Project Zomboid Update 41.77 Patch Notes – Oct. 4, 2022

    Project Zomboid update 41.77 is now available to download on PC(Steam). According to the official Project Zomboid patch notes, the latest update added a long list of multiplayer fixes and improvements. Apart from this, Project Zomboid patch 41.77 also includes stability fixes.

    Since the last patch, players are experiencing problems with the game. Today’s Project Zomboid patch 41.77 will fix a few of these issues.

    Check out more details below.

    Project Zomboid Patch 41.77 Notes – October 4, 2022


    – Improved client connection.
    Important for server providers: Servers now have two ports for clients to connect to.
    The game port (UDP 16261 by default) is used to handle Steam queries. The additional port (UDP 16262 by default) is used to handle the direct connection. These ports can be configured through the server options.
    Clients will first try to use a direct connection. If direct connection fails, clients will try to connect via Steam.
    The non-Steam version works as usual.
    UPnP rules were changed accordingly (UPnP is used in cases to prevent manual port-forwarding).
    The client will show the warning message “WARNING: SERVER HAS PORT %1 CLOSED. PERFORMANCE MAY BE SEVERELY AFFECTED” if the client can't connect through direct connection.

    – ZNet libraries rebuilt for Windows, Linux, and Mac.
    – ZNet, Connection, and Kick logs are improved.

    – Improved Type5, and Type21-24 Anti-Cheat behaviour to reduce false positives.
    A note that if you do not run a public server (i.e. a server exclusively for you and your family & friends without the worry of griefing and cheating), you can entirely circumvent any sort of frustration with false positives by disabling all AntiCheat protections in the servers .ini file.

    – Split the large ConnectionDetails packet into several smaller packets with one of the ConnectionDetailsPacket.State enum values indicating which data is requested.
    – Improved algorithm for the transmission of large files while playing.
    – Loading screen now shows the download status of large files when connecting to a server.
    – Extended checksum logs for debugging CRC differences.
    – Increased kick delay for CRC differences.
    – Additional logs were added.

    – Fixed ObjectModData packets not being sent while the server was in the FastForward state.
    – Fixed bug in world dictionary when an item in a different module but with a similar name as an vanilla item was removed.
    – Fixed a new stubble Beard getting added to remote players after each appearance change, which resulted in receivePlayerZombieDescriptors errors.
    – Fixed kicks after disabling VOIP.
    – Fixed connecting to host after disconnection from a dedicated server.
    – Fixed infinite connection attempt to non-steam server when it's not up.
    – Fixed the client displaying “Disconnected” instead of “Wrong username or password”.
    – Fixed players being able to change their saved password for an already created account in some instances.
    – Fixed Type21 black screen at connection stage when Type21 anti-cheat check is disabled.
    – Fixed the character model always using media/textures/Body/Masks instead a clothing item's UnderlayMasks folder.
    – Fixed black screen issues with certain mod constellations.
    – Fixed the timed-action progress bar position not being updated during actions without a fixed duration.
    – Fixed the animation speed of the timed-action progress bar at different framerates.


    – Added a looping progress bar for timed actions that have no defined end. This is mainly a stopgap “fix” for entering cars, to visualize that there is an ongoing unfinished action until we can have visually open doors, etc.
    Specifically added for the scenarios where players reported being bitten through the car door after they had entered a car and interrupted the “enter car” action before it could finish (e.g. by opening the map, etc), i.e. before the door was “closed”.
    This bar extends to other “infinite” actions like Walk To.


    – Added new body locations: Jacket_Bulky, JacketHat_Bulky, TorsoExtraVest, and JacketSuit.
    – Assigned new body locations to existing clothing items to avoid clipping.
    – Tweaked and added many clothing masks to avoid clipping through each other.
    – Adjusted several clothing models and bone weighting to improve clipping.
    – Removed Bowling shirt model from Bowling shirt definitions and made Bowling Shirt a texture. The model was left in the files in case mods use it.
    – Improved base Body mask to help with clipping.
    – Re-exported ALICE packs as some straps were missing.

    Download free Project Zomboid update 41.77 on PC.

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