Raft Bugs, Known Issues, Glitches & Workaround


Raft is now available on PS4, PS5, PC, and Xbox Consoles. Unfortunately, since the release, players are experiencing various bugs and online issues. Today, we have compiled a list of Raft known issues, bugs, and glitches.

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List of Raft Known Issues, Bugs, and Fixes – June 24, 2022

Known Issues

Stuck on “Blue Screen” while loading a world or joining a friend’s world

We have noticed a distinct difference, there is two ways this could happen.


Number 1: Only the person joining freezes and gets stuck on bluescreen. The host can play normaly.

Number 2: Both the host and the person joining freezes. The hosts game completely freezes and the one joining gets stuck on bluescreen.

If you are experiencing option Number 1


We do know of one solution that seems to work for most people:

  1. Check if you have GameFirstVI installed. Comes pre-installed with ASUS ROG products.
  2. Go into the program and set Steam and/or Raft to highest priority.
  3. Try connecting to your friends again.

If you are experiencing option Number 2

This should have been fixed in Update 13 and later game versions.


Version X(XXXXXXX) and Stuck in Character Selection Menu

If you are stuck in the character selection menu, you might be having issues with the folder permissions. These issues occur when the game is having problems accessing and editing some specific files in Raft folder.

To give the needed permissions, please give this a try:

  1. Go to ” C:\Users\USERNAME\AppData\LocalLow\Redbeet Interactive\Raft “
  2. Right click “Raft” folder and select “Properties”
  3. Make sure both “Hidden” and “Read-only” options are not checked and click apply.

Raft save files are not showing in the load game menu.

  • Make sure there are no extra dots(..) in the name of the rgd file. (for example: “Wor.ld.rgd” should be “World.rgd”)

If this does not fix the problem, the latest save file for that world might be corrupted. As a quickfix, you should be able restore an earlier version of the save by following these steps:

  1. Click Load World on Game Menu
  2. Open Save Folder Path
  3. Go to the “World” folder
  4. Go to the problematic save’s folder
  5. Remove the folder that has “Latest” in the name.
  6. Try to load world again.

Black screen when starting a game.

If you start a game and only see a black screen, try waiting 10-15 minutes on the black screen, the game may take some time to load on older hardware or high video settings.

If the issue persists you can try repairing the game files and/or try restarting your PC.

Local Multiplayer Issues

In local multiplayer, if one player disconnects his or her controller, the other players may still be able to play (even if an error message occurs).

  • Workaround: This player must reconnect his/her controller

Related: Raft Update 1.0 Patch notes.

Raft Launch Error

  • Players are facing game launch errors. A fix will roll out soon.

Sound and Graphics issues

  • Please make sure that you are in the range of specs listed here. The next step will be to check if your drivers are up to date.

Download the new driver and install it: Nvidia GeForce:



AMD Radeon


If you open one of the “Sound” tabs, you will see if there are issues with your sound drivers.


Other Known Issues

  • The game doesn’t have any sounds.
  • The game is crashing!
  • The game is lagging!
  • Raft isn’t moving!
  • Raft is not moving in creative game mode.
  • After the explosion at Tangaroa, the hatch for the cockpit entrance is not open.
  • Even though I fixed the generator, crane at Tangaroa is not working.
  • An extremely distorted or large resolution!
  • Missing the last zipline part in Caravan Town.
  • Can’t see the new items on my crafting list.
  • The world is still on the load world menu after deleting and has red background.
  • Lost/dropped a blueprint and now I can’t find the same blueprint again!
  • My taskbar won’t go away when playing Raft!
  • Unable to join friends / nothing shows up in “find friends”.
  • The game is not launching
  • The Hook is not working!
  • The shark is not going for the bait!
  • No items are showing up in the water for me?

Many of these bugs are known to the developers, who are working hard to fix them.

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