Remnant From The Ashes Update 1.24 Patch Notes


Remnant from the Ashes update version 1.24 for PS4 and Xbox One is now available for players. According to the official Remnant update 1.24 patch notes, the latest update added the Swamps of Corsus DLC, a new game mode, and a long list of quality of life improvements. Apart from this, Remnant version 1.24 also includes various stability and performance improvements.

Recently, an update was released with various gameplay changes and bug fixes. Unfortunately, since this update, many players are experiencing several issues when trying to play the game.

Today’s Remnant version 1.24 is expected to fix these issues.


Remnant From The Ashes update 1.24 patch notes


Corsus Adventure Mode (DLC)

We’ve created a new Corsus biome unique to Adventure that revamps how you play the Swamps. This new Adventure is built separately from the Campaign Corsus and functions more like the other larger biomes of Earth, Rhom, and Yaesha. There’s lots to explore and plenty of secrets to discover! The size of the Corsus Adventure does not impact the size/length of the Campaign experience.

Corsus Campaign Update

We have also updated the Campaign Corsus by injecting new content (dungeons, enemies, bosses, and rewards) as well as given an old (rather large) friend an update! This keeps Corsus in Campaign the same size but refreshes it with a few new experiences. This is not part of the paid DLC, it’s completely free!

New Game Mode: Survival (DLC)

Added an entirely new way to play Remnant. It’s called Survival Mode!

Players arrive in the Labyrinth surrounded by mysterious Obelisk Vendors and a Corrupted World Stone in the center. You have nothing but a Pistol, a handful of a Scrap, and a will to live. Spend what you can at the Obelisks and then head through the World Stone to a random biome. Explore, Collect Gear to fill out your loadout, collect Survival Trait Tomes for stackable stat increases, and fight your way through each biome until you defeat the boss. Only then you can return to the Labyrinth to spend your hard-earned Scrap on Gear, Dragon Heart Upgrades, and Consumables.

Gear Obelisks (Purple) have a random inventory which refreshes every time you return to the Labyrinth, and the Upgrade (Orange) and Consumable (Green) Obelisks have ramping costs. Chests always guarantee a Purple Gear Item as well as a chance for a Survival Trait, Ammo, and extra Scrap. Elites and Special Enemies have a chance to drop Dragon Heart charges, Survival Traits, and Ammo. Killing Bosses automatically drops their Mods and Boss Weapons, but also cuts a chunk off the clock! Killing at least one boss grants a significant starting Scrap bonus upon returning. Killing multiple bosses in the same run awards a smaller Scrap bonus for each additional kill beyond the first.

There is no crafting in Survival. Players level up through EXP and gain Damage, Health, and Stamina automatically. The world automatically levels up over time so don’t take too long or the difficulty will become extremely oppressive! Time is against you… but don’t worry, the timer pauses in the Labyrinth on Normal and Hard difficulties!

Survival Mode is fully playable solo or in multiplayer, however, multiplayer comes with some special rules. Gear is NOT shared in Survival co-op. Players that pick up an item will be the only one to get that item, and their teammates will get a Scrap value from it instead. You will need to coordinate with your teammates to ensure that the whole team can get outfitted, otherwise, failure is imminent!

Of course, we didn’t forget about rewards! We’ve created 5 unique account-bound rewards for Survival Mode. Unlock them, then enjoy using them on any new character (outside of Survival Mode), including Hardcore! Plus, for every boss you kill, you will earn Glowing Fragments – a new currency for unlocking Armor Skins. The more World Bosses you kill, the larger your Glowing Fragment bonus will be!

New Difficulty: Apocalypse

Added Apocalypse Difficulty for all modes of play

Campaign /Adventure Difficulty Reward Adjustments

Increased Lumenite rewards for Boss Kills on Hard, Nightmare, and Apocalypse

Increased Scrap bonus for Hard, NM, and Apocalypse

Added small chance for Simulacrum reward for World Bosses on Nightmare and Apocalypse

Armor Skins (DLC)

Armor Skins added to the game

New NPC “Whispers” added to Ward 13

Bad Luck Protection

Added Bad Luck Protection to reduce streaks of similar quests/items/tile-sets

Auto-Equipping Mods

Added Mod Auto-Equipping when slot is empty



Reduced chances of dying when using a teleporter

Rhom Fire

Allowed Rhom Sun Gate Fire to be rolled off and cured by Revive and World Stone

Sweet Menu Updates

New Mode Selection and Difficulty Banners to make things look pretty!

