players may experience lower FPS in the main menu
    • [Nintendo Switch] Accounts with high density inventy inventories (3000+ items) may experience a hang in the Car Customization Body tab
    • Party members may not successfully join a Tournament match
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