Patch Notes

Rainbow Six Siege 1.49 Patch Notes for PS4 and Xbox One


Rainbow Six Siege update 1.49 is now available on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. The new Rainbow Six Siege version 1.49 update has added Operation Para Bellum with two new operators, a new map, elite set, and more. In addition, today’s new Rainbow Six Siege patch 1.49 update also addressed various bugs and crashing issues. It is now possible to melee shield operators through their shield when approaching from a particular angle.

The latest Rainbow Six Siege patch 1.49 is also added support for Xbox One X and PS4 Pro. The game will now support 1728p resolution on the Xbox One X, and 1440p on the PlayStation 4 Pro, while maintaining 50% render scaling (same as before). The game developers are currently working on a feature which will dynamically increase the render scaling when performance allows it. This will allow for better render quality in low-complexity scenes while maintaining 60 fps at all times by adjusting the render scaling dynamically. Check out full details below.

Rainbow Six Siege update 1.49 Changelog

2 NEW OPERATORS (Maestro and Alibi)

Maestro and Alibi are immediately unlocked for Season Pass owners, with exclusive access granted for seven days. All players can then unlock the Operators with Renown or R6 Credits after the exclusive period ends.

Rainbow Six Siege version 1.49 – Alibi
Rainbow Six Siege 1.49 – Maestro


Operation Para Bellum launches our 20th map: a luxurious Tuscan villa. No riches were spared to offer our most tactical map to date. The house provides diverse options with its wide staircases, narrow tunnels, and secret hatches. The illusion of cover haunts whoever sets foot in the villa.

The land belongs to the Vinciguerra, a dangerous crime family known for their smuggling activities. The house is their retreat, where they lead a lavish lifestyle and collect rare art pieces. Now we catch the villa in a snapshot of time: Vinciguerras are burning documents and transporting their holdings before the big raid. But they’ve got wind of Operation Para Bellum and fled, leaving everything in disarray with vital information ready for the taking.


  • Thatcher gets an elite set. Inspired by the operation that made the S.A.S. famous, Thatcher’s set celebrates their legacy as trailblazers. Elite Thatcher is adorning an Operation Nimrod Uniform, Fookin Smooth victory animation, Screw Top gadget skin, Elite Thatcher Chibi, and Maggie’s Resolve weapon skin on the L85A2, M590A1, and P226 MK 25.


  • The new Italian artisanship of weapon fabbrikas is now available for players. Seasonal weapon skins Carnevale, Renaissance, Ancient Marble, and SPQR will bring that refinement to your Loadout.  Once unlocked, the seasonal weapon skins can be applied on all available weapons until the end of the Season.

Operators Balancing


  • • Now has 2 Yokai Drones
  • • Max charges per Yokai drone reduced from 3 to 2
  • • Recharge time between drone shots increased to 20 seconds


  • • 3 Speed Operators slightly slower
  • • 1 Speed Operators slightly faster
  • • Small increase to movement speed with handguns out
    • – Automatic sidearms (SMG-11, SMG-12, etc) excluded

General Tweaks and Improvements


  • First announced at the Six Invitational, Pick and Ban will be revolutionizing the selection process of Operators. We are first introducing Pick and Ban into custom game options with the launch of Year 3 Season 2, and it will be a highlighted feature during the following Pro League season.

The Bulletproof Camera is a secondary gadget that will be given to the following six Defenders.


• Frost – Bulletproof Camera instead of Deployable Shield.
• Doc – Bulletproof Camera instead of Deployable Shield.
• Mute – Bulletproof Camera instead of Deployable Shield.
• Castle – Bulletproof Camera instead of Deployable Shield.
• Caveira – Bulletproof Camera instead of Barbed Wire.
• Vigil – Bulletproof Camera instead of Barbed Wire.

This new device will allow them to have more options to hold an objective and counter some attack strategies.

  • Starting with Year 3 Season 2, Defenders will use a hacking device instead of a melee animation to disable the Defuser. We wanted to improve the visual and audio feedback with this new animation to provide more clarity when a Defender is interacting with the Defuser. It is important to note that the interaction distance and conditions will remain the same.


  • Right now, players need to perform multiple actions to reach the drone or camera they want to use – especially if they want to switch between two active observation tools (i.e. if Twitch wants to swap between piloting her first and second drone). As such, we have overhauled the Observation Tool system, with a new UI, and granting players better control over how they switch from camera to camera.
  • Rainbow Six Siege update 1.49 adjusted the player experience when leaning from one side to the other. A method could be used to shift from one side to the other more quickly than intended by using a combination of keys. You will now switch smoothly from left to right, and vice versa, without the need to utilize additional key presses.


  • Rainbow Six Siege version 1.49 implementing a numerical refactor process with slight adjustments to the existing scoring system for Operators. The goal is to balance the current system to have every Operator potentially winning a similar amount of score per round, from completing near-identical actions.
  • Increased the resolution to 1728p on the Xbox One X, and 1440p on the PlayStation 4 Pro, while maintaining 50% render scaling (same as before). We are currently working on dynamically increasing the render scaling when performance allows it. This will allow for better render quality in low-complexity scenes, while maintaining 60 fps at all times by adjusting the render scaling dynamically. We do not have an ETA for when this additional dynamic render scaling will be implemented.
  • We have altered how we detect your microphone on Windows. We will now utilize your “Default Communications Device” as opposed to your “Default Device”. This will allow players to have easier control over their desired communication device.

