Ready or Not February Update Patch Notes (Official) – February 4, 2022

    Ready or Not January update is now rolling out on PC (Steam). According to the official Ready or Not game patch notes, the latest update added a long list of bug fixes and gameplay changes.

    Previously, a minor update was with tweaks and fixes. Unfortunately, since the last patch, players are experiencing issues with the game.

    Today’s RON patch will fix a few of these issues.

    Ready or Not February 4 Update Patch 1



    • Hide Supporter verification code if not a Supporter
    • Lock Roll and Pitch rotation for characters (causing titled character bug)


    • Potential crash fix on host migration
    • Multiple crash fixes
    • Fixed NVG offset on helmet (fixes floating headwear)


    • Performance profiler capture from settings menu (may have contributed to overall performance loss)



    • FBI HRT ballistic shield matches regular ballistic shield hitbox dimensions


    • Fixed an issue where interaction would not work sometimes
    • Fixed an issue where evidence items would not be recoverable if an evidence bag is covering the interaction point
    • Potential fix for items not equipping if said item’s class was not loaded
    • Fixed an issue where a grenade could be released whilst in low ready
    • Fixed an issue where grenades could sometimes go geometry (walls, doors, etc)
    • Fixed an issue where trap cables would not sometimes simulate properly
    • Fixed pistol equipped with shield disappearing and reappearing on alternating frames
    • Fixed an issue where the hand could be shot while using the FBI HRT ballistic shield



    • Spawn blood effects when hitting players



    • Improved line of sight checks to reduce instances of AI seeing their enemies through walls


    • Multiple crash fixes for AI
    • Fixed an issue where AI would not use their unalerted/alerted perception logic (only triggered by noise)



    • Fixed an issue where equipped player gear would occasionally not display on paper doll.



    • Scale relevant AI tick rate based on distance



    • Replication performance (Hosts should now have a considerable performance boost, especially in full lobbies)


    • Fixed an issue where an objective status would not sync when migrating hosts
    • Various networking fixes and improvements



    • Increased SBR-300 damage
    • BCM MK1 fire rate now matches HK416’s fire rate


    • Fixed MP5 mag in and mag out using wrong sounds
    • Fixed ATACR optic not having secondary tilt for SR16


    • Physics items (shells, grenades, taser doors, projectiles) now have character interaction disabled
    • Removed pawn interaction physics off incapacitated humans


    • Slight attenuation bump to C2 and beanbag shotgun
    • Prevent certain weapons from severely blowing out mix
    • Weapon fire can now be heard from a greater distance than before


    • Updated Korean translations


    • Fixed buzzer sound playing when shooting the civilian target when timer was not running
    • Coffee Machine nasty bugs cleanout:
    • Fixed an issue where non-host players could not interact with the machine
    • Fixed an issue where the coffee machine could deadlock forever if interaction was spammed
    • Fixed an issue where interaction spam and network latency could cause multiple coffee cups to be spawned at once
    • Fixed an issue where the coffee drinker could still interact with the machine whilst drinking their beverage
    • Fixed an issue where coffee machine SFX would not play for clients
    • Fixed an issue where the coffee machine would not reset when cup is left unattended beyond its max allowed time limit (causing deadlocked coffee machine)
    • Fixed an issue where interacting with unrelated parts of the coffee machine would trigger other parts of the coffee machine (especially when interaction is spammed)

    Wenderly Hills Hotel — ‘Checkin’ In’


    • Add static TV sound source to bar


    • Reduced suspects on Raid


    • Hotel briefing audio


    • Fixed multiple sound sources not playing

    213 Park Homes — ‘Twisted Nerve’


    • Reduced AI unalerted sight range on meth
    • Blocking volumes to backgarden of fumigated house (fixes falling into the void)


    • Outside AI spawns on Raid

    4U Gas Station — ‘Thank You, Come Again’


    • Added main room radio tune to Gas

    Download free Ready or Not update on PC (Steam).

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