Pro Cycling Manager 2024 Update 1.02.01 Patch Notes

Pro Cycling Manager 2024 update 1.02.01 released for PC (Steam) players. According to the official Pro Cycling Manager 2024 patch notes, the latest update made changes to rider attributes, objectives, progression, and the database.

Unfortunately, since the last patch, players are experiencing a number of issues when trying to play. Today’s PCM 2024 patch 1.02.01 will address a few of these issues.

Read the full details below.

PCM 2024 Patch Notes – June 20, 2024


  • Fix : I give my teammate the role “mountain classification” but he doesn’t obey;
  • Fix : in flat classics, climbers and punchers are often in the morning breakaway, especially in a custom tour when only 1 stage is chosen
  • Fix : in a tour, favorites shown in UI (mini jerseys and names in groups panel) are only stage favorites, not race favorites.
  • Improvements : Less repetitions in the events’tab.
  • Fix : several fixes for groups display in Race Center.
  • Fix inrace crashes.


  • Fix Team Name does not take co-sponsor: when you signed a deal with multiple sponsors, team name took only the first one.
  • Fix “No changes in my U23 Team Name when changing sponsors”

Pro Cyclist

  • Fix “When registering for a race, sometimes points are consumed but cyclist does not participate”


  • Fix “When creating a new save, the default OfficialRelease.cdb of a database increases heavily in size”


  • Fix “Flags are correctly displayed in the planning tab but disappear as soon as you press an arrow”
  • Fix “Race Center UI: Sometimes, the Race Center can’t be closed”
  • Fix “Victories doesn’t appear on Team Tab, only on your team”
  • Fix “The visibility column should not be displayed in Pro Cyclist on the Teams (Calendar) page”
  • Fix “Sometimes a sector can show up to 8 stars for the difficulty of dirt/gravel sectors”
  • Fix “When you get a new sponsor and sign riders during transfers’period and had not enough budget, a text displayed wrong value when hovering the button in the news”
  • Fix “It is not possible to select a cyclist in a certain area of the screen”
  • Fix “StageProfile : When you want to zoom in, the whole area is not displayed”
  • Fix “Clicking on the GPM’s, Intermediate Sprint’s, start and arrival logos does not take you to the right view
  • Fix “2d Map: Cobblestones and Dirt road’s pictograms are sometimes displayed with an offset”
  • Fix “Team/Calendar page : ITT icon refreshes incorrectly (displayed on a non-itt stage)”
  • Improve “The bar indicating the rider’s position on the profile is not very visible on ITT’s”
  • Fix “In the Rider of the year results, the number of victories is sometimes incorrect”
  • Fix ” In the Results > Archives > Palmarès tab, the results for Grands Tours is sometimes incorrect“
  • Fix “In the “Records” tab, the “Total number of Grand Tours” at the bottom is not correct”
  • Fix “In the Archives > Statistics tab, after October 24 the World Tour and Continental rankings do not display correct information”
  • Fix “The pre-season fitness e-mail hyperlink to the squad does not open directly the squad-fitness tab.”
  • Fix “Texts are not replaced in the bottom right menu when there are no riders in a race and nothing selected”
  • Fix “In one group display, it show that there’s a favorite with an orange jersey, but not in the new group panel”
  • Fix “Race results: Time difference not consistently displayed on stage result screen”
  • Fix “In the Rules > Scale tab, the country flags are cut off to the left of the race name”
  • Fix “Race: When you click on a GPM or a sprint to see the arch, the zoomed profile is activated at the same time”
  • Fix “Race: When you select ‘catch this runner’, the chosen effort is almost invisible in the UI
  • Fix “In the ‘Races’ tab, all paved sector icons are “shifted” by one category”
  • Fix “Race Center UI: Stage name is cut off in the Ranking tab”
  • Fix “Race Center UI: If you clicked a sprint in the profile that changes the camera, it did not switch back to the default camera when exiting the race center and player could think he was blocked”
  • Fix “Race: UI does not show correct active camera mode”


  • Fix : “In Multi Ranked Mode | Frames of points screen are not well scaled.
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