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Rainbow Six Siege Update 1.43 for PS4 released – Changelog


Rainbow Six Siege Update 1.43 is now available on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. According to the official Rainbow Six Siege 1.43 update patch notes, the primary focus of this patch is correct major issues discovered in Operation White Noise. In addition, Rainbow Six Siege version 1.43 includes various other bug fixes and game improvements. Ubisoft also deploying 60hz Servers to all platforms. This will improve the online gaming experience. Check out more details below.

Rainbow six siege 1.43 PS4 Patch Notes

Rainbow Six Siege Update 1.43 Patch Notes

  • Fixed an issue where Players lose all functionality/control after picking up a deployable shield.
  • Rainbow Six Siege 1.43 addressed the problem where ash’s breaching round does not break the wall in 2F Meeting Room on Tower.
  • According to the Rainbow Six Siege 1.43 patch notes, the new Rainbow Six Siege version 1.43 addressed an issue where when a dead Operator is spectating a teammate while on their drone/camera, cycling through Support view modes (drone/camera and Operator views) a third option is available. This view is the First Person point of view of the operator, but the operator is invisible. If the living Operator leaves their camera/drone, the spectating Operator will see a floating gun.
  • Fixed an issue where Dokkaebi’s gadget is not usable while rappelling.
  • Rainbow Six Siege 1.43 fixed an issue where Zofia and Ela’s stats are inverted.
Rainbow six siege version 1.43

The game developers are still investigating the FPS dropping issues that some players are experiencing on PC.

Previously, minor update 1.42 was released. Check your game update and download latest Rainbow Six Siege update 1.43 on your PS4 and Xbox One.