Trait Toast Updates

Fixed an issue where Trait Toasts (+1 TRAIT!) wouldn’t appear for Hosts & Clients

Force Feedback / Controller Vibration

We did a complete Force Feedback Pass for all systems. For consistency and feel! This includes anything that previously had Force Feedback as well as things that did not have proper implementation.

Audio Input

Added option for Audio Input Device Selection for PC


Continued to better optimize performance on all consoles

General Description Text

Adjusted numerous text entries for clarity (Weapons, Gear Items, Mods, Traits, etc)


General Enemy Resistances Update

Reduced most enemy resistances

General Enemy AOE

Adjusted many AOE’s to allow dodging (some were unable to be i-Framed / Dodged)

Fixed an issue causing some AOE falloff damage to be incorrect (both player and enemies)

General Ranged Characters

Increased initial target acquisition time on all Ranged Soldier enemies

General Enemy Damage Types

Updated all improperly implemented damage types for a variety of enemy attacks

Root Cultist

Increased Health for certain difficulties

Wasteland Skulls

Lowered health bar to be more visible when close to player

Swamp Zombie

Reduced HP from 150 to 95

Swamp Zombie Crawler

Reduced HP from 100 to 70

DEVELOPER COMMENT: This goes along with Swamp Zombie. A few less HP to lessen the load.


Swamp Relentless

Increased size of head target when downed/regenerating

DEVELOPER COMMENT: Often when you would down a Relentless and try to shoot the head, you’d get the “resist” message We increased the size of the damageable area to clean this up.


Swamp Hound

Reduced Damage of Emerge Attack

DEVELOPER COMMENT: Swamp Hound’s Emerge Attack was doing too much damage. We reduced this to make it feel a bit more fair.


Pan Immolator

Reduced the size of AOE blast from 2.5m to 1.75m to better match the VFX

Prevented AOE from hitting through collision

DEVELOPER COMMENT: The Immolator AOE felt “cheap” when hitting through certain collision as well as connecting outside of the VFX range. Adjusted it so neither happen!


Pan Thundertusk

Enabled Evasion of Self-Detonation

DEVELOPER COMMENT: This fixes an annoying issue that prevented players from i-Framing (Dodging) the Tundertusk’s self-detonation effect.





Adjusted adds spawn behavior to appear after Gorefist enables his Mantle of Thorns effect

Adjusted total spawn behavior (instead of 2-3, he now spawns 2 initially, then 2 after a delay)


Adjusted Scald’s behavior to prefer to be a bit closer to the player(s)

Fixed an issue that prevented dodging Sear & Scalds AOE blast and avoiding “Burning”

Reduced Scald’s Crossbow Projectile damage by 80%

Adjusted AOE radius from 2.5m to 1.75m to better match the VFX

Prevented Scald’s AOE from hitting through collision


Adjusted add spawning behavior to reduce total amount of unique enemies at any one time

Added AOE damage falloff to Lighting Strikes


Removed Elite spawn that had a random chance to spawn


Can no longer receive Regenerator


Adjusted the Shield health value to be breakable at all difficulty levels

Added faster Radiation accrual for players standing inside the Shield

Adjusted EXP reward to match other mini-boss rewards


Can no longer receive Regenerator

Decreased the swing time of his post-teleport swipe attack

Reduced the AOE size of his teleport explosion to better match the VFX

Fixed an issue that would sometimes cause him to remain invisible for clients

Changed behavior so that he no longer constantly teleports during add phase

Changed his aggression level and attack pattern when low health

Changed add spawning behavior

Adjusted EXP and Scrap reward to match other mini-boss rewards


Increased penalty of being direct hit by Fireball from 1 to 3 Burning stacks

Fixed an issue that applied Burning even when evading the Fireball attack


Adjusted add spawns for SP and MP

The Unclean One

Removed Weakspot on head and replaced it with armor

Reduced overall health to compensate for removal of head Weakspot

Added Alternate Kill. GOOD LUCK!


