PSO2 New Genesis Update Patch Notes – August 4, 2021


PSO2 New Genesis update (August 4, 2021) is now available to download on PC. According to the official PSO2 New Genesis patch notes, the latest update added a new class (Braver), new changes, fixes, and more.

Previously, a major update added a long list of new changes, bug fixes, and gameplay changes.

Unfortunately, players are still experiencing several issues since the last major patch. Today’s Phantasy Star Online 2 New Genesis patch will address a few of these errors.


PSO2 New Genesis Patch Notes – August 4, 2021

New Class


A new class, Braver, will be added along with the following.

  • Braver Class Skills
  • New weapon categories Katana and Photon Bows
  • Photon Arts for Katana and Photon Bows
  • New Photon Blasts

Field Updates

New Tasks

New Side Tasks and Weekly Tasks will be added.
By completing the newly added Weekly Tasks, you can earn a total of 200,000 meseta.

New Items

New items will be added.


▲ Theseus Bow (Photon Bow)

▲ Foursis Katana (Katana)

▲ Vialto Bow (Photon Bow)

▲ Trois De Katana (Katana)

*The above shows only some of the content included in this update.


System Updates


The description text of the Valorous Unit potential will be adjusted.


New Augments will be added.


  • Changes will be made so that the “Adjust Vertical Pos” will only apply while on standby when a weapon is sheathed.
  • A menu option for Mags will be added to the equipment menu, and the player will be able to toggle the Mag display ON/OFF.


The following actions will show an effect upon cooldown.

  • Launcher Weapon Actions
  • Hunter class skill Volkraptor
  • Ranger class skill Rifle Grenadier


  • New item drops will be added to the enemies that spawn in exploration sectors and combat sectors.
  • Damage attenuation due to the level difference between the character and enemy will not be applied once battle power is above a certain amount.
  • Down Factor will be set to 0 for players who experience damage attenuation.
    *Down Factor refers to the damage counted towards downing an enemy.
  • Moving enemies will stop moving when their attack target changes.
  • There will be a performance when the boss enemies’ down gauge is empty during Urgent quests.
  • The timing that the Urgent quest message plays will be adjusted under certain conditions.
  • Some Weapon Actions will have a cooldown, even in the Trainia standby area.
  • The invulnerability duration after teleporting will be extended.
  • Some enemies will walk for a little bit before retreating.
  • New items have been added to the drop table for Gigantix.
  • The process for random weather changes will be changed. However, the rate of occurrence for each weather pattern will stay the same.


  • You can access NPCs and objects even while moving towards them.
  • You longer be knocked back by an enemy attack while accessing Region Mags.
  • Players will no longer get blown away by an attack while accessing Towers.
  • Players will no longer get blown away by an attack while accessing Cocoons.
  • Players will no longer get blown away by an attack while accessing Ryuker Devices.
  • Specifications will be changed so that the effect duration of the Region Mag boost will not be reduced during scheduled maintenance.



A bug has been fixed where task details for tasks that the player had not chosen to focus on were visible in the task window.

Party Commands

Sub leaders will no longer be able to disband parties.

The Salon

  • When players receive a party request while in the Salon, upon leaving the Salon that notification will be displayed.
  • A “restore to default” button for motion changes will be added to the Salon.
  • A display toggle feature for certain hairstyles will be added to the Salon.