Playlist Changes

  • With the addition of the new Italian map, we will be making some changes to the Ranked and Casual playlist. We will have 12 maps in the Ranked rotation, and 17 in the Casual playlist, and all maps will be available in Custom Games.

Bug Fixes in Rainbow Six Siege 1.49


  • Rainbow Six Siege update 1.49 fixed an issue where Claymore mines cannot be deployed while standing parallel, right next to a wall.
  • Fixed – Defender is able to defuse the bomb from a floor underneath if close enough.
  • Fixed – Operators can vault over a deployable shield to clip inside the hostage.
  • Fixed – In certain spots, bullets can pass through a reinforced and an indestructible wall.
  • Fixed – When attempting to perform a tactical reload, entering or exiting prone stance cancels reloading.
  • Rainbow Six Siege 1.49 fixed an issue where some deployable gadgets cannot be picked up if you are very close to them.
  • Fixed – Sound of drones cuts off in first person following certain steps.
  • Fixed – Wall deployable Gadgets, such as Jager’s ADS, are not be automatically destroyed when destroying the object it is attached to.
  • Rainbow Six Siege version 1.49 fixed an issue where barbed wire can be deployed through barricades.
  • Fixed – Defenders lose the round if the attacker leaves the room while the objective is contested with the securing slider loaded at 100%.
  • Fixed – It is possible to melee shield operators through their shield when approaching from a particular angle.
  • Fixed – Operator models can appear in 2D and not receive any damage.
  • Fixed – Players can clip through walls and barricades in multiple spots.


  • Rainbow Six Siege 1.49 fixed a bug where batteries are not destroyed by any kind of explosive when installed on a reinforced trapdoor.
  • Fixed – Caveira is able to reload while sprinting in Silent Step.
  • Fixed – Black Eyes can be placed in unintended spots to see through the map.
  • Fixed – Doc’s Emergency Rescue Headgear is corrupted and equipping it distorts the entire character model.
  • Fixed – Concussion Mine effect can go through barricades, Castle barricades and bare reinforcements.
  • Fixed – Black Mirror does not destroy pictures properly while being deployed on certain spots.
  • Fixed – Mira’s One Way Mirror can disappear when close to a wall.
  • Fixed – Blue border does not appear in the kill cam and support views if Finka used her boost right after the kill.
  • Fixed – If a player leaves while Twitch’s drones are out, the drones will disappear.
  • Fixed – Twitch drone doesn’t show ammo count nor cooldown for the taser.
  • Fixed – Welcome Mats can be hidden after performing a series of actions.
  • Fixed – If IQ’s gadget is activated, she can detect electronics while doing other actions like cooking a grenade.
  • Fixed – Electronics are not highlighted on the edge of the detector.
  • Fixed – Jager’s ADS can be deployed and hidden through certain structures.
  • Fixed – Tachanka’s LMG shield is inconsistent and players can be shot through it.


  • Fixed – Defenders can throw gadgets outside through the small window at 1F Detention during the preparation phase.
  • Fixed – Wall sections float after an operator destroys them.
  • Fixed – Frost traps clip through the cable protectors located in 1F Server Room making them partially invisible.
  • Fixed – Players do not receive any damage after detonating a nitro cell near the flower pot at “2F Bedroom Hallway” area.
  • FixedDefenders are detected if they stand in the doorframe between Basement Hallway and Church.
  • Fixed – Players take fatal fall damage when vaulting off the AC unit from EXT Western Roof.
  • Fixed – Players can hide behind a TV of B Memorial Room.
  • Fixed – Drones can clip in the stairs of EXT Kennels and see through textures.
  • Fixed – Players will experience FPS drops after performing a series of actions.
  • Fixed – It is possible to shoot between two reinforced walls in 2F Bedroom Hallway.
  • Fixed – The defuser can be planted or the container can be secured from 2F Bathroom while the objective is in 2F Bedroom.
  • Fixed – The floor between Bedroom Hallway and Central Hallway allow bullets to pass through.
  • Fixed – There is a gap under the Ext Eastern Sub-Roof wall that gives Attackers a line of sight to the floor below.
  • Fixed – Nitro cell deals no damage when exploding on the stairs of the 1F Bar.
  • Fixed – Breach Charges will destroy only the first layer of the wall in the Basement Hallway area.
  • Fixed – Objective not discovered when aiming towards it from the Ruins.
  • Fixed – Placing cluster charges in specific spots on Consulate will kill Fuze.
  • Fixed – Certain areas of House are too dark when viewed from the outside.
  • Fixed – Drones can clip into walls at 3F Cigar Lounge and scan through the whole map
  • Fixed – Yokai loses signal on 1F Haunted Stairs.
  • Fixed – Gadget placement on floor is too restricted in 1F Tea Room
  • Fixed – Players will not receive any damage if they plant a C4 on the unfinished Northeast wall of the “Dining Hall Corridor”.


  • Fixed – Empty usernames appear in the scoreboard.
  • Fixed – 3-0x000A0013 error is received if a player accepts an invite to an already started custom game.
  • Fixed – Drones do not register slow mouse movements.
  • Fixed – In some cases, players will receive a “Game Full” error when matchmaking.
  • Fixed – A yellow dot is displayed under the operators tab.
  • Rainbow Six Siege 1.49 fixed a bug where voice chat icon remains active after a team member stops speaking.
  • Fixed – The game will randomly crash with a Ryzen CPU setup.
  • Rainbow Six Siege version 1.49 addressed an issue where players are unable to rejoin their Ranked game after a maintenance.

Check your game update and download the latest Rainbow Six Siege update 1.49.