Wisps will now break on Flicker Cloak instead of waiting until it breaks


Fixed a bug that would grant both kill variant rewards


Reduced width of Dreamer Ranged Slam Attack

Fixed an issue with both Dreamer Spin Attacks that caused it to do inconsistent damage

Nightmare now summons all players in co-op to the Nightmare Realm

Reduced the health buff in co-op per additional player from 0.85 to 0.6

Removed “Resist” text when shooting non-Weakspots while under effects of the Nightmare Buff

Fixed an issue with adds not spawning in Dreamer phase

Fixed an issue with MODS not being usable during the fight

Added Lumenite to quest reward table


Melee Update

Increased base Melee Damage by 50%

Armor, Status Resistance, Damage Resistance Update

Adjusted Armor Values, Status Resistance Values, and Damage Resistances

Mod Power Buildup

Mod Damage no longer generates Mod Power


Fixed issue where player could not vault out of roll (would just roll again)

Dragon Heart

Adjusted Dragon Heart activation time 2f earlier

Fixed a bug preventing Dragon Hearts from being used during recovery frames of Evades


Fixed a bug preventing Consumables from being used during recovery frames of Evades

Friendly Fire Damage

Increased Friendly Fire Damage on Hard from 25% to 50%

Increased Friendly Fire Damage on Nightmare from 25% to 75%

Set Friendly Fire Damage on Apocalypse to 100%

Advanced Stats: General

Adjusted advanced stats so they can properly show negative effects as well

Advanced Stats: Mod Power

Added Mod Power to advanced stats

Area of Effect(s)

Fixed an issue causing some AOE falloff damage to be incorrect (both player and enemies)

Damage Types

Properly split damage types among Ranged, Melee, and Mod behind the scenes

Mod Damage Types

Changed Mods to deal either Mod or Elemental Damage

Removed “Ranged” and “Melee” damage type from certain Mods

Burning / Bleeding Effects

All weapons and mods that add Burning / Bleeding can stack 3x total

Changed visualization of status effects on enemies (colors, stack value, time remaining)

Ping System

Reduced the co-op indicator duration (next to health bar) from 30s to 10s

Increased the Default Ping Duration from 3s to 7s



Adjusted aim speed scalar and zoom-in time for scoped weapons to ensure similar behavior

Adjusted Aiming Side Switch Delay from 0.2s to 0.1s

Melee Critical Chance

Adjusted the base critical chance for different weapon types (Sword/Spear 10%, Scythe 15%)

Repeater Pistol

Adjusted fire rate from 6.5 to 7.0

Magnum Revolver

Reduced post-fire Spread from 6.0 to 4.0

Increased Recoil Recovery from 0.4s to 0.2s

Increased damage from 63 to 65

Increased reload speed by 25%

Reduced Firing Sound Radius from 50m to 45m

Submachine Gun

Added minor amount of Weapon Sway after a 1s delay

Hunting Pistol

Increased Weakspot modifier from +110% to +120%

Reduced Firing Sound Radius from 40m to 35m

Hunting Rifle

Increased fire rate from 1.8 to 1.9

Increased Weakspot modifier from +105% to +110%

Reduced Firing Sound Radius from 40m to 35m


Increased reload speed by 10%

Increased fire-rate by 10%

Adjusted female fire animation to no longer distort while aiming up/down


Reloads both shells in one motion

Decreased reload speed by 5% (overall still faster due to single reload)

Reduced Firing Sound Radius from 40m to 35m

Reload end sound no longer plays twice.

