RimWorld Update 1.3.3387 Patch Notes – June 7, 2022


RimWorld update 1.3.3387 (April 7, 2022) is now available to download on PC (Steam). According to the official RimWorld patch notes, the latest update cleans up some rough edges in Steam Deck, and expands the number of game modes that can use Ideology functionality. Apart from this, RimWorld patch 1.3.3387 also includes stability fixes.

Previously, a major update added a new Pen system, animal sterilization, new floor type, egg box, and much more. A hotfix was also released.

Unfortunately, players are still facing a number of issues with the game. Today’s RimWorld patch 1.3.3387 will fix a few of these issues.


RimWorld Patch 1.3.3387 Notes – Official

Steam Deck Improvements

  • Fixed multiple cases where on Steam Deck some keyboard shortcuts were mentioned
  • Commands now show “button A” glyph instead of “A” label on Steam Deck.
  • When architect search bar is focused on a Steam Deck and the on-screen keyboard is visible, move gizmos up so that they’re still visible.
  • Added “Keyboard mode” option on Steam Deck in case someone connects a keyboard to the SteamDeck.

Ideology Improvements

  • Drum and dance parties can be held in the “Ideology system inactive” mode. Party hard!
  • Relics system now works in “Ideology system inactive” mode. You can do the relic chase, quests build the reliquaries, and so on.
  • Colonists no longer get upset for delaying a ritual.
  • Colorized some ideoligion-related text in ritual trigger letter.
  • Negative thoughts related to not having enough scarification scars do not apply at very low expectations or lower.
  • “No slaves in colony” thought does not apply at “Very low” expectations or below.
  • Ritual opportunity letters are skipped for most rituals for the first 10 days of play.
  • Adjusted reliquary description.
  • Adjusted inspect pane and stat readout for relics in classic mode.


  • Updated player creative content.
  • Changed the nutrients needed for lavish vegetarian and lavish carnivore meals to 1.25 (previously 2.5).


  • Fix: Dismissing on-screen keyboard on SteamDeck doesn’t unfocus the text field.
  • Fix: Not all precepts are added to memes during fluid ideoligion development.
  • Fix: Malformed letters are sent to the player regarding ritual obligations that should not send letters.
  • Fix: Multiple funerals generating for ideoligions.
  • Fix: Word of serenity does not work on catatonic breakdown.
  • Some minor fixes to how ideoligions are generated.

Download free RimWorld update 1.3.3387 on PC (Steam).