Roboquest Update 0.70 Patch Notes – Nov.2, 2021

Roboquest update 0.70 is now available to download on PC. According to the official Roboquest patch notes, the latest update addresses some bugs and crashes.


Previously, a major update added new changes, fixes, and gameplay improvmeents.

Unfortunately, players are still experiencing several issues since the release. Today’s Roboquest version will fix 0.70 a few of these issues.


Check out more details below.

Roboquest Patch Notes – November 2, 2021


We overhauled the perk system: instead of being able to level-up your perks, you’re now able to choose upgrades for them. This makes it way easier for us to balance and make the “base” perk fun, when we previously had to account for the fact that it could be leveled up (which could actually be damageable for that perk).

In addition, the new perk upgrades should make you feel more like you’re “building” or “specializing” your character in a specific direction, rather than simply “buffing” a perk.

Right now, each class has 12 different perks, each having a bundle of 3 to 4 upgrades specific to them. We’re thinking of increasing these numbers if needed.

There previously were about 45 different perks (15 per class). If we count the new upgrades as perks, there are now over 160 different choices (40 per class). This means we might have some balance issues, but this is something we’ll be monitoring closely.

You can have a maximum of 4 different perks in your run for now, we’ll adjust this number based on game lifespan, maximum level and number of perks per class.

We’re quite happy with this new system, but we’re eager to hear what you think about it as well.


Like we said in our previous dev update, we’ve never been really happy with any of our core systems.

Though, it is a necessary system for the player progression and we’re therefore trying a new iteration now.

‘Cores’ have been transformed into ‘Items’, you can equip and swap up to three of them, they grant stat bonus in different weapon categories and other specific bonuses.

We took this opportunity to also add a set of ‘corrupted’ items, which grant more powerful bonuses alongside debuffs. For now, you might find them a bit “bland” but we’ll be pushing some more ‘funky’ things once the dust settles around that.

We can’t wait to hear your comments about this new system! We’ll be reading them thoroughly.

Weapon Mods

We call a “mod.” (as in ‘module’), the new alternate fire system added to the game.

Weapons now have a chance to spawn with a mod. chosen among a random pool.

We’ve been wanting to add alternate fire for a long time now, since we realized weapons are funnier and more interesting in terms of build and play when they have one.

Though, we needed an idea to add one to all weapons, and to make it random in order to increase the replayability and build variations it offers. Affixes were just a first step in that direction and most of them only modify the primary fire most of the time anyway.

That’s why we added the new “mods” system. It is still an early iteration and we’ll add more content and funky stuff later down the road.

Please note that weapons with a native alternate function can’t have mods for now but we’ll find a way to incorporate them.


We completely reworked the ‘Fields’ level, both graphically and design-wise. We weren’t happy with the previous design for a long time but we needed time to rework it.

We wish you a happy discovery of that brand new ‘Fields’ level!

New Weapons

Three new weapons are coming into play!


A new boss is coming in the random pool of Act 1!

You should no longer be able to be at 0 health but not dead

• You can no longer open the perk selector during Boss intro cinematics

• Client players should no longer be stuck in the class selector after validating their choice

• Elemental effects are properly applied to ‘Laser Saw’ projectiles

• Channeling laser attacks now properly trigger “when taking damage” effects from your perks (like ‘Get Back’)

• Opening then closing the feedback menu while a tutorial panel is open no longer makes you able to shoot and move while the panel is still displayed

• The Repair-o-Bot now properly recharges all of your ability charges if you had several

• Opening and closing the main menu while in the tutorial no longer displays your ammo counter

• Player inputs are now properly disabled during boss intro cinematics

• Removed occurrences turning your weapons invisible

• Scoping with ‘Trigger Discipline’ will no longer remove the particle effect when unscopping the weapon

• Judgeball and other bosses should no longer be stuck indefinitely when colliding with deployed allies

• Assigning twice the same key to an action should properly display a red highlight on the conflicted bindings

• Scoping should now properly gather cells from afar for the client player

• Rail bot sounds is now played at the right location regardless of the random seed

• Fixed a crash in multiplayer when a player was picking up his brobot weapon

• Speculative Fix: Fixed an issue causing a crash when coming back to the Basecamp in multiplayer