Assault Rifle

Increased fire rate from 7.0 to 7.3

Chicago Typewriter

Reduced Stationary Initial Spread from 3.4 to 3.2

Reduced Moving Initial Spread from 3.5 to 3.4

Reduced Stationary Min Spread (after firing) from 0.8 to 0.65 (reticle gets tighter at max firing)

Reduced Moving Min Spread (after firing) from 0.85 to 0.8 (reticle gets tighter at max firing)

Reduced fire rate from 9.2 to 8.8

Increased reload speed by 13%

Increased Firing Sound Radius from 35m to 40m

Sniper Rifle

Increased Weakspot modifier from +115% to +120%

No-Scope Accuracy is now pin-point accurate

Changed No-Scope reticle to better represent the shot type

Reduced Bullet magnetism in no-scope by 20%

Reduced Scope magnification from 5x to 4x

Decreased the post-firing delay before reloading

Increased Firing Sound from 20m to 45m

Removed an extra reload sound playing on Reload Start


Adjusted post-firing lag before reloading (more responsive)

Increased fire rate slightly

Reduced reload speed by 15% to compensate for reduced post-firing lag and increased fire-rate

Increased Weakspot modifier from +100% to +110%

Reduced Ideal Range from 30m to 18m

Adjusted Primary Falloff Range to from 50 to 42m

Increased Secondary Falloff Range from 60m to 70m

Increased projectile size from 3cm to 4.5cm to make it slightly easier to hit targets

Reduced Firing Sound Radius from 40m to 15m (firing won’t alert unaware enemies > 15m if you miss)

Killing unaware enemies in 1-shot from beyond 15m won’t alert others if they are > 3.5m away

Ricochet Rifle

Removed projectile lifespan and instead added 4 total bounces (5 possible targets)

After all total bounces have occurred, projectile will immediately despawn

Reduced initial damage from 100 to 80 (but can hit for over 200 total)

Reduced capacity from 28 to 22

Increased Weakspot modifier from +100% to +120%

2nd bounce scales to 50% of base damage.

All remaining bounces scale to 85% of previous damage (i.e. 80, 40, 34, 29, 23 = 206)

After initial bounce (including geometry), will smart-pick another target within 10m

Capped vertical bounce range to 10 degrees when there is no bounce target within 10m

After initial enemy bounce, projectile slows slightly (so you can enjoy the ricochets!)

Reduced base Critical Chance from 20% to 5% to compensate for 4 “guaranteed” bounces

Changed reticle to better represent the shot type

Reduced Firing Sound Radius from 30m to 25m

Beam Rifle

Increased Weapon Capacity from 30 to 50

Increased Total Capacity from 180 to 200

Increased base damage from 13 to 20

Reduced fire rate from 5 to 4 (to compensate for base damage increase)

Reduced Ramp Up Increment from 0.4 to 0.3

Reduced Ideal Range from 20m to 15m

Adjusted Primary Falloff Range to match original values (40m)


Increased fire-rate from 8.5 to 9.3

Increased weapon capacity from 24 to 26

Increased total capacity from 144 to 156

Reduced Horizontal and Vertical Recoil

Reduced initial Reticle Size

Reduced spread per shot

Reduced reload speed by 13%

Added minor amount of Weapon Sway after a 1s delay

Flamethrower (MOD)

Reduced power requirement from 30 to 24

Increased total charges from 25 to 50

Reduced Firing Sound Radius from 30m to 10m


Increased reload speed by 15%

Increased impact scalar from 1.0 to 1.1

Reduced impact level against players by 1 (less staggering teammates)

Spore Shot (MOD)

Increased Power Requirement from 450 to 500

Reduced Max Charges from 3 to 2

Reduced projectile damage from 100 to 25

Reduced AOE damage from 50 to 25

Increased DOT from 8 to 12

DOT AOE slows all non-boss and non-worldboss enemies


Increased ideal range from 12.5m to 13m

Reduced Spread from 1.5 to 1.35

Reduced Firing Sound Radius from 40m to 35m

Radioactive Volley (MOD)

