Icarus Update Patch Notes (21 New Armor Attachments) – August 19

A new Icarus August update is available to download on PC (Steam). According to the official Icarus patch notes, the latest update added 21 new Armor Attachments to the game. Apart from this Icarus update 37 also includes a long list of bug fixes and gameplay changes.

Unfortunately, since the last major update, players are facing several issues. Today’s Icarus patch will address a few of these errors.

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Icarus Patch Notes – August 19, 2022

New Armor Attachments

21 new Armor Attachments have been added to the alteration benches, alongside our 25 melee and weapon attachments from two weeks ago. These are similarly tiered with 9 available at Tier 3 under the ‘basic’ category, 9 ‘Advanced’ options at Tier 4 and the 3 ‘Special’ alongside them.

These attachments are:

  • Supplemental Respiration Attachment
  • Storm Visor Attachment
  • Supplemental Filtration Attachment
  • Calibrated Grip Attachment
  • Aerodynamic Attachment
  • Rubberized Attachment
  • Noise Suppression Attachment
  • Pockets Attachment
  • Plating Attachment
  • Tracking Attachment
  • Nutrition Attachment
  • Recovery Attachment
  • Advanced Supplemental Respiration Attachment
  • Advanced Storm Visor Attachment
  • Advanced Supplemental Filtration Attachment
  • Advanced Calibrated Grip Attachment
  • Advanced Aerodynamic Attachment
  • Advanced Rubberized Attachment
  • Advanced Noise Suppression Attachment
  • Advanced Pockets Attachment
  • Advanced Plating Attachment

New Content

  • Creating Armor Attachment items, adding to datatables
  • Adding new Gameplay Tags for Different Armor Attachments
  • Added Armor Alteration item alteration stats, text and flavor text
  • Added new destructible mesh for T4 Alteration Bench with reduced tri count
  • Adding recipes and talents for armor attachments
  • Resaved talent editor to resolve data validation issue
  • Adding Tech for Armor, Ranged & Deployable Attachments
  • Setting up Armors to have Attachment slots
  • Adding Tag queries for individual armor attachment slots
  • Adding Various helper functions to retrieve attachment slots and if items can be attached to others
  • Added smoke to fireplace chimneys while the fireplace is active
  • Adding Stat for Pneumonia Resistance, which reduces the Afflication Chance from the Underground Modifiers
  • Hooked up new additional stats to armor alterations
  • Adding Virtual Stat Calculation for Pneumonia resistance
  • Fixing issue where attachments on armor pieces where not applying their stats to players correctly
  • Adding new UI to Attachment Item hovers that present styalised icons on what type of items they can be attached to
  • Added Armor attachment icons. They have not been added to the data table yet
  • Adding Alteration Icons and Attachment Icons for the Armor Attachments and Alterations
  • Added Item Icon Types under UI Icons folder
  • Adding Attachment Icons for Attachment popups
  • Fixed recipes for advanced armor alterations
  • Adding new UI to recipes so what items the attachment can be attached to is shown on both the recipe and item popup itself
  • Rebalanced talent changes for more streamlined decision making, with investments in the same talent being more worthwhile. – Changed crossbow innate effect to attacks cause slow, instead of pinning, this is a longer lasting effect that will provide a more consistent bonus
  • Adding Icons for Armor Alteration Tech Tree Packs
  • Adding in base datatable setup for the Bioled leather armor set, currently in the data tables as hard leather, entries are just a copy of the base leather set until we do a stat and recipe pass, missing dynamics on the chest piece which will be in the next pass


  • Replaced a flammable check with verbose logging that was causing clients on dedicated server development builds to crash
  • Fix a couple of issues which were causing some dialogue audio and subtitles to play twice or more in a row for clients
  • Added an auth check to the base travel quest’s overlap event, as previously this meant clients could trigger duplicate dialogue on themselves when they arrived at a quest destination
  • Removed NetMulticast from the TriggerPooledDialogue function, as this calls a second function which is also an RPC and could result in duplicated function calls on clients
  • Add new Durable entry for Target Dummy with 10x increase of hit points
  • Refactored dialogue ZEPHYR_002 to work with new subtitle timing system, subtitles should match closer with voice acting
  • Set Target Dummy and Target Bullseye to use new higher durability row
  • Fixed an issue with the fireplace chimney cap not generating smoke when placed above a chimney extension
  • Ensured chimney smoke is properly active when reloading prospects
  • Doubled Vapor Condensor inventory capacity to ensure rewards are not limited by inventory availability
  • Disabling unused Outpost/Map content from the game to reduce game size and build times
  • Added self valid check to FLODFISMComponent tick to try fix physics crashes while the player is travelling
  • Added a FLOD valid check to FlammableTarget to fix crashes related to fire spreading
  • Replaced a code verify with an ensure in FireInstanceBase to improve FLOD debugging while in the editor
  • Electric Extractor stays active after removal of the generator it is attached to after relog, ensure energy networks register correctly on reload, this prevents possible exploits with picking up the generator on an active network
  • Renaming CriticalStrongPointDamage Stat to be HardenedPointDamage
  • Adjusting Critical Hit Damage Calculation so the CriticalHit Stats are used as a Plus Percent instead of a Percent
  • Adjusting Player Critical Hit Base stat to be lowered from 400 -> 300 – Damage works out to be the same as previous, but each point from critical hits from talents / tools is now more impactful
  • Adjusting Player HardenedPointDamage stat from 25 -> -75 to work with critical system changes, the values work out to be the same as before
  • Crossbows now all have the innate stat of AttacksCauseImmobilise_% with a value of 25
  • Adding Crossbow Innate Stats (AttacksCausePin & HardenedPointDamage)
  • Committing missing source files for Virtual Stats and Actor State which was breaking the build and the critical hit changes
  • Fixed typo in the Crushed Bone description
  • Updating Stats on Talents – Soft Spot I, Soft Spot II, Deadly Thrust I, Deadly Thrust II, and Deadly Stab to make them worthwhile
  • Fixed rifle rounds, incendiary rifle rounds, and pistol rounds using the wrong collision asset when fired; shots fired using these ammo types should now be significantly more accurate (this won’t affect intentional weapon / movement inaccuracies)
  • Updating Target Range Mission to include an ‘Essentials’ Chest with Food / Oxygen / Water
  • Fixing locations of Essentials Chest on Target Range Mission, and updating contents
  • Update Tracker head attachment to grant +15% critical damage, instead of radar scanning speed
  • Removing Attachment Slots from Workshop Armor

