RimWorld Update 1.3.3199 Patch Notes – Oct 24, 2021

    Yet another RimWorld update 1.3.3199 is now available to download on PC (Steam). According to the official RimWorld patch notes, the latest update added a variety of improvements and fixes to the game.

    Previously, a major update added a new Pen system, animal sterilization, new floor type, egg box, and much more. A hotfix was also released.

    Unfortunately, since the last patch, some players are still facing a number of issues with the game. Today’s RimWorld patch 1.3.3199 will fix a few of these issues.

    RimWorld Patch 1.3.3199 Notes – December 2, 2021

    Combat – Turrets

    • Mini-turret damage increased from 11 to 12.
    • Mini-turret accuracy increased: touch 0.7 -> 0.77, short 0.64 -> 0.7, medium 0.41 -> 0.45, long 0.22 -> 0.24.
    • Autocannon damage increased from 25 to 27.
    • Autocannon accuracy increased: touch 0.25 -> 0.28, short 0.65 -> 0.72, medium 0.6 -> 0.66, long 0.45 -> 0.5.
    • Uranium slug turret damage increased from 50 to 55.
    • Uranium slug turret accuracy increased: touch 0.2 -> 0.22, short 0.3 -> 0.33, medium 0.4 -> 0.44.
    • Mortar miss radius reduced from 10 to 9 (when playing without classic mortars active).
    • The accuracy of mortars is now related to a pawn’s shooting skill. Skill level 8 makes it the same as before. Higher skill will make the mortar more accurate, while lower skill will make it less accurate.
    • Turret ammo cost is no longer factored by difficulty.
    • Reduced uranium slug turret cost per shot from 3 uranium to 2.666.

    Combat – Enemies

    • Reduced termite mech’s thump cannon range from 25.9 to 24.9.
    • Added a way to make special per-faction raid strategy probabilities.
    • Adjusted mechanoid raid strategy probabilities so that late game they use breachers about 33% of the time instead of 90% of the time.
    • Breachers no longer want to attack passable player buildings. They only target impassable buildings like walls.
    • Changed termite thump cannon’s damage multiplier versus walls from 4x to 2x (so their damage versus walls dropped from 540 to 270). It now requires 2 shots from a termite to destroy a 300hp steel wall.
    • Changed breaching axe’s damage multiplier versus walls from 1 to 0.75 (so their damage versus walls drops from 75 to ~56).
    • Selection weight of the most recent raid faction is reduced by 60% when choosing a faction for the next raid.
    • Adjusted human factions’ raid strategy selection weights for slightly more variation.

    Food handling

    • We now vary meal textures depending on ingredients.
    • Food restrictions are automatically applied to pawns from ideoligions that require a specific food type.
    • Meals now look differently depending on whether they were made from vegetarian, carnivore, or mixed ingredients. This will help you manage stockpiles of food for pawns with different dietary demands.
    • Meal inspect strings now display information regarding their ingredients and who would accept eating them.
    • With Ideology active, colonists will not automatically merge meals with different food kinds (i.e. meat only or veg only).
    • Meal-related thoughts now display which meal caused the thought.
    • Added food restrictions for meat or veg only meals.
    • Added special thing filters for meat and veg ingredient-filled meals.
    • Add insect meat food restriction and special things filter.
    • Add cannibal food restriction and special thing filter.
    • Don’t apply ate meat thought if vegetarian eats human meat, allow strong cannibal precepts with meat eating negative precepts.

    Misc improvements

    • Reworked how tree-lovers respond to the destruction of trees to be smoother and more consistent. Tree Density ideo precept now has a mood penalty directly proportional to the number of destroyed trees, with no effect from biome.
    • Biosculpter inspect string now says which pawn and cycle will be run while pawn has job to enter in progress.
    • Add LookTarget to the cure message shown when using healer mech serum.
    • Restored the healing message displayed after using a healer mech serum.
    • Pawns can now install pre-built furniture even if it is incompatible with their ideo.
    • When you r-click on a biosculpter with a pawn selected, we now show biosculpter cycles’ durations in the context menu.
    • Biosculpter’s inspect pane readout now notes if biosculpting cycle is accelerated by precept (i.e. if the pawn is a transhumanist).
    • Show biosculpter cycle duration for both normal and transhumanist pawns in cycle button’s tooltip.
    • Some research now requires high tech bench: brain wiring, compact weaponry, neural supercharge, biosculpting, specialized limbs, poison synthesis.
    • Buildings in non-player non-hostile maps can no longer be claimed while there are members of the owner faction active.
    • Slaves are now worth 75% of colonists in terms of map wealth and population.
    • Terminals in worshipful villages now take 3 seconds to hack.
    • Changed slag steel chunk mass from 5 to 8 so it doesn’t weight less than the steel you get by smelting it.
    • Added a loading tip describing fixed wealth mode.
    • Total tend quality info is now only displayed if the hediff disappears after a certain level of tend quality (since it’s fairly useless otherwise).


    • Fix: Hood and torture crown have no armor ratings.
    • Fix: Transport pods built before last patch have 0 capacity.
    • Fix: Uninstalling and reinstalling a mortar resets its cooldown.
    • Fix: Caravan fails to leave map if roping pawn removed or mental break while animal still in pen.
    • Fix: Newborn animals from other factions don’t leave with faction.
    • Fix: High life precept description doesn’t properly display mood range.
    • Fix: Less-restrictive nudism precepts are inconsistent with allowed gear.
    • Fix: Autobong doesn’t satisfy smokeleaf dependence.
    • Fix: Special characters on named precepts can break UI.
    • Fix: Starting packaged survival meals can be made of ingredients not allowed by ingredient filters.
    • Fix: Tattoo artwork integration bugs.
    • Fix: Error message with def for smeltProducts.
    • Fix: Long range mineral scanner took 10x less work to build than similar structures.
    • Fix: Work speed penalty reasons formatting issues.
    • Fix: Remove gestation period stat for megaspiders and spelopedes, since they do not breed.
    • Fix: Slab bed doesn’t burn.
    • Fix: Potential nullref in CompAbilityEffect_StartRitual.
    • Fix: Drum party-related error when ticking AI lord.
    • Fix: Blood from scarification is from cutter, not cuttee.
    • Fix: Psyfocus ritual reward does not recharge psyfocus to max.
    • Fix: Trade price tooltip for selling bonus when player’s negotiator has ideo leader role.
    • Fix: Mortar draws interaction spot when selected.
    • Fix: If a hosted guest is imprisoned and enslaved, the gear he is wearing remains locked.
    • Fix: Paralytic Abasia pawn enslaved throws 10 jobs in one tick when emancipated.
    • Fix: Meals with no ingredients cause “ate non-meat” thought.
    • Fix: Player-provided saved game had a settlement with a non-functional trade button. It no longer refuses to trade.
    • Fix: Pawns grow at incorrect rate and do not reach adulthood at the age specified in relevant race defs.
    • Fix: Saving and loading repeatedly while doors are waiting to close can cause them to become stuck open.
    • Fix: Darkness pawns have a ‘outdoors lit’ accuracy debuff when targeting something in a cave.
    • Fix: Hauling items into stockpiles occasionally fails with a NullReferenceException. This affected emptying egg box job and possibly others.
    • Fix: Bestowing ceremony target is undraftable even after ceremony ended.
    • Fix: Hackables can be instantly hacked.
    • Fix: Autobong reduces consciousness of mechs.
    • Fix: Raiders attacking non-aggressive roamers.
    • Fix: Vegetarian pawns get mad eating vegetarian-made pemmican.

    Download free RimWorld update 1.3.3199 on PC (Steam).

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