  • Some equipment parameters will display decimal values.
  • The category sorting function in the item menu will only display weapons that are in NGS.
  • When a player attempts to exchange an item for cash and the transaction fails, a notification will now be displayed that includes an explanation for the failed transaction.
  • Hairstyle Di Allez Head will now be compatible with head ornaments.
  • If players accept campaign rewards from the Campaign Item Receipt Menu that include items that can’t be used in their current block, these items will be sent to their Default Storage.
    * If the player’s Default Storage is full, the items will be sent to the next storage that has available space.
  • The icon thumbnails for the following items will be changed according to their effect amount.
N-Augmentation Success Rate +10%
N-Augmentation Success Rate +15%
N-Augmentation Success Rate +20%
  • The following items will have an additional description that notes whether or not they can be worn depending on current body type.
Body Paint: Brave Tattoo/B
Body Paint: Brave Tattoo/B2
Body Paint: Brave Tattoo
Body Paint: Papillon Tattoo T1/B
Body Paint: Papillon Tattoo T1
Body Paint: Papillon Tattoo T2/B
Body Paint: Papillon Tattoo T2
Body Paint: N-Pinstriped Tights
Body Paint: Valkys Tights
Body Paint: Valkys Tights/B
Body Paint: Chest Bandages
Body Paint: Chest Bandages/B
Body Paint: Carriage Scar
Body Paint: Ael Tattoo
Body Paint: Ael Tattoo/B
Body Paint: Compass Tattoo
Body Paint: Compass Tattoo/B
Body Paint: Estive Tattoo
Body Paint: Estive Tattoo/B
Body Paint: D’Or Sleeve/B
Body Paint: D’Or Sleeve
Body Paint: D’Or Tights/B
Body Paint: D’Or Tights
Body Paint: Allies Scar
  • Outfit items will no longer be counted against inventory capacity when worn.
  • Outfit items will no longer be unequipped when ensembles are applied while Inventory is full.
  • N-Half Scape Dolls can now be stored in Material Storage.
    * To use an N-Half Scape Doll, it must be in your Inventory.

Personal Shop

The Personal Shop will now be accessible to players after clearing the main task “Aina’s Resolve”.


  • An option to toggle the transparency of other players’ effects will be added to the graphics menu.
  • An option to toggle screen oscillation will be added to the gameplay menu.
  • The following options will be removed:
    • Surround sound settings
      * Because of this, surround sound will always be on.


The layout design of the launcher will be adjusted according to system settings.


Other changes

  • Some of the conditions for mags’ active sonar response to Cocoons will be changed.
  • For NGS notifications, categories that did not receive new notifications will be hidden.
  • Players will now be able to receive the Premium Login Bonus on the same day that they activate their Premium Set.
  • A new icon will be displayed for the Daily Free SG Scratch Ticket when it has not yet been played on that day.
  • The amount of Seasonal Points received will now be displayed in the chat log.
  • A new survey feature will be added for returning players.
  • When an Auxiliary equipped with NGS outfits, layering wear, or CAST parts appears in PSO2 event scenes, the character graphics will now look like the NGS outfits, layering wear, or CAST parts.

Balance Adjustments

Hunter Adjustments

The following adjustment will be made to Hunter class skills.

Class Skill
The maximum accumulated damage required for explosion will be adjusted.

Ranger Adjustments

The following adjustments will be made to Ranger class skills.

Class Skill
Blight Rounds
The timing for Glide cancellation will be adjusted.
The timing for Sidestep cancellation will be adjusted.
The fall timing during mid-air attacks will be reduced.

Talis Adjustments

  • Talis normal attacks will be modified to aim higher.
  • Talis Sidestep Strikes will be modified to aim higher.
  • Talis Sidestep Counters will be modified to aim higher.
  • The following adjustment will be made to Talis Photon Arts.
Photon Arts
Convergence Shot
The technique attacks while Talis is deployed will aim higher.

Ice Technique Adjustments

The following adjustment will be made to Ice Techniques.

Attacks will aim higher when charging.

Lightning Technique Adjustments

The following adjustment will be made to Lightning Techniques.

The position where the attacks land for the second and third level charges will be modified so it’s easier to hit moving enemies.


  • Increased Meseta Earned from the Urgent Quests “Command DOLLS Suppression Op” and “Nex Vera Suppression Op”.
  • Increased EXP Earned from some main tasks.

Download free PSO2 New Genesis patch for PC.