Reduced Power Requirement from 300 to 250

Reduced Charges from 5 to 3

Particle Accelerator

Reduced base damage from 80 to 70

Reduced base reload speed by 15%

Reduced Scope magnification from 4x to 3.5x

Gravity Core (MOD)

Adjusted Gravity Core Explosion to add damage per target beyond 1, then divide total num targets

(Deals 500 base. Adds 300 per additional target. 2 enemies take 400 each, 3 take 367, 4 take 350, etc)

Reduced Firing Sound Radius from 40m to 35m


Adjusted reticle scale to 1.0 from 2.0 (bug fix)

Reduced reload speed by 5%

Reduced Firing Sound Radius from 40m to 35m

Undying (MOD)

Added cooldown of 5 minutes upon revive (resets upon true death or touching a World Stone)

Added cooldown icon to show remaining duration until it becomes active again

Curse of the Jungle God

Increased fire rate from 3.5 to 4.0

Reduced damage from 28 to 25

Reduced reload speed by 13%

Reduced Firing Sound Radius from 40m to 20m

Increased Tracer Speed from 16000 to 28000 to better match the hitscan

Fixed incorrect scope magnification text from 2x to 2.3x (no functionality change)

Tentacle Shot (MOD)

Increased base damage of Tentacle from 60 to 75

Reduced Firing Sound Radius from 40m to 10m

Eye of the Storm

Increased Weakspot modifier from +105% to +110%

Increased Tracer Speed from 12000 to 24000 to better match the hit scan

Reduced Firing Sound Radius from 40m to 30m

Static Field Shot (MOD)

Increased base projectile damage from 40 to 65

Increased explosion damage from 100 to 165

Increased dual explosion damage from 200 to 325

Fixed a bug that prevented proper damage scaling based on Weapon Level

Reduced Firing Sound Radius from 40m to 20m

Hive Cannon

Added ability to trigger “on kill” proc effects with the AOE (like Jewel of the Black Sun)

Reduced Firing Sound Radius from 40m to 20m

Hive Shot (MOD)

Reduced Power Requirement from 600 to 500

Reduced Base Damage Potential (1 charge) from 356 to 330 (including impact damage)

Reduced the DOT time from 22.5 seconds to 12 seconds (300 over 12s instead of 326 over 22.5s)

Reduced Firing Sound Radius from 40m to 15m

Adjusted the projectile collision to better match the VFX


Reduced Ideal Range from 2500 to 2000

Increased Falloff Range to compensate for Ideal Range adjustment

Reduced Firing Sound Radius from 40m to 17.5m

Skewer (MOD)

Reduced Total Charges from 5 to 2

Increased Power Requirement from 750 to 1000

Instantly applies 3 charges of Bleed (up from 1)

Added Ghost Reticle (red dot) when an obstacle is in the way of projectile path

Reduced Firing Sound Radius from 40m to 25m

Reduced duration before projectile dissolve from 10s to 5s


Reduced Reticle draw size to better match actual spread value (was previously too large)

Reduced Initial Spread from 6.5 to 6.0

Reduced Firing Spread increment from 0.75 to 0.65

Increased Initial Spread Decay from 1.5 to 2.0 (shrinks faster on initial aim)

Increased Firing Spread Decay from 1.2 to 1.3 (shrinks faster post-fire)

Reduced Firing Sound Radius from 40m to 35m

Banishing Shot (MOD)

Reduced Firing Sound Radius from 40m to 5m

Removed initial damage on Banish projectile (was 10) to allow non-aggro banishes

Guardian Axe

Changed effect to “Generates 2x Mod Power per hit” (was previously 300% pre-melee buff)


Fixed an issue that caused basic attacks to proc Force Burst w/ Trait: Catalyst

Lost Harpoon

No longer triggers Power Strike when destroying breakables


Reduced base damage slightly (after universal 50% melee increase)

Changed so that each proc applies 1 stack of new updated universal Burning effect (stacks 3x)


Reduced Lifesteal value to balance with game-wide Melee Damage increase

[ MODS ]

