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[FIXED] PS5 Error Code CE-108255-1 Issue [NEW]

The latest Sony PlayStation 5 gaming console is now available for purchase. Unfortunately, some players are receiving PS5 error CE-108255-1 code on their consoles. This issue occurs before or after launching a game. If you are also receiving the PS5 CE 108255 1 error code, here are a couple of fixes you can try.

Please follow the steps below:

How to Fix PS5 error CE 108255 1

CE 108255 1 code error appears when your console disconnect from the internet. Some users are running into a problem where their PS5 stuck in an error loop while downloading contents.

  1. If this error occurs after launching a game, delete the game in which the error occurs from Settings > Storage, and reinstall the game.
  2. Start your PS5 in Safe Mode and perform “5. Rebuild Database”.
  3. If the error occurs again, reset your PS5 from Settings > System > System Software > Reset PS5, and try installing the application again. (Please back up your data in advance.)
  4. If the above methods do not work, please contact PlayStation Support.

A future update will fix the PS5 error code CE-108255-1 issue.

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