Patch Notes

Rainbow Six Siege Update 1.46 released, Read What’s New and Fixed


Rainbow Six Siege update 1.46 is now available for download. The new Rainbow Six Siege 1.46 comes with various fixes and game improvements. Today’s new Rainbow Six Siege version 1.46 update has fixed a bug where players were facing game crashes when they select the Outbreak Collection tab. Check out more details below.

Recently, the big Operation Chimera update was released with two new operators, three Player Coop Gameplay, five types of infected hostiles, three New Coop Levels, and much more. However, players reported various issues with this update.

Update: Rainbow Six Siege update 1.47 is now available. Read full patch notes here.


Rainbow Six Siege Update 1.46 Changelog


  • Rainbow Six Siege version 1.46 addressed an issue where players were facing game crashes when they select the Outbreak Collection tab.
  • Fixed where VIP Discount not occurring.
  • Fixed disconnections issues.
  • Rainbow Six Siege 1.46 fixed where some players have seen that, after looting an Outbreak Pack, they return to the inventory screen and it seems as if some Outbreak Packs are missing.
  • Fixed a bug where Outbreak crashes when launching.

Known Issues


  • Players are unable to use VOIP in some situations.
  • Thermite’s voice lines cut out during the intro cinematic on Junkyard A.
  • Game audio continues during the “death” cinematic.
  • In some situations, the squad leader does not follow the party when starting a session.
  • If a player leaves the mission during a transition from part A to part B, shaders will not load.
  • Universal Icon is present on the description of the Retro Steel and Outbreak Code Red Seasonal weapon skins when presented on the “Unseen Items” pop-up that you receive when your Outbreak Pack opening is interrupted. Both of these weapon skins are Seasonal, and only available for Operators that are in the game at the time of Operation Chimera’s launch.

Damascus Steel Weapon Skin (Updated)

Those of you who purchased the Year 3 Pass prior to March 6th are eligible for the Damascus Steel Weapon Skin. Devs will be running a script to grant it to all players that own the Year 3 Pass.

Standard Edition (and up) Legacy Operators (Updated)

Some players that own the Standard, Advanced, Gold, and Complete Edition are not receiving the legacy Operators as intended. We will be running a fix on our data base tomorrow to correct the issue.

R6 Credits

Players are not receiving their R6 Credits after purchasing. This is likely tied to the instability that our back end shop has been experiencing these last 8 hours. Once that stabilizes, your credits should be provided.


Check your game update and download the latest Rainbow Six Siege update 1.46.