Hunter’s Mark

Reduced Power Requirement from 1000 to 500

Reduced duration from 60s to 30s

Changed buff icon


Reduced Power Requirement from 750 to 500

Reduced damage buff from 20% to 15%

Reduced duration from 30s to 15s

Added buff icon when active

Wildfire Shot

Increased Power Requirement from 350 to 400

Reduced Impact Damage from 40 to 25

Single Charge instantly applies 3 stacks of Burning

Reduced Charges from 5 to 2 (deals 6 total stacks instead of 5)

Explosive Shot

Increased AOE damage from 170 to 240

Reduced Impact Damage from 130 to 25

Increased Power Requirement from 400 to 650

Reduced Charges from 5 to 3

Updated the radius text to accurately represent 4m range (was showing 3.5m – bugfix)

Mantle of Thorns

Increased min/max Melee Damage Reduction from 15/25 to 20/35

Flicker Cloak

Increased Power Requirement from 1250 to 1500

Reduced max shield percentage 150% to 100%

Reduced Duration from 60s to 10s

Ignores basic impacts (but not damage) for 0.35s on startup


Reduced duration from 20s to 15s

Increased Power Requirement from 500 to 750

Ignores basic impacts (but not damage) for 0.35s on startup

Fixed a bug that set the target reacquisition to 15 instead of 20m

Fixed a bug that allowed Swarm to attack (for 0 damage) through boss doors

Fixed a bug that caused mismatched casting speeds between Male and Female animations

Breath of the Desert

Reduced base damage per projectile from 30 to 25

Increased AOE damage from 20 to 25

Reduced Power Requirement from 750 to 550

Ignores basic impacts (but not damage) for 0.35s on startup

Fixed a bug that caused mismatched casting speeds between Male and Female animations

Blink Token

Made more responsive (starts and recovers much faster)

Ignores basic impacts (but not damage) for 0.35s on startup

Reduced the impact level on allies by 1

Iron Sentinel

Increased target acquisition time slightly

Will now properly receive the Elder Armor: Believer damage buff


Increased start-up and wind-down speed (starts and ends faster)

Enabled moving momentum on activation and deactivation (no longer roots you on start/end)

Moved up transition windows on ending state (move, aim, dodge, melee much faster)

Increased frequency of ranged lightning bolt strikes from 1 to 1.3 per sec

Increased size of AOE Damage Aura from 250 to 300

Increased frequency of AOE Damage Aura pulses from 3 per sec to 4 per sec

Decreased the stagger damage from the AOE from 4x to 2x due to increased frequency

Enabled manual cancel of Stormcaller by recasting it (consumes all remaining power)

Increased movement speed from 450 to 650

New status effects can no longer be applied to caster while Stormcaller is active

Added text to represent the 50% damage reduction while active

Added a fall damage and instakill damage check so players cannot avoid fall or “fail” death types

Changed buff icons while active

Veil of the Black Tear

Increased Blowback (Activation) Damage from 10 to 150

Increased minimum duration from 4s to 5s


Increased projectile speed from 1500 to 1800

Added target leading so Skulls can hit moving targets

Corrosive Aura

Increased Blowback (Activation) Damage from 10 to 150

Reduced Range from 10m to 4.5m

Adjusted VFX to match range of Aura

Reduced Damage Values from 20/40 to 15/30

Song of Swords

Buff now applies to Summons

Increased Blowback (Activation) Damage from 10 to 150

Reduced Damage Values from 15/30 to 10/20

Increased range from 20m to 25m

Changed buff icon

Howler’s Immunity

Updated text to reference all allies instead of all heroes (since it applies to Summons)


Updated text to clarify they don’t affect “powerful enemies”



Updated all damage boosts from armor to be applied as multiplicative

Increased armor values for most armors (lighter armors received a larger increase)

Readjusted resistance values (plus/minus) to not be as extreme up or down


Added Adventurer Goggles! (4 Armor, 2 Weight)

