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Rainbow Six Siege (R6) Update 1.65 Patch Notes for PS4 & Xbox One

Rainbow Six Siege (R6) update 1.65 is now rolling out for PS4, Xbox One, and PC. According to the official Rainbow Six Siege 1.65 patch notes, the new update has added the Lion rework, Capitao V2 and a number of other balancing changes. In addition, Rainbow Six Siege version 1.65 also contains some minor stability and performance improvements.

Previously, Ubisoft released a big Burnt Horizon Season update was released with two new Operators – Gridlock and Mozzie, new map – Outback, newcomer playlist and more. Unfortunately, since the last patch, many players were experiencing a number of issues when trying to play the game. Today’s Rainbow Six Siege patch 1.65 is expected to fix all these issues.

Rainbow Six Siege (R6) update 1.65 Patch Notes



  • Reduced the ability warning to 1.5 seconds (from 3 seconds).
  • Reduced the scanning to 2 seconds (from 4 seconds).
  • R6 update 1.65 replaced the scan outline by a red ping debuff.
  • Increased the number of charges to 3 (from 2 charges).
  • Rainbow Six Siege update 1.65 reduced the ability cooldown to 15 seconds (from 27 seconds).
  • Vigil’s ability ERC–7’s cloak makes him immune to Lion’s scan.


  • Dart fire damage per tick reduced to 12 (from 19/tick).
  • Dart fire AOE size increased and now takes 2 seconds to reach max size.
  • Arrows now follow a straight trajectory until 10 meters. Past 10 meters, there is an arrow trajectory falloff due to gravity.

Adjustments to his AOE damage will now emphasize skill and not blind luck.


  • Ballistic shield flash cooldown increased to 7 seconds between flashes (from 2 second CD).

Enjoy the breather!


  • AUG–A3 damage increased to 33 (up from 27).
  • Remove a magazine from TCSG12 Shotgun to reduce total ammunition to 51 (down from 61).

Now the commander has a few choices to make.


  • Maestro’s Evil Eyes windows will automatically open halfway when disabled by EMPs or Shock Drones.

Maestro’s defenses were a bit too ironclad, so we’ve opened up the window of opportunity a little.


  • Rainbow Six Siege 1.65 added idle SFX to Nomad’s Airjab once deployed to act as warning feedback for gadget position when active Airjabs are nearby.
  • Replaced Claymore with 3x Stun Grenades in Nomad’s loadout.

 Listen to the wind, it talks.


  • Changes to the reverse Candela cooking mechanic. The longer it cooks, the less time it takes to explode.

New and improved recipe.


  • IQ can now detect Echo when he is using his PDA.


Fixed – Pest captured drones lose signal in certain spots on various maps. (This continues to be a work in progress, as all locations must be fixed individually.)

Fixed – Recently deployed pest devices are not having their area of effect radius displayed on the end–of–round replay.

Fixed – Two pests can hack the same drone. One pest, one drone.

Fixed – Pests shot on the sides of the photocopy machine in 2F Briefing Room of Fortress stick in the air.


Fixed – Planting the Defuser next to a partially deployed Trax Stinger prevents detection by Defenders.

Fixed – Trax Stingers can sometimes deploy inside an object or pass through objects.

Fixed – Trax Stingers that were recently deployed are missing their outline on end–of–round replay.

Fixed – Trax Stingers do not deploy after the object in which the first stinger was deployed is partially destroyed.


Fixed – If killed under the effect of Zofia’s Concussion Grenade, the effect will persist until the game is restarted.



Fixed – Players have a long line of sight in 2F Armory of Border.

Fixed – Gridlock’s Trax Stingers stick to the wall in a diagonal position and do not deploy correctly in 1F Detention.


Fixed – Invisible collision at the EXT Backyard rocks in Chalet.

Fixed – Lever Design issue with stone wall in Front Yard Patio of Chalet.


Fixed – Players can hide inside the furniture of 1F Nature Room in Outback.

Fixed – Hole in the room allows players to fall into 2F Mezzanine of Outback.

Fixed – Players that vault over the fence near EXT Storage Yard in Outback can get stuck in a barrel.

Fixed – Players can vault on top of the vending machines in 1F Convenience Store of Outback.

Fixed – Players can vault onto shelves in the 1F Garage in Outback.

Fixed – Players can reach the top of the Tent in Gear Store in Outback.

Fixed – Players can vault onto the fridge in the 1F Convenience Store of Outback.

Fixed – C4 explosion damage goes through floor/ceiling and does damage, but does not destroy it.

Fixed – LOD issue with drapes on the west side of 2F Dorms of Outback.

Fixed – The Outback splash art when loading the map is low–res.

Fixed – Sledge’s Breaching hammer doesn’t destroy blue plastic tarps in 2F Garage Lounge of Outback.


Fixed – Damascus Steel skin is missing from Maverick and Clash’s weapons.

Fixed – The “Year of the Pig” weapon skin is not applied on several weapons.

Fixed – Southern Regiment skin does not display properly on the Super Shorty.

Fixed – The Signature Six ’19 weapon skin for Thatcher’s AR33 is corrupted.

Fixed – Blitz’s Elite shield skin is not replaced when another uniform is equipped.

Fixed – Glaz’s Elite Lethal Citizen scope does not show the star decal.

Fixed – In the Operators tab, the Panzerstärke shield skin is not shown as part of the elite set.

Fixed – Mute’s Elite has missing SFX for his Jammers.

Fixed – Glaz’s operator screen does not show the name of the equipped elite uniform or headgear.

Fixed – Interrupting the opening pop–up of a pack for universal or seasonal skins shows operators icons.

