Project Winter Update Patch Notes (November Housekeeping Update)

Project Winter update is now available to download on PC. According to the official Project Winter patch notes, the latest update added new features, changes, and gameplay improvements.


Previously, a major update added new changes, fixes, and gameplay improvements.

Unfortunately, players are still experiencing several issues since the release. Today’s Project Winter version will fix a few of these issues.


Check out more details below.

Project Winter Patch Notes – November 8, 2021

  • Cosmetic items of the same type stack with each other
  • It is now possible to recycle multiple cosmetic items at a time
  • Gender icons have been replaced with body type icons on the character customization screen
  • Recycling items from blackout crates give 300 SP instead of 200
  • The first objective beacon now automatically activates when the player leaves the cabin tile for the first time
  • When opening a crate, the items that players have received stay onscreen until they dismiss them
  • There is now a “reveal” button to flip each cosmetic card over instead of having to click each card individually
  • More loading screen tips have been added
  • Added lobby sorting by Region and Time
  • The custom game settings menu has been reworked to make it easier to edit, host, and copy custom game presets
  • In the Tutorial, the roles menu will now only show 2 roles – survivor and traitor
  • In the game settings, “Master Volume” has been changed to “In Game Volume” to avoid confusion that includes voice chat volumes
  • The Hacker’s ability only charges when they are around other people, and charges faster the more people that they are around
  • The 3 part repair requirement (6/6/7) has been removed from repair objectives in Normal mode, which will now only have 2 or 1 part repair requirements
  • There is a 15 second cooldown on traitor hatches after they are used
  • The default role spread for Blackout has been adjusted
  • The maximum number of Defectors has changed from 2 to 1
  • The maximum number of Hackers has changed from 2 to 1
  • The maximum number of Scouts has changed from 3 to 2
  • Fixed map description in custom games setup screen now updates when the screen is enabled to make sure description is always correct.
  • Fixed the navigation in the Store
  • Fixed and adjusted ice placement
  • Fixed issues caused while snowball fighting with the roles menu open
  • Fixed issues with engagement overlay used on some consoles when the crafting menu is open
  • Fixed CustomGameSettings and Controller
  • [Cosmetics] Fixed Clipping through survivalJacket hood, fixed (all colours, all body types)
  • Fixed text spilling out in the emote radial menu when language is set to Greek or Russian
  • Fixed placement of the title and content for “Restore Defaults” pop-up when reverting changes in the Controls tab if the language is set to Russian, Swedish, or Spanish
  • [Deep Woods] Fixed issue where grouped wolves would instantly escape bear traps
  • Fixed issue where presets become inaccessible after copying the custom settings when using a controller
  • Fixed issue where sometimes the check for censored doesn’t work causing a null ref exception
  • Fixed issue with errors related to trying to mute players
  • Fixed navigation for the refresh button not being able to move up/down.
  • [Controller]Fixed inability to exit out of custom game presets screen with controller
  • Fixed larger preset entries being sized wrong
  • Fixed for item prefabs having missing references
  • Fixed issue where using a sniper during blizzard start/end would give you extra vision
  • [Gondola] Fixed issue where gondola camera momentarily breaks due to solar flare event and timing of gondola
  • [Gondola] Fixed broken animation on Gondola Map 33 and fixed FPS issues
  • [Controller] Fixed issue the Exit Game pop-up will appear and block the user from stopping the match start count down while game cursor is in the lobby text chat
  • Fixed issue where Main Menu tabs are clickable behind the Retry prompt after losing internet connection
  • Fixed the navigation for the result entries + social rating handler
  • [Deep Woods] Fixed issue on Deep Woods map where cold colliders go above water
  • Fixed issue whereTracker ability ceases to function when the tracker views the challenge board
  • [Cosmetics] Brown hair and light brown hair will now have the correct colour eyebrows
  • Fixed wording on bonus objectives where you need to make items on the stove from “craft” to “cook”.
  • Fixed issue where the bonus objective that requires you to make pot pies would reward double the amount of points
  • Fixed an issue where ghosts were able to teleport with buttons not mapped to their controls
  • Fixed issue with mouse click causing an element to scroll down.
  • [Controllers] Fixed issue where multiple controllers connected at startup could result in only one being given unintended control
  • Fixed issue where events involving devices not associated with the current user could prompt engagement
  • [Controller] Fixed possible NRE when disconnecting a controller while profile picker is open on Bootstrap
  • Fixed issue where you would lose your points earned as Traitor when resurrected to a survivor role
  • Fixed issue with being able to aim while snowball fighting with the roles menu open
  • Fixed text spilling out in the radial emote menu.
  • [Controller] Fixed issue where controller users are unable to see who voted for them in the Exile box
  • [Controller] General fixes and improvements
  • Fixed navigation for the refresh button not being able to move up/down.
  • Fixed inability to exit out of custom game presets screen with controller
  • Fixed being unable to navigate after entering and exiting default custom game preset view
  • [Switch] Fixed issue where the first time a player joins a locked lobby, they have to enter the password twice
  • [Gondola] Fixed an issue with collision on Gondola map
  • [Gondola] Fixed water rendering issue with nametags on pc
  • [Gondola] Reenabled warmth cave area