Increased Chest/Leg total Armor from 20 to 27

Reduced Chest/Leg total Weight from 14 to 12

Treasure Hunter Single Perk: Increased Scrap Boost from 10% to 20%


Fixed a bug that allowed multi-proc on certain substances/characters

Increased total Armor from 28 to 35

Increased total Weight from 15 to 17


Opportunist Single Perk: Removed 15% Crit (which required Perfect Dodge)

Opportunity Single Perk: Added Slight Evade Window increase (2f)

Opportunist Set Bonus: Increased 1-PC from 5% to 7.5%

Opportunist Set Bonus: Increased 2-PC from 10% to 15%

Opportunist Set Bonus: Increased 2-PC from 20% to 30%

Opportunist Set Bonus: Increased duration from 7s to 10s

Increased total Armor from 36 to 38

Reduced total Weight from 24 to 20


Believer Single Perk: Removed 50% ally heal on Dragon Hearts (moved to Mender’s Charm)

Believer Single Perk: Added 25% chance to not consume Dragon Heart (from Mender’s Charm)

Believer Set Bonus: Increased buff duration from 10s to 20s

Believer Set Bonus: Increased buff range from 30m to 40m

Believer Set Bonus: Properly applies to Mod: Iron Sentinel

Replaced placeholder icon with the appropriate Believer skill icon

Increased total Armor from 32 to 41


Sharpshooter Single Perk: Removed static 15% Weakspot Damage

Sharpshooter Single Perk: Added a flat Ideal Range boost for all weapons (2m)

Sharpshooter Set Bonus: Changed Set Bonus to an always-active Weakspot Damage Boost (up to 50%)

Increased total Armor from 34 to 42


Increased total Armor from 35 to 43


Wanderer Single Perk: Removed 50% Standing Aim Movement Speed

Wanderer Single Perk: Added 15% Stamina Regen Speed

Wanderer Set Bonus: Increased values from 10/20/35% to 15/25/40% stamina cost reduction

Increased total Armor from 47 to 52

Increased total Weight from 31 to 32


Assassin Set Bonus: Reduced Damage Bonus from 10/15/35% to 7.5/10/30%

Increased total Armor from 48 to 53

Increased total Weight from 32 to 34


Bloodlust Set Bonus: Increased 1-PC from 7.5% to 10%

Bloodlust Set Bonus: Increased 2-PC from 15% to 20%

Bloodlust: Fixed bug of increasing all incoming DMG to target (includes all other players)

Increased total Armor from 51 to 56


Challenger Single Perk: Removed 20% Stagger Boost

Challenger Single Perk: Added 15% incoming damage reduction against enemies within 5m

Challenger Set Bonus: Increased 3-piece damage boost from 25% to 35%

Increased total Armor from 52 to 57


Regrowth Single Perk: Reduced Lifesteal value from 3% to 2.5%

Regrowth Set Bonus: Increased 1-PC from 0.28 to 0.304 HP per sec

Regrowth Set Bonus: Increased 2-PC from 0.333 to 0.375 HP per sec

Regrowth Set Bonus: Increased 3-PC from 0.417 to 0.56 HP per sec

Increased total Armor from 63 to 67


Momentum Set Bonus: Increased buff duration from 2.0s to 2.5s

Increased total Armor from 60 to 69


Power Transfer Single Perk: Removed Slight Evade Window

Power Transfer Single Perk: Added 30% Standing Aim Movement Speed

Power Transfer Set Bonus: Increased stacks from 3 to 5

Power Transfer Set Bonus: Reduced from 2.5%, 5.0%, 10.0% (max 30%) to 1.5%, 3%, and 5% (max 25%)

Power Transfer Set Bonus: Changed icons for Damage and Defensive buff to be more clear

Power Transfer Set Bonus: Can no longer be triggered by DOTS

Increased total Armor from 69 to 70 (MASSIVE BUFF!!!)


