Rail Route Update 1.2 Patch Notes – November 10, 2021

A new Rail Route update 1.2 released on PC. According to the official Rail Route patch notes, the latest update addresses some bugs and crashes.


Since the last patch, players are experiencing problems with the game. Today’s Rail Route patch 1.2 will fix a few of these issues.

Check out more details below.


Rail Route Patch Notes – November 10, 2021

List of changes:

  • Structural Contracts Manager upgrade that allows setting preferred contract types and rejects other offered contracts
  • Financial Contracts Manager upgrade that allows setting minimal reward for contracts and rejects offered contracts that do not provide it
  • Boosted Contracts upgrade for contracts to generate twice as fast
  • Regional Contracts Manager upgrade that allows setting preferred station contracts should use and rejects offered contracts that do not
  • More Contract Offers upgrade for increasing the offered contracts limit to 10
  • Ability to adjust entire train timetable at once
  • Added and updated tutorial video for adjusting timetable with new UI
  • Added clear field button to minimum reward field
  • Extra research options for offered contracts limit
Endless Score and the Cycle Report

Long story short:

  • Cycle Report and score for endless maps
  • Cheating via Debug panel registered, score hidden after cheating
  • Don’t make a ding sound in the first cycle
  • Sign “–” (en dash) shown instead of “0 %” in cycle report if the previous cycle field value was 0
Sounds & Music

The game now contains brand new sounds from Sergio Ronchetti-Carrete. We will write more about this topic soon. Rupert Cole created a new track called Recollections to please your ears and it’s awesome!

For the sake of completeness:

  • Sounds made by S. Ronchetti
  • New music track Recollections, made by R. Cole
  • Show FMOD logo on splash screen, required by license

Related change

  • Display tunnel connector and price during building
  • Explaining text displayed when not possible to bulldoze a signal because one of connections is not free
  • Maps can be unsubscribed from Workshop ingame
  • Show upcoming trains on the overview when no trains to dispatch
  • Research item that raises switch speed limit
  • Trains UI panel is no longer being highlighted (dose not require attention) when stop at queued auto signal
  • TrainVisits in station panel in editor are now clickable same as playmode
  • When mouse on queued auto signal it will highlight the first destination track
  • When TimeTable panel is maximized in the Editor, the station panel will be moved to the left of it instead of being disappeared
  • Zoom on active station when starting endless map
  • Cleaned up offered contracts UI
  • Localizations
  • Music tracks are streamed – much faster map loading, much lower RAM usage
  • Sensor detail – signal selecting auto-activated if signal is not linked yet to save click
  • Text size increased in whole game
  • Train arrival sound muted for now
  • Train will now reverse if stopped and the game is paused
  • Update overview table less often to increase the performance
Things That Belong Nowhere

We work on Rail Route first and then compile a blog post that summarizes them in some more- or less-organized way. The byproduct of this approach is that we did changes that do not belong to any of the boxes. We learned how to live with this kind of chaos:

  • Add VSync toggle in Options
  • Added animated text on the transition screen
  • Help translate button in the Options
  • Simple background of loader scene
  • Do not auto-unlock Faster Switches upgrade for timetable maps saved in versions before 1.2.0 (faster switches => faster trains => unwanted impact on map difficulty / challenge)
  • Game icon improved
  • News section in Menu
  • Remove all screenshots when removing the map
  • Unity Localization package has been upgraded
  • Work in progress text on Loader
The Oldest Bug Fixed

On top of that, we solved a lot of issues:

  • FIX: A loop could be built by using a switch causing trains to become stuck
  • FIX: Active contracts UI filter options size and color were different
  • FIX: Cancel queued autosignal route caused invalid braking penalty
  • FIX: Departure sensor did not trigger when train came from other station with same platform number
  • FIX: Departure sensor was not triggering when train entered different track on same station
  • FIX: Dispatching a train from an unconnected Coach Yard was freezing the game
  • FIX: Distance traveled by train was wrongly computed in frames when it just reached the target speed
  • FIX: Long trains stopped at a station got braking penalties from manual signal
  • FIX: Minutes Slider value was being reset to 0 after closing and opineng the editor
  • FIX: Prevent floating signals and sensors after deleting their tracks
  • FIX: Prevent timer from being negative if you set it in editor to start from 00:00
  • FIX: Search for nearest platform when building a coach yard was improved.
  • FIX: Sounds did not stop playing on level reload or switch to menu
  • FIX: Special character “|” could be used in station name that would break loading the map
  • FIX: Stations for CoachYards in old maps assigned using old method, CoachYards in new maps using new method.
  • FIX: Steam workshop upload added all files in folder
  • FIX: Steam Workshop upload could fail if preview image already existed
  • FIX: Texts were dissappearing (linux, mac) – different material now used for UI and 3d space
  • FIX: Time was erroneously truncated to milliseconds each tick what caused large (5 %) errors when running on normal speed.
  • FIX: Train was able to escape autoblock if going full speed
  • FIX: TrainStoppedAtSemaphore event was triggered twice (most probably caused double penalty in the timetable maps)
  • FIX: Wrong localisation settings prevented station sign from being clicked in tutorial
  • FIX: Editing timetables from the past could cause desync in future trains for that contract
  • FIX: A loop could be built by using a switch causing trains to become stuck
  • FIX: Accepting the contract was possible even before the Accept Contract task in the tutorial
  • FIX: Active contracts could be rejected during tutorial
  • FIX: Build Track Task was started even if the track was occupied, preventing the building
  • FIX: Contract Accepted narration was being played regardless if you refused or accepted the contract after the trail train
  • FIX: Contracts were not being generated after skipping the AcceptContractChapter
  • FIX: Train of the FirstTrainChapter was considered as one of the trains that need to be dispatched in DispatchTrainsChapter
  • FIX: Cycle report UI text was overflowing with 1 cycle report
  • FIX: Auto signal route could not be removed when part of route was occupied
  • FIX: Bulldozing two tracks that have mutual start and end switches was not possible for one of them
  • FIX: Contract limit reached hint did not display actual limit value
  • FIX: Departure Sensor wanted to select a signal (was highlighted red) to connect the sensor to (misfiring shortcut valid for Arrival / Routing sensor)
  • FIX: Editor train search only found trains starting with search term
  • FIX: Endless hints button was not working on Prague map
  • FIX: Loops were not checked and message displayed when bulldozing by right click
  • FIX: It was possible to open other panels while menu panel was opened in editor
  • FIX: Only one of the tunnel portals was becoming occupied when train is inside tunnel
  • FIX: Version text overlapped offered contracts text
  • FIX: Tooltip panel was improperly padded
  • FIX: Selecting station sign was not showing you the scheduled trains in the station panel if you were adding new stops for trains
  • FIX: State of the train in the train label detail was showing “stopped” instead of “stopped at signal” if the signal was queued
  • FIX: Station blinking sound has not been stopping
  • FIX: Station Timtable panel was not being closed using ESC button
  • FIX: Train color was staying white after you select it
  • FIX: Upgrade price tags had wrong size in some orientations
  • FIX: Various improvements to better visibility of bigger texts
  • FIX: Was not possible to highlight a track when choosing UpgradeTrackSpeed mode if that track was so short and is surrounded by tunnels