PUBG Update Version 1.06 Patch Notes for PS4, Read What’s & Fixed

PUBG update 1.06 patch notes for PS4 released. According to the official PUBG PS4 1.06 patch notes, the latest PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds update 1.06 for PlayStation 4 comes with the new snow-themed map – Vikendi, the Survivor Pass: Vikendi, a new vehicle and new weapons. In addition, PUBG patch 1.06 has also added various bug fixes as well as stability and performance improvements.

Previously, a big update was released with minor changes and improvements. Unfortunately, since the last patch, many players are experiencing a number of issues when trying to play. Today’s PUBG version 1.06 for PS4 is expected to fix a few of these issues. Check out more details below. Check out PUBG 1.06 PS4 patch notes below.

PUBG Update Version 1.06 Patch Notes


  • Minimap: Players can now further magnify the minimap
  • Player order consistency: Player order between the lobby and in-game is now consistent so that players will have fixed numbers and colors based on lobby order when they enter a game.
  • Added field of view slider in First Person Perspective mode (FPP) settings

New Map: Vikendi

PUBG PS4 VIKENDI MAP Update 1.06 Patch Notes
PUBG PS4 VIKENDI MAP Update 1.06 Patch Notes

Vikendi Gameplay

  • Vikendi is 6x6km map. The gameplay of Vikendi is quicker than Erangel and Miramar, but offers an arguably more tactical experience than Sanhok.
  • Players can throw snowballs while waiting to board the plane in the starting area
  • Vehicles will be more slippery in snow or icy areas. Acceleration on icy terrain is slow and you lose more general vehicle control as you speed up
  • Footprints and vehicle tracks will appear as players travel in snow-covered areas. Keep an eye out! These are great to help identify if enemies have passed by recently
  • Keep in mind that footprints and tracks in the snow don’t stay around forever!


  • The center of the red zone spawns outside of the play zone
  • The smaller the play zone, the smaller the red zone


  • The first circle of every game is much smaller than other maps, but subsequent circle sizes change less drastically.
  • This facilitates more blue zone variety and unique experiences.
  • Similar strategies work on Vikendi to Erangel and Miramar for the first three phases, but the zones will close slower starting from phase 4, similar to Sahnok. We feel this leads to a good balance between strategy and gunplay throughout the duration of each match

Item Spawn Balance

  • The overall item spawn rate is at a midpoint between our maps – offering a unique place between the spawn rates of Erangel and Sahnok.
  • Level 3 helmets spawn in the world
  • Level 3 vests spawn more often than other maps
  • Smoke Grenades are spawned at a higher rate compared to other throwables


  • PUBG PS4 update 1.06 added Survivor Pass: Vikendi
  • The duration of the pass is 10 weeks.
  • Players have the opportunity to complete missions and receive rewards throughout the duration of the pass.
  • Two types of passes are available:
    • Survivor Pass: Vikendi – Provides missions and rewards to unlock for all players, as they level-up the pass.
    • Premium Pass – Provides special missions and exclusive rewards to players who’ve purchased the premium pass, as they level-up the pass.
  • There are 5 mission types available to complete:
    • Daily Missions: 3 missions will be provided every day. You swap out up to 1 mission per day.
    • Weekly Missions: 10 missions will be available every week, and you can view the missions for specific weeks.
      • Premium Pass holders can complete up to 10 missions per week and all players with Survivor Pass: Vikendi can complete up to 4 missions.
    • Beginner Missions: Easy missions which are provided for beginner players.
    • Premium Missions: All players can complete these missions, but only players who have the Premium Pass can claim rewards after completion.
    • Challenge Missions: Theses are special missions provided for players who’ve completed all their weekly missions in a specific week. It contains more challenging and advanced missions.
      • All players can complete Challenge Missions, but only players who have the Premium Pass can claim rewards after completion.
  • You can view your current mission lists in-game by pressing “L1”
    • You can also check the mission lists prior to jumping out of the plane (Not available after jumping out of the plane)
  • PUBG PS4 update 1.06 added ‘Coupon’ system in Survivor Pass: Vikendi
  • You can claim Coupons (Blue, Yellow and White) each level or by completing challenge missions, which you can then use to unlock exclusive items in the Coupon Shop.
  • Coupons are only available during Survivor Pass period.

