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R6 Siege Update 1.89 Patch Notes (PS4/PC/Xbox One)

R6 Siege update 1.89 patch notes (Y5S2.3) released for PS4, PC and Xbox One. According to the official R6 Siege version 1.89 changelog, the latest update brings balancing, gameplay changes, tweaks, bug fixes and more. Apart from this, R6 1.89 also includes optimizations and performance improvements.


Previously, a big Operation Steel Wave update was released with new operators (Ace and Melusi), new map changes, balancing, and much more.

Unfortunately, since the last update, players are still experiencing several issues when trying to play the game online. Today’s R6 version 1.89 is expected to fix a few of these issues.


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What is new in R6 Siege update 1.89?


The Reporting Panel is getting an upgrade! Building upon the last addition of more reporting categories to improve the granularity of in-game reports, we’ve added a new player-reporting panel. This new panel will provide you with more information on each type of reporting category so you can make an informed decision about which report type best fits the situation. More accurate reports from you and other players, means we can make sure we’re handing out the appropriate sanctions to players that deserve it.

Access the Report options via the Player Profile Panel. Each report type has a description to help you choose the most appropriate report type. Once the report is made, you’ll receive a confirmation message that we received the report . Players can only be reported once per match per player.



By making her gadget a bit more enjoyable to use, we’re looking to make Gridlock players’ lives a bit easier.

  • Lowered Gridlock’s Caltrop deployment time to 9s (down from 13s).
  • Lowered the individual Caltrops deployment time to 0.45s (down from 0.7s).
  • Lowered the range of random deploy variation to 0.05s (down from 0.1s).
  • R6 Siege 1.89 added a delay of 0.45s before the deployment sequence starts (previously no delay).


The Rainbow ???? has goat to dash.

We want to let Oryx make more use of his dash, and added mobility and durability will hopefully make him a bit more fun to play.

  • Using his dash through a soft wall will not deplete all the dash charges.
  • Increased Dash refresh time to 12s (up from 8s).
  • Dash recovery time for all dashes is now 0.5s. (Previous recovery times: soft wall = 1s, enemy = 0.7s).


Hide the hostages!

Giving Fuze a bit more presence and utility with an additional charge.

  • Increased the number of cluster charges to 4 (up from 3)



Some updates to the notifications system to help make future popups less spammy.


After August 11, 2020, 2-Step Verification will be mandatory for ranked on PC in APAC. If you have not activated 2SV prior to this date you will be locked out of the Ranked queue until 2SV is activated on your account.


To maintain consistency with softwall interactions, we’re giving enemies that are pushed through walls the same feedback as when Oryx dashes through them.

  • When pushed through a wall by Nomad’s airjabs or Oryx’s dash, players will receive the same feedback and rtake the same damage (5 hp) as when Oryx dashes through a soft wall.



  • Fixed an issues with launching when AntiVirus protection is on.
  • Addressed a bug where gadget does not always properly deploy if the button is released right before completion.
  • R6 Siege update 1.89 fixed an issue missing anchoring decals from Ace’s SELMA.
  • Fixed an issue Ace’s SELMA can get stuck when thrown in a certain way at some beams, becoming unrecoverable.
  • Fixed an issue while grappling through a window or hatch, Amaru can aim faster with her LMG if she times her sprint and ADS buttons just prior to landing.
  • R6 Siege version 1.89 fixed an issue IQ’s gadget will not display the outline and distance of Melusi’s Banshees.
  • Fixed an issue Zofia’s concussion grenades are impacted by external explosions and can bounce away from the target location.
  • Fixed an issue flattening the doorframes and windows on all maps.
  • Fixed an issue floating and indestructible wooden squares after destroying some walls on Yacht.
  • R6 Siege version 1.89 addressed a bug gunshot sounds are muffled when shooting from inside 1F Technical Seating of Plane.
  • Fixed an various menu/UI fixes.
  • Fixed an various cosmetics fixes.
  • Addressed a bug various Lighting issues on maps.
  • Fixed an various shop visual and cosmetic fixes.
  • Fixed an issue (PvE) Interaction between Ace’s gadget and AI.


  • Fixed an various clipping issues on maps.
  • Fixed an various visual texture issues on maps.
  • Fixed an various issues with vegetation on maps.
  • Fixed an issue Echo’s Yokai can hide in certain spots on Bank due to missing collision with map assets.
  • R6 Siege 1.89 fixed an issue uneven floor in Coastline.
  • Fixed an issue defenders are not detected as being ‘Outside’ when in the window frame of 2F Control Room on Theme Park.
  • Fixed an issue missing compass location on minimap on Tower.
  • Fixed an issue some lower sections of soft walls on Kafe can act as unbreakable surfaces.
  • Fixed an issue unbreakable sign in 1F Office Hallway of Bank.
  • R6 Siege update 1.89 fixed an issue gadgets can be deployed in out of reach areas in 2F Control Room on Theme Park.
  • Fixed an issue defuser can’t be picked up after being dropped in the fountain in EXT Fountain on Villa.
  • R6 version 1.89 fixed an issue ace’s SELMA can get stuck on the cupboard of 1F Kitchen on Oregon and become unrecoverable.
  • Fixed an issue Attackers can be spawn killed from EXT Warehouse on Cluhouse.
  • Fixed an issue gadgets can be deployed in out of reach areas in 2F Cash Room on Clubhouse.
  • R6 1.89 fixed an issue attackers can be spawn killed at EXT Warehouse.
  • Fixed an issue drones can clip through the furniture in 3F Bathroom on Yacht.


  • Fixed an various Menu/UI issues.
  • Addressed an various visual cosmetic issues.
  • Fixed an various cosmetic clipping issues.

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