PULSAR Lost Colony Update 1.17 Patch Notes – Oct 21, 2021


PULSAR Lost Colony update 1.17 is now rolling out on PC (Steam). According to PULSAR Lost Colony patch notes, the latest update brings bug fixes reported by the community and a few changes based on feedback.

Previously, a major update added a long list of quality of life improvements. Unfortunately, players are still experiencing several issues since the last major patch.

Today’s Pulsar Lost Colony patch will address a few of these errors.


What is new in PULSAR Lost Colony update 1.17?


  • Changed the internal logic of PiBot defensive mode to make it more usable and effective in ship combat
  • Main turrets are now affected by the turret charge speed stat like other ship turrets
  • Main turrets now show the timing bonus damage percent on screen when relevant
  • Failing the Fluffy Biscuit Biscuit Race will now zero out your Fluffy Biscuit reputation and remove your faction alignment
  • Dialogue text size for the NPC dialogue window now scaled with the UI scale setting
  • Controls menu now has an option to adjust mouse scroll wheel sensitivity


  • Exosuit environment text is now run through the localization system (ex. HIGH TEMP, ACIDIC)
  • Sensor information for planet environments is now run through the localization system (ex. High Temp, Acidic)
  • Controls menu now has translated categories and binding names
  • Updated translation string database (v0.87)


  • Fixed a collision issue that could result in invisible walls inside of Sylvassi Cyphers and other interiors on some planets
  • Cleaned some unnecessary error reporting which should slightly help performance
  • Fixed some internal errors reported by analytics, might help with some rare issues in the UI and other systems
  • Deathseekers are now targeted by Auto Targeting before they cause damage
  • Potentially fixed an issue related to AI overrides thinking there is a repair depot in the sector when there isn’t one
  • Can now adjust the alert level when at the Lost Colony. This could prevent AI bots from working as expected depending on your AI priorities
  • Fixed an issue with the Warp Guardian fight that could cause certain attacks to defeat the boss and skip phases of the fight
  • Changed how crew deaths are tracked by the game to help ensure crew deaths are saved
  • Main turrets that use the circle timing mini-game were incorrectly applying damage amounts and didn’t match the circle timing
  • Fixed some issues with reputation for Grey Huntsman targets and Relic Hunters. They should no longer cause reputation loss when attacked and killed
  • Completing the Sandscar Arena could result in other objectives incorrectly being completed
  • Long range dialogue should no longer be able to persist through game resets
  • Fixed issue that prevented certain contraband components from being able to be discarded
  • Fixed issue with “Eliminate Outlaw Headquarters” mission that caused its sector to not appear in the galaxy

Download free PULSAR Lost Colony update 1.17 on PC(Steam).