Fixed – Missing button on the right handle of Jager’s gadget.

Fixed – Hibana missing eyelashes while equipped with Virtual Abyss Headgear.

Fixed – Players can’t see equipped charms on the Commando 9 in first person POV.

Fixed – Square shaped Charms clips in 416–C Carbine and R4–C.



Fixed – Players receive a Synchronizing Data error when completing a Situation.

Fixed – In–game menus flicker after alt–tabbing or using alt+enter to switch from Windowed Mode to Full Screen mode.

Fixed – RX Vega users are experiencing artifacting on operators since Y3S4.2.4 maintenance.

Fixed – Some players experiencing FPS drops after the Y4S1 update.

Fixed – Launcher projectile trajectory is off when viewing launchers from a 3rd person POV.

Fixed – Drone jumping SFX can be heard from an idling drone.

Fixed – After entering a game with a join in progress, the spectated player is replicated with no weapon in hand.

Fixed – Operator shuffles around in a loop while being spectated in support mode.

Fixed – [PC] When raw input is off, alt–tabbing/refocusing on the game window results in a trigger pull.

Fixed – Missing Open button prompt when on Party panel with Controller.

Fixed – Sound propagation issues through destroyed walls.

Sound should now move through destroyed walls more clearly. This fix is currently still in progress as we work our way through the remaining walls where the issue is still present.

Fixed – Pressing the Home button in a custom online match on PC/XBOX while using a controller kicks the player out of their own lobby.

Fixed – Squads are forced out in custom online lobbies when one member leaves.

Fixed – Rainbow Six Siege 1.65 fixed an issue where inviting a squad member already in a custom lobby forces players out of the lobby and breaks invites from leader.



Fixed – When ember lethal bolt is shot directly on a wall, fire FX is not occluded and damage is still dealt on the other side of the wall.


Fixed – Kriss 308 damage curve dropoff. Damage curve now properly adheres to damage curve stated in UI.

Fixed – Defenders can sometimes be pinged a 4th time at the end of Lion’s debuff effect, after the 3 regular pings if there is network latency.

Fixed – Rainbow Six Siege 1.65 fixed an issue where sometimes defenders affected by Lion’s scan can see a 4th red triangle appearing in the debuff icon after the scan if there is network latency.


Fixed – White outline and inner glow of drones hacked by Mozzie disappear if Mozzie only has direct line of sight to only part/half of the drone. (fixed in all online modes)


Fixed – Nomad’s detonation VO line does not play or plays too late when someone is caught in her Airjab.


Fixed – Ying’s Candela SFX and UI crosshair indicators are not synchronized with the Candela lights while charging.

Fixed – Ying’s Candela placement in her hand while crouching is off when viewed from 3rd person POV.



Fixed – Rainbow Six Siege version 1.65 fixed an issue where players can clip through the walls of the brown sheds of Outback.

Fixed – Gridlock Trax Stingers can deploy inside the indestructible floor at 3F Bedroom Hallway.

Fixed – During the planning phase there is no way to pick up the defuser and no related UI elements are present on the Ready screen.

Fixed – Defusers can be thrown in the shelf of 1F Garage of Outback, and operators can clip through the shelf as well.

Fixed – Defuser cannot be retrieved after being dropped out of bounds behind a caravan in EXT Camping in Outback.

Fixed – Defenders can reach Convenience Store Roof on Outback after vaulting a rail.

Fixed – Rainbow Six Siege (R6) update 1.65 fixed an issue where players have a LoS towards Back Entrance by vaulting onto a vending machine in Outback.

Fixed – Player have a LoS towards Fuel Pumps by vaulting onto a freezer in Outback.

Fixed – Erroneous vault prompt at EXT Fuel Pumps.

Fixed – Operators clip through metal railing when rappelling at EXT Motel Balcony in Outback.

Fixed – Rainbow Six Siege 1.65 fixed an issue where Operators can enter a washing machine while rappelling on EXT Motel Balcony in Outback.

Fixed – Operators clip through destructible walls in 2F Games Room and 2F Dorms of Outback.

Fixed – LOD issues in 2F Office of Outback.

Fixed – Operators can break collision with shelf in 1F Garage in Outback.

Fixed – Rainbow Six Siege update 1.65 adds minor visual texture and clipping bugs.


Fixed – Players can vault onto catwalk area in 1F Garage of Clubhouse.


Fixed – R6 Siege update 1.65 fixed an issue where attackers can go on top of the purple tarps on Coastline.


Fixed – Various rocks outside Chalet do not have matching collision boxes.(fixed for some spots)


Fixed – Loss of focus after selecting equip to all in shop menu can’t be regained with keyboard.

Fixed – R6 Extreme Fan and Pro League Chibi ’19 thumbnails have placeholder present.

Fixed – The Golden Wattle Charm is missing from title.

Fixed – Jäger’s birthday skin operator icon is rotated compared to the normal icon.

Fixed – Sledge’s birthday skin operator icon is inverted compared to the normal icon.

Fixed – Minor visual texture/modeling issues for Ash’s FBI uniform, Sledge’s First War Headgear, Mute’s Clone and Union Jack headgears.

  • Addressed crashing issues with Rainbow Six Siege version 1.65.
  • Added matchmaking performance improvements
  • Rainbow Six Siege 1.65 added fixes for glitches.
  • Rainbow Six Siege patch 1.65 update adds fixes for frame drop, stuttering and lag issues.
  • Various performance and stability improvements added.
  • Added various under the hood fixes with Rainbow Six Siege 1.65.

Rainbow Six Siege update 1.65 is now available for download on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

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