The existing Supply system integrated with Survivor Pass: Vikendi

  • We have integrated the existing Survival Rewards system into Survivor Pass: Vikendi.
  • Supply System will be available in the Survival Pass menu.
  • Existing Survival Rewards system will be closed on January 22, 2019 and all existing supply missions and levels will reset.
  • Make sure to click ‘Claim’ and ‘Drop In Supply’ to redeem rewards before the system is closed.


PUBG PS4 Scorpion Gun
PUBG PS4 Scorpion Gun
  • PUBG PS4 1.06 added a new handgun, the Skorpion
  • The Skorpion spawns on all maps
  • Single fire and full auto fire mode
  • Uses 9mm ammo, it can load up to 20 bullets and 40 with an Extended Magazine
  • Attachments:
    • Sight: Red dot sight
    • Muzzle: Suppressor
    • Lower Rail: Vertical Foregrip, Half Grip, Light Grip, Laser Sight
    • Stock: Stock for Micro UZI
    • Magazine: Extended Magazine only


  • G36C spawns only in Vikendi
    • Chambered for 5.56mm ammo, it can load 30 bullets and 40 with an Extended Magazine
    • G36C has a lower and upper rail for attachments, but cannot attach a stock


  • PUBG PS4 1.06 added a new vehicle – Snowmobile
  • The Snowmobile only spawns in Vikendi
  • It seats 2 players and performs much better than other vehicles on snow and ice, but is more difficult to drive on other terrain.

Region Renewal, Season & Rank, Leaderboard

  • Server/region will now be decided automatically depending on the player’s local region
    • If you group with a player from another region, matchmaking will automatically decide the best region to play on
  • Region select button at the right bottom side of the screen will disappear.

Survival Title System (Beta Season 1) has been added

Map Selection

  • Map selection has changed with the addition of Vikendi
    • You can select Vikendi or select Others (Erangel, Miramar, Sanhok) to play
    • Quick Join function puts you in the first available game, regardless of map

Play Menu UI Renewal

  • PUBG version 1.06 improved the map and game-mode selection interface
  • Additional queuing information is now displayed for the selected match type.
  • If the matching pool in your region has sufficient players for healthy matchmaking, the expected wait time will be displayed for the selected match type.
  • When the matching pool in your region doesn’t have enough players for healthy matchmaking, an accurate estimated waiting time cannot be provided and the number of players currently queuing will be displayed instead.
  • When the concurrent player count for a region is too low to start games consistently in a particular mode, those players will be redirected to their next closest region instead. A message will alert players when this is happening and to expect higher ping than local servers.


  • Decreased recoil of the P18C
  • PUBG version 1.06 added auto-reload option
    • When enabled, you will reload weapons automatically when you try to fire while your magazine is empty
    • By default, this is set to “Off” but can be changed in the Gameplay menu
  • Maximum number of Forward Running Sensitivity has changed from 50 to 100
  • The maximum value would stay the same, so if your Forward Running Sensitivity was 10, it will change to 20
    • This is to have a more specific value
  • Improved the sound settings in option
    • The sound settings are now separated into Master Volume, FX Volume, UI Volume and Music Volume

Parachute System Overhaul

  • Freefalling
    • Tapping L-Stick now puts you into a dive at full speed straight down towards the ground
    • Turning speed is now much faster and has increased control, responsiveness, and precision
  • Parachuting
    • Added new freefall animations and increased overall control and responsiveness
    • Tapping L-Stick helps you drop faster and land quicker
    • Pulling L-Stick backwards lets you glide, when you want to travel a longer distance
    • You can now cut the parachute while relatively close to the ground by pressing O, while still moving through the air.
      • This can be used to strategically to get to your drop point faster, but be careful, as you can take damage if you drop too far
    • PUBG 1.06 added new landing animations
    • The speed in which you land matters, as landing too fast may force your character to roll, or roll for longer, before you can gain full control of your movement
    • Colliding with buildings or objects while parachuting will now automatically cut your parachute. Be careful!
    • The parachute no longer disappears instantly after landing
  • Improved the character animations used in the air.
    • Character movements are much more fluid and have been improved to be more realistic.
  • Improved blood hit effects
    • Improved the visuals of blood particles when players are shot.
    • Improved the visuals of blood effects that appear on screen when shot by other players.
  • Slightly decreased the maximum number of shots possible to fire per second with the M16A4
    • The reason for this change was due to the fire-rate of burst mode for the M16A4 being unintentionally slower than single fire shot rapidly
    • We are planning to have a weapon balance patch in the first half of 2019. Please continue to share your feedback with us regarding weapon balance
  • PUBG PS4 update 1.06 adjusted the sight position to be closer to the muzzle for some weapons
    • In a future update, we will be adding a new attachment which will require this new sight position, so we’ve made the change in advance to help players adjust to the change
    • There is no change to weapon recoil, but weapon control may be perceived differently due to the sight location change
  • Players now receive damage from Molotovs that hit their vehicle
    • Molotovs that hit around the vehicle, or when driven through an already-exploded molotov will not damage those inside