Future Content

  • Duplicated SW cave floors for GL, added no moss material instances
  • Added 6 variations of small ivy assets for dressing the MegaTrees
  • Added 6 variations of large ivy assets for dressing the MegaTrees
  • Added 6 variations of hanging ivy assets for dressing the MegaTrees
  • Added 6 variations of medium ivy assets for dressing the MegaTrees
  • Submitting Predator bird, carcass and textures
  • Added an extra check to row handle generation for cases where the formatting on certain code files are incorrect
  • Clients on dedicated servers now have authority over the positioning of their deployable ‘ghost’ preview actor; Deployable preview meshes are no longer laggy for clients. Preview mesh positions for both Deployables and Cables are now interpolated for remote players, meaning that watching another player place a deployable/cable looks less choppy
  • Cliff pass in volcanic biome and landscape sculpting, Purple Quad, DLC
  • Swamp Cliff Pass, Blue Quad, Prometheus
  • Added Riverbank and Sculpted Landscape on Green Quad, DLC Map
  • Geothermal pools – added meshes for spline tool and lake floors
  • Added RiverBank Spline tool
  • Clients on dedicated servers are now authorative of their own building placement hologram. Rate limited several building placement server RPCs to reduce network traffic when clients are building. Interpolated building placement hologram positions for remote players, placement should appear a lot smoother now regardless of network connection quality
  • Added a blueprint containing the Ivy positioned on the Mangrove tree
  • BP Setup for Mangrove Var1
  • Updated verson2 of the Drop Ship destructible mesh with optimised material IDs
  • Added Blueprints for all 4 variants and all 4 colours of CF_Aspen
  • Geothermal banks – added additional internal rock meshes, plus variations of spline mesh. Tweaks to materials. LOD/Collision pass on all meshes
  • Added to project version 2 of the full Drop Ship static mesh with the legs in the correct orientation
  • Cliff pass in volcanic biome, cave placement and landscape sculpting, Purple Quad, DLC
  • Added Riverbank and Sculpted Landscape on Green Quad, DLC Map
  • Swamp Cliff Pass, Blue Quad, Prometheus
  • Adding first pass M creature footsteps and animation notifiers and data table entry
  • Added a WaterSetup row config to the River tool so we can create lava rivers
  • Geothermal Pools – 2 more variants, plus revision of first one to use same texture set as the bank meshes
  • Updates to the M creature footsteps, animation notifiers and test map
  • Added TU_TussockA with 3 variants
  • Reimported LavaRiverFlowB, rotated on Z axis
  • Added Lava MA and MI, Added Lava Flow Point BP and MA, Setup WT_River Spline for Lava
  • Geothermal banks – renamed spline meshes, added additional variants, tweaks to material. Added island mesh
  • Added option to use UV1 on secondary normals for rocks to reduce distortion
  • Cliff pass in volcanic biome, cave placement and landscape sculpting, Purple Quad, DLC
  • Added Riverbank and Sculpted Landscape on Green Quad, DLC Map
  • Swamp Cliff Pass, Blue Quad, Prometheus
  • Added baby moa base setup and assets for prototype implementation
  • Add missing Lava row to D_WaterSetup (placeholder) to fix river spline construction
  • geothermal banks – added 2nd UV channel to spline meshes and mesh08, adjusted detail normal settings in material
  • Added Riverbanks and Moved Macros on Green/Purple Quad, DLC Map
  • Updated the minimap images for Outpost 2/3/5 with clearer ingame renders
  • Grasslands Decals – added FT and materials for cliffs, erosion rock blend, stones light
  • Added option to hide arrow on WT_LavaFlow and tweaked variables for ease of use
  • Adding M Creature idle nip vocal movements
  • First implementation of creature taming mechanics
  • Tundra Decals – first pass on Transition and Moss
  • Swamp Cliff Pass, Blue Quad, Prometheus
  • Cliff pass in volcanic biome, lava river and flowpoints placement and landscape sculpting, Purple Quad, DLC
  • Added Riverbank and Sculpted Landscape on Green Quad, DLC Map
  • Added SW_Mangrove_FallenTrunk_Hollow_Var1 to 5 with CAC maps and normals

Currently, Icarus servers are down on PS(Steam). Check Icarus server status here.

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