Juggernaut Single Perk: Increased Damage Mod from 5% to 15%


Gunslinger’s Charm

Increased Fire Rate from 10% to 15%

Reduced Reload Speed from 25% to 20%

Butcher’s Fetish

Changed activation from Melee Crit to Melee Charge Attack

Added 15% Crit Chance (lasts 10s)

Rock of Anguish

Reduced speed boost from 20% to 15%

Reduced reload speed boost from 50% to 25%

Increased duration from 5s to 10s

Mender’s Charm

Removed chance to not consume Dragon Heart (now on Elder Armor)

Dragon Hearts heal nearby allies for 50% effectiveness (old Elder Armor)

Increased self-healing effectiveness boost from 25% to 50%

Cleansing Jewel

Ensured the effect still works when a Dragon Heart is used by an ally with Elder’s Armor

Galenic Charm

Removed Mod Power generation when taking damage.

Added 30% Weapon Mod Damage Boost

Vengeance Idol

Reduced activation requirement from 25% Health to 50% Health

Reduced damage buff from 50% to 30%

Now includes Summons (boosts Minion Damage)

Twisted Idol

Increased Armor boost from 25% to 30%

Pocket Watch

Increased Stamina Cost reduction from 15% to 20%

Increased Stamina Regen from 15% to 20%

Soul Anchor

Increased Duration from 50% to 100%


Jewel of the Black Sun

Increased duration from 10s to 15s

Increased DMG per stack from 5% to 6%

Reduced Stacks from 4 to 3

Band of Accord

Increased Ammo Boost from 15% to 25%

Changed Ammo Sharing behavior

Fixed an issue where ammo sometimes wasn’t being shared

Devouring Loop

Increased proc chance from 5% to 6%


Reduced from 60% to 30%

Hunter’s Halo

Changed range boost from 20% to 4m (flat)

Hunter’s Band

Increased Weakspot damage bonus from 25% to 30%

Band of Strength

Changed activation from Melee Kill to Charge Melee Attack (100% chance)

Increased stack count from 3 to 4

Reduced buff per stack from 10% to 5% (max 20%)


Changed so that it applies 1 stack of new updated universal Bleed effect (which stacks 3x)

Changed activation from Melee Crit to Charge Melee Attack (100% chance)

Ring of Supremacy

Reduced damage buff from 25% to 20%

Buff icon properly displays when active

Empowering Loop

Reduced damage buff from 30% to 25%

Reduced fire rate penalty from 20% to 15%

Akari War Band

Reduced the Crit Damage from 30% to 15%

Increased Buff Duration from 7s to 10s

Provisioner’s Ring

Doubled the speed of the reload effect

Storm Amulet

Now only affects Shock Damage

Stone of Balance

Increased Ranged/Melee bonus from 10% to 15%

Braided Thorns

Increased Duration from 6s to 10s

Ring of the Admiral

Now includes Summons (boosts Minion Damage)

Leech Ember

Reduced Lifesteal value to balance with game-wide Melee Damage increase

Nightmare Spiral

Reduced healing effect from 4.5 to 2.0



Adjusted reward curve for all Irons

Resource Trading

Reduced Ace’s vendor Refresh Timer from 30m to 20m

Added ability to convert Higher Quality Irons to Lower Quality Irons

Boss Weapon Upgrade Cost

Reduced the total amount of Lumenite required to max a Boss Weapon from 73 to 40

Adjusted the Scrap costs of upgrading Boss Weapons to be less at lower levels, more at higher level


Frenzy Dust

Fixed a bug that granted 25% Reload Speed & Fire Rate (now gives listed 20%/15%)


Elder Knowledge

Reduced to 20% MAX (was 40%)


Increased Crit Chance from 20% to 25%


Reduced Crit Damage Boost from 50% to 25%


Reduced from 25% to 20%

Cold as Ice

Reduced damage from 15% to 10%

Keeper’s Blessing

Reduced from 20% to 10%


Wasteland Goodboy

Cured Wasteland Goodboy’s Scrap Sickness

Increased fluffiness of Wasteland Goodboy’s carpet/bedding

Other Fixes

  • Addressed crashing issues.
  • Addressed framerate drop issue
  • Fixed stuttering and lag issues.
  • Added performance and stability improvements.
  • Other minor under the hood fixes.

Remnant update 1.24 is now available for download on PS4 and Xbox One.