  • Player order consistency: Player order between the lobby and in-game is now consistent so that players will have fixed numbers and colors based on lobby order when they enter a game.
  • Controller Guide can now be seen from the lobby from settings
  • The name of the player being watched while spectating teammates, in observer view, or killer spectating will now appear in the top left corner of the screen.
  • Changed the overall lobby theme in celebration of our latest map – Vikendi
    • Applied the snowfield environment theme
    • Applied a snowing effect
    • Changed the background music
  • Combined the ‘Career’ and ‘Leaderboard’ menu in Statistics into a ‘Season’ menu


  • PUBG 1.06 improved the client performance by optimizing the creation of character materials
  • Improved performance by mitigating an issue causing thin objects to flicker.
  • Optimized particles in rainy weather.
  • Adjusted the parachute and character sync rate depending on the distance to improve server performance
  • Improved the items and skins to look smoother on preview
    • PUBG 1.06 added characters, weapon skins and parachute preview
  • Optimized rendering method on vegetation to improve performance
  • Optimized object creation to improve CPU performance

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed the issue where players could sometimes climb stairs much faster while moving diagonally next to the wall.
  • Fixed the issue where a downed players’ character model would sometimes penetrate walls.
  • PUBG 1.06 fixed the issue where characters would look like they were sliding while standing up if they took out a weapon and stood up at the same time.
  • Fixed the issue where characters would look headless when using heal/boost while in prone or when in a vehicle in FPP.
  • Fixed the issue where a player appeared to slide when standing up or moving while going prone before landing from a certain height.
  • PUBG version 1.06 fixed the issue where some animations were cancelled when moving with certain steps
  • Fixed the issue where sometimes an enemy player was seen shooting with the weapon at the back of the character
  • Fixed the issue where you can sometimes see through walls and rock surfaces while riding the motorcycle.
  • PUBG PS4 1.06 adddressed the issue where your camera sometimes goes through the vehicle when the vehicle is leaning on an object.
  • Fixed the issue where ADS worked unreliably when ADSing right after equipping a weapon.
  • Fixed the issue where a player sometimes received collision damage from a motorcycle when another player picked up the motorcycle.
  • Fixed an issue where a character would sometimes rotate even though its feet are fixed when the screen is rotated more than 180 degrees left or right.
  • Fixed the issue where a player’s motion was sometimes shown as scoping when taking steps next to a wall.
  • PUBG update 1.06 addressed the issue where characters could vault over other characters when positioned at certain heights.
  • Fixed the issue where a player would sometimes clip through the floor of a building when disembarking a motorcycle.
  • Fixed the issue where a character’s animation would pop upward when getting close to the wheels of a buggy.
  • Fixed the issue of where a character’s animation would pop upward when crouching and standing up near a vehicle.
  • PUBG PS4 update 1.06 addressed a bug where player couldn’t see his/her teammate’s character in lobby after a match intermittently
  • Fixed an issue where player couldn’t loot some items such as weapon or ammo on the ground
  • Fixed an issue causing a character to be headless when wearing certain skins
  • Fixed an issue where players could shoot in an abnormal direction in free-look
  • PUBG update 1.06 addressed a bug where characters’ hands would spin while looking up when looting or preparing to throw a throwable in FPP.
  • Fixed an issue where players could get into certain terrain of Miramar which should be impossible
  • Fixed an issue where player can stand up from a prone position faster than usual in certain conditions.
  • PUBG 1.06 addressed a bug where players could use weapons while swimming if they kept pushing the weapon equip button near rocks.
  • Fixed an issue which caused the screen to shake excessively when spectating an opponent who was firing a weapon.
  • Fixed the issue where when freefalling out of the plane and pressing particular movement keys, certain animations didn’t play correctly.
  • Fixed the issue where the footstep sounds of players moving at low speed (walking when crouching) was not played to other players.
  • PUBG version 1.06 addressed a bug where the character’s footsteps couldn’t be heard when on carpet
  • Fixed the issue where when click the “Play” button, game was frozen in the lobby.
