RE Resistance Update 1.08 Patch Notes


RE Resistance version 1.08 is now rolling out on PS4. According to the official RE Resistance update 1.08 patch notes, the latest update added quality of life improvements. Apart from this, RE Resistance patch 1.08 also includes performance and stability improvements.

Recently, a minor update was released with tweaks, balancing and more. Unfortunately, many players are still experiencing several issues while playing the game online. Today’s RE Resistance 1.08 is expected to fix a few of these issues.

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What is new in RE Resistance update 1.08?

Resolved Issues

  • Resolved an issue where the effect of the Power Limiter Mod skill card did not reset correctly at the end of a match when included in the Mastermind’s deck, causing it to reduce the Mastermind’s ultimate skill cooldown by a greater amount than intended.
  • Resolved an issue where the game would occasionally crash when Jill used the HOT DOGGER.
  • Resolved an issue where the game would occasionally crash if the Mastermind continued to attempt to place creatures in the map after the creature limit had been reached.
  • Resolved an issue where activating the Mastermind’s ultimate skill would subtract Bio Energy equal to the cost of the most recently used skill card.

Balance Adjustments


  • Increased the cost of First Aid Spray, Infection Treatment Spray, and Enhancing Spray when purchased from the Armory using Cyber Monday’s “Pharmacy” skill variant.

Download RE Resistance patch 1.08 on PlayStation 4.