PULSAR Lost Colony Update 1.15 + 1.16 Patch Notes – Oct 6, 2021


PULSAR Lost Colony is now rolling out on PC (Steam). According to PULSAR Lost Colony patch notes, the latest update various bug fixes and gameplay changes

Previously, a major update added a long list of quality of life improvements. Unfortunately, players are still experiencing several issues since the last major patch.

Today’s Pulsar Lost Colony patch will address a few of these errors.


What is new in PULSAR Lost Colony update 1.15?

  • [Hotfix] Removed an unused UI element from the turret view.
  • Upgraded the game’s networking system to the latest version of Photon which should hopefully help with several connectivity and stability issues reported by players
  • Players on the Europe region will correctly use the Europe servers rather than United States servers to connect
  • Fixed an issue with long range ship dialogue which could cause the text and options to not appear on clients
  • Fixed an issue that occurred when clients would join a crew mid-warp that would cause warp to continuously activate and deactivate until the crew exits warp
  • Fixed an issue with the captain’s notification when crewmembers would send items to another crewmember
  • Removed a sector from initial galaxy generation that should have only been spawned with its associated mission
  • Fixed a typo with a door name on a planet’s surface (Stiltz and Shanders)
  • Fixed an issue with the “Find The Engineer” mission not being completable in certain circumstances
  • Corrected a GX entry to be more accurate. The entry for “Star” now references plasma instead of gas
  • Fixed an issue with a hatch in the Lost Colony that could only be opened while holding “R”
  • Fixed an issue that allowed civilian ships to be summoned through a distress signal during the Warp Guardian fight

Download free PULSAR Lost Colony update 1.15 on PC(Steam).