  • Fixed the issue where world map and wheel menu could be opened at the same time.
  • Fixed the issue where a spot at the back of the truck and buggy would block bullets.
  • PUBG 1.06 addressed a bug where when plane flew around you, the sound of plane was not played.
  • Fixed a rare bug where teammates would receive friendly-fire damage, even if you weren’t aiming at them while shooting
  • Fixed the issue when the character passed through the barbed wire, it penetrates the character’s body or cause unexpected termination.
  • Fixed the issue where the hair would not show when wearing certain beanies
  • PUBG PS4 version 1.06 addressed a bug where the effect sound of the Adrenaline Syringe continuously play even after canceling
  • Fixed an issue where vehicle horns continued to sound after exiting a vehicle while horning
  • Fixed the issue where the team list does not correspond when observing his/her teammate and changing camera.
  • Fixed an issue where the casting gauge for health/boosting items and reviving was not shown while observing
  • PUBG PS4 version 1.06 addressed a bug where the number of available throwables would not update when picking up a throwable while holding a throwable as well
  • Fixed an issue the bolt action of the observee was shown incorrectly while observing
  • Fixed an issue where the quick marker was unable to remove while observing
  • Fixed an issue where the animation for equipping/unequipping the weapon was shown incorrectly after the observee stands up from prone while observing
  • Fixed an issue where the motorcycle was not mountable on certain angle
  • Fixed an issue where the sound of emote played just before the round begins at the in-game lobby continued to play even after riding the plane
  • Fixed an issue where the camera passed through the door on certain angle when ADSing close to the door while holding a handgun
  • PUBG PS4 version 1.06 addressed a bug where helmet skins applied in the lobby are sometimes delayed from appearing on looted in-game helmets.
  • Fixed an issue where characters can’t pick up a dropped melee weapon again after dropping it on specific stairs in Erangel.
  • Fixed an issue where grenades would sometimes damage an incorrect area.
  • Fixed an issue where the grenade arc would stay displayed when knocked down while preparing to throw a grenade.
  • Fixed an issue where sometimes a character would be shown as under the ground with only their face showing while waiting in specific areas before the game starts.
  • Fixed an issue that the camera angle would move into the character’s body when walking into destroyed wired-fence.
  • Fixed an issue that causes the camera to pass through doors when moving the camera in certain situations.
  • PUBG version 1.06 addressed a bug where an enemy player would appear to prone/stand up multiple times in specific situations, after proning and standing up once.
  • Fixed an issue where in certain situations the door opening/closing animations did not play when another player interacted with the door.
  • Fixed an issue where green blood was more visible than red blood.
  • Fixed an issue with reconnecting while in a vehicle, which would remove the player from the vehicle and upon reconnect the player model would sometimes be clipped inside the vehicle.
  • Fixed an issue where care packages would sometimes drop outside the playable area, in the water.
  • Fixed an issue which sometimes caused care packages to drop from the plane tilted, or flipped upside down.
  • Fixed an issue where each weapon had a different delay between reloading and being able to fire
  • Fixed an issue that caused the region indicator in-game beneath the health bar to display as “UNKNOWN”
  • Fixed an issue which caused vehicles to sometimes pass through players, when rolling down a hill
  • Fixed an issue when laying prone right next to a wall, your weapon could move through the wall in FPP
  • PUBG PS4 update 1.06 addressed a bug which caused character animations to look unnatural when players were pushed by a vehicle moving down a hill
  • Fixed an issue which cause the camera to shake while ADS and moving in a prone position on sloped terrain
  • Fixed an issue which caused ammo capacity to display up to 6 decimal places
  • Fixed an issue which while spectating could cause the spectated player’s weapon to display in a misaligned position
  • Fixes for crashing issues.
  • PUBG 1.06 added bug fixes and improvements.
  • Fixed stuttering and lag issues.
  • Added stability and performance improvements with PUBG update 1.06
  • PUBG version 1.06 added fixes for framerate drop issue.

PUBG update 1.06 for PS4 is now available for download.

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