Patch Notes

Rec Room VR Update 1.20 released with a new Merch Booth


Rec Room VR update 1.20 is now available for PSVR. According to the official Rec Room VR 1.20 changelog, this patch includes bug fixes and improvements. In addition, Rec Room VR version 1.20 also addressed an issue that was making reloaders hard to grab in Laser Tag. Also, fixed an issue where health bars were in the wrong place in Laser Tag. There’s a new  Merch Booth at the Rec Center – after experimenting with the ticket system at Laser Tag, devse expanding the experiment.

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Rec Room VR update 1.20 Changelog

  • There’s a new Merch Booth at the Rec Center – after experimenting with the ticket system at Laser Tag, we’re expanding the experiment to the Rec Center!
  • You can now earn Recreation room for completing your first activity each day.
  • Spend Tokens at the Merch Booth. If you’ve been playing Laser Tag Merch Booth, you’ll know how to do this. Basically, laser point on item to buy it (you must have enough tokens).
  • If you already own the stuff on display, consider buying a “star box”. Each star box wants to contain something that you do not already have.
  • This is a limited time experiment – our goal is to “see how it goes” and learn. So give it a try and let us know what you think, how we can make it better, etc. If this goes well we’ll likely make it the main way to get stuff. and you’d get tokens instead).

This one is for our custom room builders:

  • New Circuits system – you can now add logic and behavior to your Custom Rooms by wiring things together with Circuits.
  • You make and edit circuits using the maker pen . There’s a new “Chips” menu, and a new “Connect” tool that does the heavy lifting. You can also use the “Edit” tool to customize various settings inside chips.
  • Circuits are visible only to Hosts by default. The owner of the room can set them to “invisible” or “visible to everyone”.
  • Q & A opportunities for those who want to dig into circuits. Please note that Circuits are not for the faint of heart! This is an early version, so there’ll be bugs and incompleteness. We absolutely apologize for any frustration!
  • There’s new stuff in the sandbox machine
  • Many items can now be connected to circuits (eg, all the goals). You can lock or unlock the Boom Box. There’s a button (it’s like the Charades button, but it’s improved and you can connect it to a circuit …). There’s a sign that you can drive with a circuit. Yes the goals still say “goal!” Every time you hit them. Yes we’ll fix that =]
  • We’re just getting started on circuit-enabled stuff. Let us know what else you need to build the things you want to build.
  • Custom Room Backups – We’ve started to keep up to 10 backups of your Custom Room Savings on the server.

Thing a lot of you have asked for:

  • New ambient volume slider in Settings – you can now control the level of ambient sound in any room. This is for our players who dislike birdsong and the gentle tinkling of fountains.

For PS4:

  • We have changed the way we handle whiteboards / sticky notes / etc. This change should make you look much more readable (ie, higher resolution) on PS4!

Bug fixes:

  • Paintball / Laser Tag – fixed a bug where grenade hits could be attributed to the wrong player.
  • Quest – fixed a bug where potions could kill you!
  • Quest – fixed a glitch with the mini-witch projectiles
  • Disc Golf – fixed issue causing a team disc malfunction
  • Fixed a bug where your face could go missing in selfies: – / We apologize for the loss of face.